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After vaguely determining the strength of the opponent, Xiaya knew where things stood and immediately became serious.

He was cautious about the Artificial Lifeform, but he did not worry too much.

Firstly, he had enough confidence in his own powerful strength.

Secondly, his opponent is the fusion of his defeated opponents cells.

Even if its strength has improved after fusing, it has not reached the point where he is scared.

“No matter what your identity is, it is not easy to defeat me.” Xiaya strode forward slowly.

Whoosh, he suddenly disappeared without any warning and arrived in front of Artificial Lifeform Feilu at close range.

Swoosh! He raised one of his feet which pierced through the void, the toes creating friction against the air to produce a jarring and irritating sound like an iron teapots spout whistling when hot water is being boiled.

His cold and indifferent vertical pupils blinking, Feilu muttered and tightly drew his arms in a cross to block Xiayas attack.


Huge force penetrated through his arms, Feilus face slightly puckered and his body was uncontrollably sent flying several hundred meters.

Feilu floated down and inserted his claws and feet into the ground to cancel out the recoil force.

The huge force caused the ground to overturn.

After creating four narrow gullies hundreds of meters long, he was finally able to stop.

“He he he, what fierce power.

But it just happens that my body is quite flexible.” Feilu stood up and twisted his neck, creating creaking sounds of bones moving.

Towards Feilus arrogant and haughty attitude, Xiaya smiled disdainfully and then scanned the surroundings with a calm face.

Within a range of several tens of kilometers, it was completely barren, so it can be used as the battlefield.

“You just said Mira wants you to kill me, so she is also nearby” Xiaya asked.

Feilus deathly pale body was like a corpse which was just taken out of a formalin solution.

His eyes flashed with a ferocious cold light.

“Do you think I will tell you”

“It doesnt matter if you tell me or not!” Xiaya chuckled and observed Feilu.

The icy atmosphere spread out and the temperature in a range of a hundred miles seemed to have lowered, causing the airflow to collapse, forming a swirling vortex.

A few seconds later, the icy atmosphere rose to peak and the cold wind caused the dry and loose yellow sands to rise into the sky.

Suddenly, a bloodthirsty killing intent emerged slightly and the figures of the two people instantly disappeared from the view.

Bang, bang, bang, only lightning appeared in mid-air, but no figure was visible.

Every time lightning flashed, it was accompanied by violent turbulence in the air.

Vast and majestic energies spread out with the point of confrontation between the two of them as the center.

Tens of thousands of meters away, Kwin and his companions again retreated far away.

Looking at the original site of Aixen City with deathly pale faces, glittering and translucent beads of sweat dripping down their faces.

“Such a frightening aura, even though we are so far away, the aftermath of the battle can still affect this place.”

“If we get closer, we will be torn to pieces.”

“For the first time, Im feeling that Im so insignificant.”

Everyone was discussing the fight.

Kwin calmed down with a bitter expression on his face; he was a little absentminded.

No wonder Kwin was so disoriented.

The scenes of battle on Xiayas side were too earth-shattering.

Even with tens of kilometers between them, they could still feel a stifling feeling at all times.

They were so much stronger than they imagined.

Suddenly, a thin energy blade suddenly passed above his head.

The thin cicadas wing-like energy blade flew from west to east, drawing a beautiful arc in the sky before smashing into a mountain at the end of his line of sight.

With a loud rumbling sound, the huge blade pierced through the ground, leaving a long and huge crack in its place!

Seeing this, Kwins scalp turned numb and he exclaimed, “Everyone keep retreating! Its not safe here anymore!”

Planet Baryus warriors who had escaped by luck couldnt help but break out into cold sweat.

They reacted and quickly retreated tens of thousands of meters away, but still felt that it was not safe enough, so continued to retreat until they were far away from the battlefield and only stopped when they were hundreds of kilometres away.

They heard rumbling sounds in their ears, and even though the shining light originated hundreds of kilometers away, it was as clear as a brilliant fireball.

The arc-shaped horizon turned blurry.

“This level of battle, we dont even have the qualifications to watch it from nearby!” Yarpe looked nervous, his voice trembling.

“Kwin, how much Battle Power do you think that those two people have 100,000 or 200,000” Someone cautiously guessed.

To them, whose highest Battle Power is only a little more than 3,000, more than 10,000 Battle Power only exists in myth.

According to the legends, once the Battle Power exceeds 10,000, the destructive power of the battle will be unusually terrifying, and even a vast planet may sometimes suffer severe damage.

Their Battle Power may have reached 200,000! Planet Baryus warrior guessed in his heart.

Kwin was slightly startled, and shook his head.

If it is more than 200,000, he no longer dared to guess randomly.

It was a world-destroying catastrophe.

He looked into the distance with expectant eyes.

“I hope this battle can be over soon.

Alas, such a powerful figure has appeared on Planet Baryu… Well have to depend on him to survive this crisis.”


At this time in the battlefield, Xiaya was soaring up in the sky as he continuously launched attacks, his body moving around like a ghost.


Fists and feet collided and the air exploded.

Feilu licked his lips and a cruel smile appeared on his cold and dry face.

His eyes moved around, watching his surroundings, and then suddenly his body disappeared like a beam of light, and without any unnecessary shield, he directly rushed towards Xiaya.

“He he!” Xiaya snorted coldly and suddenly narrowed his eyes.

His five fingers clenched into a fist, his body slightly moved back, and then he punched out.

The fist containing tremendous force was aimed at Feilus chest.

As soon as Feilus attack arrived, Xiayas fist was also thrown out, the tremendous force surging at the tip of his fist.

He raised his fist and sunk it into Feilus chest.

The force penetrated through his chest, forming 100-meter long visible shock waves behind his back.

Like a cannonball flying out, it quickly turned into a black spot in the sky.

Swoosh, Feilus lizard-like eyes protruded out.

He opened his hands and frightening energy spurted out of his palms to neutralize the shockwave of Xiayas fist.

“Hahaha, God of Time, you really deserve to receive attention from Master Mira.

Your strength really makes me look at you in a different light.” He laughed out loud as if he was unaffected.

Feilus sunken chest squirmed and his deathly pale skin again recovered.

The surface of his regenerated muscles seemed to be covered with a protective film and became even harder.

Such great recovery ability!

Xiaya was astonished and the expression on his face changed when he looked at Feilu.

He spat out a turbid qi and sized up Feilu with a solemn expression on his face.

He has strong explosive power and resilience; it should be Cells characteristic!


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