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On the small island, a river was flowing, and there was a dense forest and tall bamboo.

The limited land was being properly used.

Between the pine trees on the foot of a mountain, a few simplistic bamboo buildings were erected on the flat ground paved with bluestones.

The spring at the center of the island was continuously spurting out spring water, which was collected into a few canals for watering the lush green seedlings of Senzu Beans.

Seven or eight young female Saiyans wearing special costumes were moving between the seedbeds, carefully taking care of each Senzu Bean plant.

Strings of plump pods glowed with white light.

It seems that the harvest of the Senzu Beans in these past few years has been quite good.

“Xiaya, why are you here” Seeing Xiaya come over, Launch, wearing a sun hat, revealed a bright smile on her face.

“Ive come to see you guys and grab some Senzu Beans on the way!”

Xiaya smiled and walked over to Launchs side.

In the past few years, Planet Hongshans Senzu Beans were being consumed a bit quickly.

They were all taken out from Xiayas stocks, so he didnt have many Senzu Beans left.

For the next time he goes out, Senzu Beans are absolutely necessary.

“Oh, then come with me.”

Launch brought Xiaya to a storeroom.

It was heavily guarded.

There were female Saiyans patrolling back and forth.

Seeing Xiaya and Launch walking over, the female warriors eyes shone with worship and then they quietly retreated to the side.

“The harvest of Senzu Beans in the past few years has been very good, moreover the planting area has also been expanded.

There can be a harvest of several thousand in a year.” Launch briefed with a smile.

Xiaya was slightly surprised; the output was much higher than Korins harvest of a mere one hundred in a year.

Receiving a bag of Senzu Beans from Launch, Xiaya put it into the dimensional space.

He then looked around, but did not see 18.

“Where is Lazuli Wasnt she living on the island”

He didnt understand why 18 followed him to Planet Hongshan before.

It was only when he learned from Launch that 18 was the little girl he had saved many years ago that he somewhat understood.

So, the meeting between him and 18 had already happened many years ago.

No wonder at that time, 18 held a string of necklace and asked if he still remembered it.

And he actually forgot.

Sometimes fate is really amazing.

“Hehe, she has been training hard.

Right now, she should be training at a certain place on Planet Hongshan!” Launchs eyebrows curved as she said with a smile.

“She is working too hard.” Xiaya frowned.

A girl like 18 doesnt have to force herself to become stronger.

“Who knows, maybe she herself just wants to catch up with Planet Hongshans foundation which was getting stronger and stronger with her own ability.” Launch said calmly, but her eyes turned towards the distant mountain stream.

Xiaya nodded silently, not knowing what to say.

He strolled around on the floating island for a while more.

After he told Launch to take care of herself, he teleported away from the island and then arrived at a vast plain on the west of Planet Hongshan according to the address given by Launch.

There, Xiaya saw 18.

She was wearing a beautiful dress as she waved her limbs.

Her exquisite and beautiful face was slightly sweating and her golden hair was draped over her shoulders while some stuck to her face.

Xiaya took a look at 18s dress.

She was wearing a white cotton shirt with a small black open jacket on the outside, black trousers, and a golden chain hanging diagonally from the belt.

Isnt this exactly the style from when she was on Earth But their materials seem to have been designed by the Feidaya people.

Seeing Xiaya arrive, 18s eyes lit up and she walked over with a cold expression.

“Here, wipe off the sweat.” Taking out a wet towel and handing it over, Xiaya spoke with a smile.

18 nodded and calmly took the towel from Xiaya.

She looked at Xiaya, who was dressed in home clothes, and asked in surprise, “When did you come back and why do you have time to come see me”

“I returned just now after training on the God of Destructions Planet.

I also made a trip to Universe 6 to bring Meifei back,” Xiaya said softly, and then, looking at 18s exquisite face, he said, “Would you like to go back to Earth to take a look 17 must be missing you.”

“No need, I think its good here.” 18 stared at him coldly, threw away the towel, and then leaned on a bare rock with her chin resting on one hand, quietly looking at the distant scenery.

“Hey, Lazuli, I am going somewhere.

Maybe I can find a way to make you get stronger there!”

“Where” 18 asked in surprise.

Xiaya shook his head.

“Im still not sure for now.

But I think it will be soon.

I will be able to tell you in a few months at most.”

“Then Ill be waiting, dont let me down,” 18 suddenly smiled sweetly and said in a cold voice.

“Of course.

By the way, should I accompany you to train for a while The result of two people training together is better than one person alone.” He smiled while looking at 18s pretty face.

Seeing that she sincerely wants to become stronger, Xiaya put forward the suggestion to accompany her in her training.

“Okay!” 18 smiled in a pretty good mood and nodded.

Her bright smile was like petals in spring, creating a fragrant and quiet aura.

The warm sunlight bathed the whole ground with warmth and gentleness.

Xiaya and 18 stood tall next to the bluestones.

Xiaya was slightly floating 30 centimeters above the ground.

His eyes were slightly narrowed and his expression was completely calm.

Standing opposite him, 18 tidied her clothes and pulled the black jacket down.

Then, the tips of her toes lightly touched the ground and her body flew out like an arrow leaving the bowstring, and she began to attack swiftly and violently.


After finishing his training with 18, Xiaya smiled and bid farewell to her.

18 quietly stared at the place where Xiaya disappeared, then she tidied up her clothes as her fair and exquisite face unconsciously revealed a smile.


Leaving Planet Hongshan, Xiaya teleported repeatedly in outer space several times.

After arriving at a spacious and empty place, he glanced at the endless darkness around him and saw only a few white light halos faintly flickering in the distance.

Xiaya nodded and started to activate his space-time ability.

Suddenly a brightly-coloured light sparkled in the darkness of outer space and then these colorful lights formed into a vortex-shaped passageway.

Xiaya took a look and directly stepped into it, instantly entering the strange space-time passageway.

Opening a space-time tunnel consumes a large amount of strength, and even with his current strength, he cannot sustain the existence of a space-time tunnel for a long time.

After passing through the brightly-coloured tunnel for a while, Xiaya entered a void and saw four huge azure blue-coloured spaces, each of which was a multiverse with twelve transparent universes close to each other forming a stable balance.

This void is called the sea of space-time, where time and space converged together.

Finding the shaking azure blue space among them, Xiaya knew that it is the newly appeared multiverse mentioned by the Four-Star Dragon God.

Compared with the other multiverses, the outer layer of this multiverse was somewhat distorted, indicating that the rate of time flow inside was abnormal.

“That azure blue space is the fourth multiverses space-time and it does look a little abnormal.” Xiaya observed it for a while and tried to determine the abnormality of this multiverse.

Just then, a burning tingling sensation suddenly appeared in his brain, and Xiaya knew that he couldnt stay any longer in the sea of space-time.

Because the sea of ​space-time is situated at the intersection of time and space, living beings normally couldnt stay here for a long time.

He had only been here for a while and his mind had begun to receive great pressure.

He plunged directly into the multiverse in a straight line, stirring up small ripples as if passing through the water surface and entered that multiverse.

Soon twelve transparent water balls appeared before his eyes.

“First of all, I must determine which era this world is in!” Xiaya thought, and hurried towards Universe 7.

This multiverse was born because an unknown person stole the time machine from Universe 12s Supreme Kai and then traveled through time, thus forming it.

Therefore, it is a space-time based on Trunkss world, which is overall similar to the original works world.

If Xiaya wants to determine the era of this world, he has to go to Universe 7, which he is familiar with.

Xiaya, who has the ability to time travel, has always had an advantage in speed.

Soon he had entered Universe 7 and flown over to the vicinity of Earth in this world.

When he landed on Earth, Xiaya sensed three slightly stronger Ki.

“Ones Battle Power is a little over 1000, and the other two are slightly weaker.

Huh Two of them are about to die.” Xiaya stopped in mid-air, but he could clearly discern what was happening thousands of kilometers away.


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