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Do you know that I have been in this world for ten years, and I have been hiding on the planet to continuously improve my strength You are the first person who has aroused my desire to fight.

In order to express my appreciation for you, Ill let you experience my full-strength, but dont faint from fear! ”

Feilu spoke slowly as if talking about everyday matters; his attitude was gentle like a drizzle.

“Ten years” Xiaya was puzzled.

This multiverse might not have been born ten years ago, but this monster appeared ten years ago

At this moment, he remembered that the flow of time in this world was different from other worlds, and he was slightly relieved.

“It took less than a year for this world to formally split from the Trunkss world.

The reason for the ten-year difference inside should be due to the unstable flow of time within this world.”

As Xiaya was musing, Feilu had already started his transformation.

Feilu clenched his fist and gave a loud shout, and a storm-like energy gushed out of his body, his blood-colored limbs trembled and his muscles kept expanding.

Feilus strength increased by several times from his original strength.

“Finally plan to use your full strength” Xiaya looked at Feilu calmly, but the expression on his face was solemn.

In fact, they have been only probing each other since the beginning and had never revealed their real strength.

Feilu erupted out with his full-strength first, which happened to give Xiaya a chance to observe.

In a dimension above Planet Baryu.

A bright red figure was floating.

Mira was looking down with a frown.

“That Feilu chose to finally transform.

Is it really so difficult to deal with that God of Time”

Mira in this world has not seen Xiaya, so he doesnt know much about Xiaya, but based on the strength shown in the previous battle, Mira could guess that Xiaya should be no weaker than him.

Actually, as space-time controllers, Mira and Towa themselves arent said to be very strong.

What they are really powerful in is their strange magical abilities and the ability to control living beings.

If we are talking about Battle Power alone, Towa may not be stronger than a Super Saiyan 2, and Mira at most only has the strength of Ultimate State Xiaya.

This is also the reason why they also havent directly confronted Xiaya in another world, but looked for helpers.

Seeing Feilu unleash his full-strength, Mira quietly observed with a mocking smile on his face.

“However, no matter how strong you are, you can only helplessly lose in front of the Final Feilu! In the past ten years, Feilu has been accumulating energy during the incubation phase just for this moment!”

Miras eyes flashed with insanity.

“Come, let me see your real strength!”

Feilus transformation time was very short, only about a second or so passed before he finished with the complete release of his body composition.

At this time, his outer appearance had also changed; just as Frieza and Cells appearances change every time they release their energy, Feilu has also completed his Final transformation.

The surface of his deathly pale body was covered with a layer of protective matter that shone and sparkled like colored glass.

His lizard-like eyes become more human-like.

Two horns grew and protruded out from the back of his purple head.

His entire body was much more balanced and didnt have that previous feeling of unbalance.

“Jie, Jie, jie, how is it, does my strength make you feel despair”

After transformation, Feilu enjoyed his strength very much.

The surging energy that was as deep as the sea was almost inexhaustible.

Even as the owner of this strength, he couldnt help but become addicted to it.

“Despair” Xiayas body was floating slightly as he shook his head indifferently.

He showed a cold and indifferent expression, his deep black eyes looked at Feilu as if watching a clown performing.

He muttered to himself, “His aura is overflowing out.

Even if he has reached the strength of Baby or Super Saiyan 4, it is still in vain.

He has strength but no realm.

There is nothing to worry about!”

If before, Xiaya couldnt clearly grasp Feilus full-strength, it is now completely clear.

From the perspective of power alone, Feilu had surpassed Baby and Goku, who only recently transformed into the Super Saiyan 4 stage, which is equivalent to the first level of the Divine Realm.

However, there is only strength but without the realm to control these powers.

How much destructive power can he exert, its hard to say.

There is still a very big difference compared to Goku in the GT world, who had completely mastered his strength.

Regardless of power and realm, in front of Xiaya, who is at the pinnacle of Divine Realms first level, Feilu with his full-strength is still lacking.

As if he saw the contemptuous look flashing in Xiayas eyes, Feilus heart flashed with annoyance and he suddenly became angry.

He powerfully waved one of his hard claws, the tips of his claws lighting up with a bright flash and a powerful whirlwind was generated.

A big hole was split open in Planet Baryus atmosphere.

Ultraviolet rays and star rays shone down through the big hole.

It looked as if an “eye” had opened on the aqua-blue planet.

Feilus scarlet eyes revealed undisguised killing intent as he lifted his finger and a ray containing terrifying energy shot out.

Xiaya watched quietly.

When the ray arrived in front of him, Xiaya struck it and changed its direction causing it to crash into another place tens of thousands of meters away.

Rumble, the sky shook and the ground trembled.

Thunder rumbled, and a huge fireball soared into the sky.

The continuous mountain range that had been around for tens of thousands of years was hit by the insignificant energy ray and immediately a deep and terrifying chasm appeared.

Feilu bit his lower lip with a surprised look in his eyes, and suddenly relaxed.

“He he he, just now it was only less than one tenth of my strength.

Its actually nothing extraordinary that you could block it.

I can tell you that my strength has increased by more than three times compared to just now.

Now you are not my match at all.

Then please fall into eternal slumber here and become a ghost!”

“Funny guy, did you think that you can look down on me with just this little amount of strength” Xiaya had a helpless look on his face, as if he was looking at a fool who thinks of himself as clever.

“Isnt that right”

With a soft sigh, Xiaya walked over step by step in mid-air as if there was an invisible ladder in the air.

Every time he took a step, the aura on his body changed shockingly.

When he arrived in front of Feilu, his entire aura had reached a peak.

“Pitiful Artificial Lifeform, let me show you what a real Divine Realm stage is!” Xiaya spoke softly and looked at Feilu with an indifferent look in his eyes.

Suddenly a light blue illusory mist ignited all over his body, and then he exuded an ancient and boundless divine aura.

When the boundless aura from primeval times struck the brains nerves, an emotion of worship was unconsciously produced.

Red hair and red eyes, divine and noble!

Feilus eyes were splitting, and he shouted in disbelief, “How can it happen… your power…”

Although he couldnt sense the aura on Xiaya, the trembling from the depths of his soul and the divine aura assaulting his face told him clearly that the person in front of him is most likely a High-level God.

Feilus eyes were blood-red as he shouted frantically, “So what if you are a real god I will kill you sooner or later.

Great Master Mira, I will definitely kill him.”

At this time, Mira, who was called by Feilu, was looking at Xiaya with red eyes.

“Divine Realm! Damn it, this God of Time has reached the Divine Realm.

He cannot be allowed to continue to grow!”

Mira knows too well the terror of a God of Time who has the Divine Realm.

A God of Destruction is only a god inside a single world; if he wants to escape, he isnt helpless.

But a God of Time is different; with the ability to travel between worlds, if this God of Time isnt taken care of, his self in all the worlds will be obliterated by him.

After a pause, he gave an order with a cold look on his face, “Feilu, you must annihilate the God of Time no matter the price you have to pay.”


Feilu smiled sinisterly after receiving the order and then stood straight in front of Xiaya.

At this time, the colour of the sky completely changed.

The azure-blue sky was covered by dark clouds, and the dark atmosphere was full of a feeling of oppression.


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