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The place where Aixen City was located.

The medium-sized city that was originally there had disappeared.

It had been replaced by a ruin 200,000 meters in diameter, with crushed rocks and collapsed stone pillars.

The ruins were covered with long pink tentacles and soft, crawling creatures which seemed to be alive.

“Hiss, Aixen City has completely disappeared.”

“Who the hell did such a thing”

Planet Baryus warriors, who were the first one to arrive in the sky above Aixen City, were stunned by what they saw before them, and then glared angrily.

Several short-tempered ones had already begun to curse.

“If I knew who did it, I wouldnt let them go!”

There are about 30 people in this entire group.

They all have outstanding Battle Power and they are considered to have the best martial art skills among the people of Planet Baryu.

After the incident in Aixen City happened, they rushed over from all around the world one after another.

Dozens of people approached Aixen City and began to carefully investigate the surrounding situation.

“Pay attention, everyone.

Someone entered the city before, but they soon lost contact.

So everyone must be careful.

There must be some unknown monster hidden in the city,” A middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader said seriously.

His words were very authoritative, and the dozens of people responded one after another.

Then he swept his eyes at the long pink tentacles in the ruins, and his heart thumped.

“Be careful of those squirming things!”

Others also noticed those long wriggling tentacles in the ruins and their expressions changed.

When they took a second look at them, they all sucked in a cold breath.

The ruins of the entire Aixen City were full of such creeping things.


Kwin, what are those things”

Everyones throats squirmed, their bodies were a little cold and they huddled together in fear.

Looking at the direction of the ruins of Aixen City, their complexion became very gloomy but also surprised and they went on full alert.

The reason why Aixen City disappeared overnight is most likely because of these long pink tentacles.

Kwin is the most powerful person among them with 2600 Battle Power, and he can be said to be experienced and knowledgeable, but he had never before encountered such a strange matter like that which has happened in Aixen City.

At this moment, his face was gloomy like water.

His eyes flashed with cold light and a powerful aura erupted out from his body, spreading to his surroundings.

After hearing everyones questions, he shook his head.

“I dont know, but these long pink tentacles are most likely related to the disappearance of Aixen City.

It seems that our opponent this time is very troublesome and is not like an ordinary life form.”

Others couldnt help but nod.

Judging from the scene in front of them, it indeed seems to be the case.

These long pink tentacles are by no means the creatures of Planet Baryu.

One person among them was a little short-tempered.

“No matter how many of them there are, we will just destroy them.”

“Dont be reckless!” The companion next to him hurriedly pulled him back.

“Yarpe, being impulsive will not solve the problem.

Think about it, thousands of people in Aixen City disappeared overnight.

To kill them one by one, one night is not enough, but, in fact, the entirety of Aixen City disappeared together.

So, the opponent is definitely not ordinary.”

Hearing this, the person named Yarpe scratched his scalp in anger.

“What should we do then We cant just stand around.”

“Well, everyone, be careful.

Lets enter the city center and see what we can find there.” Kwin thought for a moment, and then they all gathered around and carefully flew towards the central region of Aixen City.

After flying for about four or five minutes, a giant elliptical-shaped crater appeared in front of their eyes.

The surroundings were suffused with a flashing gloomy luster, like an ancient beast crawling there with its mouth wide open, waiting for the prey to appear; the crater was not bottomless and was like the entrance to hell, emitting a stifling and gloomy aura.

Those long tentacles were all extending out from here.

This is the central region.

“Be careful!” The middle-aged Kwin suddenly shouted hurriedly and quickly pushed away his companion to the side.

But it was too late.

They saw a long tentacle suddenly jump out.

The fleshy ball at the top looked like an opened flower bud, spreading out into three or four tooth-shaped lips.

Eight or nine lips snapped at each other, swallowing the warrior beside Kwin.

With a sound of “kacha, kacha, kacha”, the hundreds of white ghastly teeth rubbed against each other, the grating sound making people shudder.

“Rika!” The death of their companion made them distressed, but what made them even more frightened was the unknown mysterious long tentacle.

“What the hell is that”

Everyone felt their scalp turn numb.

At this moment, a chill rushed up from the soles of their feet, and everyone seemed to tremble from the cold.

It must be known that the people present are the top fighting force of Planet Baryu, so they didnt expect the monster in front of them to swallow one of them as soon as they met.

“Quick, run away and leave Aixen City immediately!” Kwins face turned pale and big drops of sweat trickled down his face.

He reacted and shouted loudly for everyone to hurriedly evacuate.

Now the situation is very clear.

This monster that caused a huge amount of casualties is definitely not of Planet Baryu.

They will leave Aixen City and then use the most advanced technological weapons.

At this time, an individuals power is no longer the match of this kind of monster.

“Jie Jie Jie, none of you should even think of leaving.” An indifferent but cruel voice came from under the ground, and those long tentacles seemed to have been ordered as they swung around frantically like snakes, attacking Kwin and other warriors of Planet Baryu.

As if without any obstructions, the sharp blades pierced through the skin of Planet Baryus warriors, and blood sprayed out.

The blood-red mist was like a peach blossom blooming with a bright red colour, and then as if having a sumptuous feast, the long pink tentacles bared their fangs and began to devour the bodies.

“Damn it, these things are too fast.

Where did it come from” Kwin cursed.

He kept shooting blue energy waves from his hands and the sound of rumbling explosions was endless, but such an attack had no effect on those long tentacles.

All the energy turned into dispersed mist in an instant.

Swaying slightly, the tip of the long tentacles wriggled, spitting out their tongue like a poisonous snake.

“There is no effect!” One of the warriors was staring blankly, and with a squelch, his body was penetrated.

Kwin began to feel dizzy, and there were fewer and fewer warriors who survived.

“Oh no!” Seeing his companions reduce one by one, Kwin gnashed his teeth.

All the people present were the best warriors from all the martial artists on Planet Baryu.

Even they were helpless against these monsters.

What kind of power could be used to destroy them

“Jie Jie Jie, all of you become my nourishment! Although it is a little bit weak, you weaklings can become part of my strength, you should feel honored.”

The voice spoke leisurely, and then from the huge crater, a large number of long tentacles extended out.

While swaying, they slowly extended out towards the outside of the city.

“Damn it, damn it!” Kwin was so angry that his eyes were about to split, his body was riddled with injuries everywhere, but he joined the few surviving warriors to launch an attack.


Energies erupted out, and the long tentacles penetrated the energy net, but the surface did not suffer any damage.

Its like Master Roshis Kamehameha hitting Tien Shinhans body, dispersing it directly.

Suddenly, a thick object covered his line of sight.

Kwins pupils shrank into a dot as a frightening scene of eight spread out petals with hundreds of broken teeth had appeared before his eyes.

“Am i going to die Is this the end” This thought flashed in his mind, and Kwin closed his eyes in grief.

Once these experts died, Planet Baryu would no longer be able to stop these monsters.

But even after a while, the expected pain did not appear.

Kwin opened his eyes, but was shocked to find a black figure blocking in front of him, while the long tentacles that made them feel helpless were frozen in mid-air, constantly struggling.

“Disappear!” He saw the mans lips move slightly before he pointed his finger down.

Suddenly, the air in the entire city suddenly froze.

A vigorous and mighty aura descended from the sky and then a large torrent of energy fell down from high above like raindrops, hitting the ground.

He heard the whooshing sound of falling and the strange tentacle-monsters desperately struggling sound as if it had encountered a natural enemy.

After a while, everything turned into ashes.


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