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“The reason for this situation is that in the other space-time, someone stole that time machine from you, and then travelled through time, which caused our world to be born.” Angel Martinu explained.

Supreme Kai Agu was startled and sighed.

“So its our space-time that emerged later.

It seems there are several parallel universes in thefuture period outside the Multiverse.”

“Teacher Agu, what are these rings in your hand” Trainee Supreme Kai Tia asked in a pleasant voice.

Supreme Kai Agu looked at his female apprentice, Tia, who he was training to be the next Supreme Kai.

Seeing that she was puzzled, he explained to her what the Time Rings are.

It is her first time learning about these secret matters.

Her silver-gray hair fluttered in the wind, and a surprised expression appeared on her pretty face.

Then, Angel Martinu told them the location of the time traveller.

Understanding the basic situation, Supreme Kai Agu muttered for a moment, took out a crystal ball and looked for the location of Planet Baryu.

“…So, that time traveller is hidden on Planet Baryu”

“Yes, I am an expert in space, so I am sure that the traveller is on Planet Baryu, but their specific location is always changing.

From this it can be seen that person is also very good at hiding.” Martinu chuckled.

As an Angel who is much older than Whis, Martinu has gone through more trials and hardships.

Agu nodded.

“They can steal the time machine from another me, I am afraid that the me in the other world is probably already dead.

Damn it.

If I knew that the time machine is such a troublesome thing, I would have destroyed it sooner.

“The problem is that there are very few people in this world who know you have the time machine.

How did that person know”

Martinus words made Supreme Kai Agu fall into deep thought.

Even his apprentice Tia didnt know about the time machine and Time Ring, but the other party was able to steal it from him.

The mystery behind this was enough to make him have a headache.

Heaving a sigh, Supreme Kai Agu couldnt think of a reason, so he simply stopped thinking.

He said with a bitter face, “If this matter is known by God of Destruction-sama, he will definitely fly into a rage…”

The life of the God of Destruction is connected to the Supreme Kai.

If one side dies, the other will also die.

This is because the gods are linked to each other.

Since the time machine in another time space has been stolen, he was afraid it is not just a time machine problem.

The Supreme Kai and God of Destruction have most likely also died.

So Supreme Kai Agu was worried that after this matter is known to God of Destruction Giin, the God of Destruction will launch a ruthless attack to directly destroy the main culprit along with Planet Baryu.

If innocent lives are affected by this incident, Supreme Kai will also feel bad.

“Dont worry about this, Giin-sama doesnt know about this matter.

Right now, a Trainee God of Time who has come from another world is dealing with this matter.

Lets just watch!” As if seeing Supreme Kai Agus worries, Martinu shook her head and spoke.

“Thats good,” Supreme Kai Agu said gloomily, his eyes fixed on the aqua-blue planet in the crystal ball, thinking who knows what.

The trainee Supreme Kai Tia listened in confusion.

Thinking of the terrifying God of Destruction, she cutely stuck out her tongue, and quietly walked away to continue to hone her martial arts.


Time flies, a year passed in the blink of an eye.

Planet Baryu.

In the depths of a dense forest, with a loud rumble, a large thick cloud rose, birds and beasts fled, and the entire forest was razed to the ground amidst the sound of explosions.

A barren zone with a diameter of several thousand meters has a bottomless pit in the center and the surrounding area is completely unrecognizable, winding cracks spreading out for thousands of meters.

Xiaya was floating above the destroyed forest, driving away some martial artists who have committed crimes.

Looking at the backs of those people fleeing fearfully, Xiaya smiled disdainfully.

He has been on Planet Baryu for a year, searching thoroughly from the beginning until now, but he never found the traces of the traveller.

Sometimes he wonders if that person was still on this planet, but inwardly he feels that person is still here.

“If that person is hiding something, then they are very careful.”

With a calm expression on his face, Xiaya turned around and returned to the city where he had lived for a year.

Walking into the room, he turned on the faucet.

The hot water released steam and drops of water like teardrops condensed on the glass.

He wiped the surface of the mirror to see himself clearly, then took a shower and dried his hair while sitting on the sofa.

The recent events of Planet Baryu were being reported on TV.

Suddenly, the news of missing people caught Xiayas attention.

In Aixen City, located on the northern continent of the planet, a major city with a population of 100,000 disappeared overnight, and anyone who entered the range of Aixen City quickly lost contact.

This is a very serious incident for the small population of Planet Baryu.

“Time machine, people disappearing…”

Xiaya muttered, his deep eyes suddenly burst into bright light.

He feels that he had found a clue to the time traveler.

“Hiding for a year, they finally revealed themselves.”

“Did that person also get injured while traveling like Cell and need to absorb the essence of living beings to recover” Xiaya wasnt sure, but if anyone can cause an entire major city to disappear overnight, it is most likely related to the time traveler.

Anyway, whether it is them or not, he is going to go take a look first.

Similarly, there are still many people rushing over there because of the Aixen City incident, and the core experts of Planet Baryu are also rushing towards Aixen City.

In just one day, many outstanding martial artists had gathered in Aixen City.

“Jie Jie Jie, come, I need more nourishment.

Demigra-sama, I will be able to unlock your seal soon.”

In the dark underground a few kilometers below, in a winding cave like an ant nest, the rough rock wall is covered with sticky liquid.

In the depths of the cave, a pale creature was wrapped in pink mucus and long strands of chewing gum-like tentacles hung on the wall, extending to the ground.

At this time, the pale creature opened his eyes, his lizard-like icy vertical pupils emitting a cold aura.

His body was trembling and every time he trembled, his muscles squirmed fiercely and then he shed the old skin with a “crack” sound, revealing even more pale but vigorous muscles.

“He he he, I will recover soon and then I will be able to evolve to my strongest lifeform.

Great Master Towa, I will definitely fulfill your wish.”

“Huh, someone is approaching again.

Its him!”

The lizard-like vertical pupils turned, the inhuman creature fiercely trembled, and an emotion of tyrannical anger suddenly erupted out from his heart.

Once such an emotion emerged, it was quickly suppressed by him.

“No, I cant.

Master Towa said that it is not time to deal with him yet…” The lifeform covered in pink mucous admonished himself.

“No, you can attack now!” Following the cold voice, a red figure appeared.

“Master Mira!” The lifeform exclaimed.

“Although I dont know who the person named Xiaya is, anotherMe told me that that person is the God of Time, so he must be eliminated as soon as possible, otherwise he will turn into a big trouble for Lord Demigra.”

“Feilu, I will leave him to you.”

“Yes, Master.

I will eradicate him completely.”


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