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The vast expanse of the mist-covered God of Destructions Planet.

The endless cyan sky was suffused with a sacred and ancient aura, which is different from the serene aura of the Sacred World of the Kai.

The sacredness here is faintly mixed with some overbearingness.

For a long time only Whis and Berrus have lived on the God of Destructions Planet.

When God of Destruction Beerus falls asleeps, it is Whis who maintains the order of the God of Destructions Planet.

Whis had just arranged the trajectories of the various planets in the Divine World and was taking a break while leaning on the scepter when suddenly a colorful beam of light shone before his eyes and an unfamiliar figure appeared in front of him.

Whis watched indifferently, his violet eyes were aloof and calm.

“Oh, who are you Entering the God of Destructions Planet is not an easy task.

It seems that an amazing person has arrived!” As he said that, Whiss face still did not have any signs of anxiousness.

Perhaps even if the universe is destroyed, his expression will not change a bit.

“Hello Whis, it should be the first time we have met in this world.” Xiaya appeared less than three meters away from Whis and greeted him warmly.

Whis narrowed his eyes and spoke whatever he was thinking, “You mean weve met before, and not in this world Are you from another parallel universe”

The existence of a parallel universe is not a secret in Whis and others eyes.

The amount of Time Rings in the Supreme Kais hands can determine the number of parallel universes.

As the Angel who manages the God of Destructions Planet, Whis also has his own means.

But as a priest under the multiverse system, Whis does not have the ability to travel between parallel universes.

Xiaya smiled.

This will save him extra explanation.

“Whis, I am here to seek your help…” Then he explained the reason why he came here, and even revealed the purple Time Ring on his hand.

After listening to Xiayas explanation, Whis muttered to himself.

“The fourth multiverse, huh And you mean that the space-time in the world we live in has gotten a little abnormal, and there is a danger of collapse” Whis looked at Xiaya with a serious expression, his delicate and beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“Thats right.”

“Well, I understand!” Whis nodded and indicated that he got it before saying, “It is not a big deal if the time flow rate is different relative to the timeline, because if the multiverse system is perfect enough, these problems can naturally be dealt with…but its better to report this matter to the Great Priest…”

“Umm…Xiaya, I will send you to Universe 12 now and I will let the Angel over there help you find the mysterious person who has travelled to this space-time.”

Whis spoke flatly.

In fact, as long as the overall multiverse system is stable to a sufficient extent, a few evil people in it are only minor problems.

Under the majesty of Zeno and the Great Priest, they cannot raise any storms.

The Traveller that caused the undulations in the multiverse cant shake the whole world, but the prerequisite for that is to let the Great Priest or Zeno know about this.

Thus following that, Whis brought Xiaya to Universe 12.

This is Xiayas first time in a universe other than Universe 6 and Universe 7, so all the sights he saw made him full of curiosity.

Compared with Universe 6 and Universe 7, the overall strength of Universe 12 is much higher.

Whether it is the God of Destruction or the Supreme Kai, or even the ordinary creatures in the mortal world, they are all quite powerful.

Among the numerous God of Destructions, God of Destruction Beerus is not counted as very powerful.

Universe 12, the God of Destructions Planet.

Whis and Xiaya appeared directly in the core region of ​​the universe.

“Hey, Whis.

Why do you have time to come to Universe 12 and who is this human next to you” It was a fat woman in a grayish-black divine robe who spoke.

She was the Angel of this universe.

Whis smiled at her and nodded, “Martinu, this is Trainee God of Time Sir Xiaya.

She is Angel Martinu of Universe 12 and an old Angel…” The following words were for Xiaya .

“Aiya, dont call me old!” The fat Angel, Martinu, was quite unhappy.

Xiaya looked at Martinu, who looked like a middle-aged aunt, her bucket-like waistline swaying like a blossoming flower, and his forehead couldnt help but broke out into beads of sweat, and he quickly turned his face away.

In fact, among the four female Angels, Universe 6s Angel Vados and Universe 11s Angel Marcarita have the highest attractive index, while Universe 10s Angel Kusu is the most lively and cute.

A royal big sister, a young girl and a loli, each has their own beautiful side.

Only Universe 12s Angel Martinu in front of him has the figure of an aunt, which dragged down the attractive index of the female Angels.

Getting back to the subject, Whis expression turned sharp as he continued, “Ive come to your universe mainly to pursue a mysterious time-traveller…”

“Surprisingly, someone travelled through time and came to my Universe 12, and even a Trainee God of Time has to personally come.

Of course I will help… But at this time, Giin-sama has no time to manage these things, so after finding the person, you still need to deal with them yourself.”

The Giin-sama that Martinu was referring to is the God of Destruction of Universe 12—–Giin.

He resembles a merman, and his strength is one of the best among the numerous Gods of Destruction.

“Sure, just find that person and Ill go ahead and look for him.” Xiaya nodded.

Originally it was not his job to do this, but when he was about to head to this world, the Supreme Kai of Time living at the end of space-time contacted him, hoping that he could deal with the guy who was disrupting the space-time order.

Xiaya thought about it for a bit and agreed to Supreme Kai of Time Chronoas request.

Because, according to Chronoa, that person is not weak, and will be a good target for training.

Angel Martinu smiled as she looked at Whis.

She glanced at Xiaya from the corner of her eyes, then raised her scepter and began to scan the entire universe.

Under the mighty powers of the Angel, all the secrets of the universe had nowhere to hide, and they were all revealed.

After a long time, an aqua-blue planet appeared in the crystal ball.

“Dawei Galaxy, South Area, Planet Baryu.

The person you are looking for is there, but you should be careful.

That guy looks difficult to deal with.

I didnt expect this traveller to be so powerful.

I will send the coordinates to you, so be careful.” Martinu looked at the planet in the crystal ball and reminded Xiaya to be careful of the opponent.

“Is that guy powerful”

“I cant tell at the moment, but they should be quite troublesome!” Whoever it is must be very powerful to be called troublesome by the old Angel.

When Xiaya heard it, not only did he not cower, but a look of excitement emerged on his face.

Saiyans have always craved fighting and will not shrink back because of the strength of the opponent, unless the strength of the opponent is so strong that he is in a different dimension, but obviously that traveller doesnt have the ability to make him retreat.

“You should be careful!” Whis also reminded.

“Got it.” Xiaya nodded.

He is not a person who doesnt know how to judge things.

Whis and Martinu are both warning him so much.

It seems they also cant see through the opponent.

Then he used the Time Ring to receive the coordinates sent by Martinu and was ready to go to the Dawei Galaxys Planet Baryu.

“Ill be going to Zeno-samas palace and reporting this matter to the Great Priest, so I can only leave the guy in the mortal world to you.” Leaving Universe 12s God of Destructions Planet, Whis parted ways with Xiaya.

Because it is related to the stability of the entire multiverse, Whis needs to personally report it to the Great Priest.

“I should also go and meet that mysterious traveller,” Xiaya said with a smile, his eyes shining brightly.


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