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Compared with Xiaya, who is in his element in the Super Saiyan God state, Goku in the storyline relied on the fusion of six Saiyan’s power to achieve the initial stage of Super Saiyan God, which is obviously inferior.

Not to mention his endurance, Goku’s mastery of the Super Saiyan God State’s power alone is much worse.

After all, it is much more satisfying to break through in your powers with your own effort.

They can grasp it more fluently and freely, which is different compared to obtaining powers by relying on cheap tricks.

If Xiaya had only 40% of God of Destruction Beerus’s power when he entered the Super Saiyan God State more than half a year ago, then at that time, Goku at most only had 20-30% of Beerus’s power.

Knowing the huge disparity between himself and the God of Destruction, Xiaya sighed slightly and his heart felt heavy, but he wasn’t dejected.

“The God of Destruction had to spend a lot of time to become so strong.

It’s not too much to say that it was accumulation through time, whereas I’m just getting started now.”

Lifting his head, his eyes flashed with blazing flame.

He knew that if he breaks through to the second level of the Divine Realm, he will soon be able to catch up with God of Destruction Beerus, and it is also not impossible to surpass him.

“When Beerus wakes up and sees me, he should be very surprised!” Xiaya thought, his face curving into a graceful arc.

Whis looked at Xiaya with a smile, his face calm.

Seeing Xiaya’s confident smile, he couldn’t help but nod.

He once again sighed.

“If Beerus-sama can be half as diligent as you, instead of just sleeping all day long, his strength at least could have improved by a large amount, then his ranking among the numerous God of Destructions could have been higher and won’t be at the bottom like it is now.”

It’s a pity that he can only think about this.

As the God of Destruction’s Attendant, he can’t go against the wishes of the God of Destruction.

Only when the God of Destruction’s actions violate the relevant rules, can he take action and stop him, but at other times, he needs to follow the will of the God of Destruction.

After all, the God of Destruction is a true God in charge of destruction in the universe.

His character, in a sense, is equivalent to the inherent rules of the universe.

And Universe 7’s God of Destruction—Beerus’ lazy and gluttonous character makes Whis helpless.

Of course Xiaya knows why Whis is sighing, it’s because of the God of Destruction.

Fortunately, Whis has a good nature and can endure the erratic nature of God of Destruction Beerus.

Thinking of what the Dragon God said about the fourth multiverse, Xiaya told him about it.

“A fourth multiverse has appeared in the sea of space-time.

The mastermind has already traveled through time via the time machine of Universe 12.

According to the Dragon God, the newly emerged multiverse is not very stable and he thinks that it may collapse.”

Whis’ expression turned serious and he changed the topic, “If a multiverse collapses, it is not a trivial matter.

Hundreds of millions of lives will be lost.

Although as a god, you shouldn’t get too involved, but from the humans’ point of view, it’s a pity indeed.”

Speaking of this, Whis paused and continued, “Space-time is the most mysterious and taboo power in the world.

Except for the Dragon Realm and Time Realm, which transcend the timeline, all living beings live in space-time.

Once the timeline changes, it will likely form fragmented worlds or worlds that are on the verge of collapse.

Such worlds are very fragile and easily destroyed.

Therefore, time machines and time travel is forbidden by all the gods…But worlds at the scale of a multiverse rarely appear.”

As he said that, his violet eyes glanced towards Xiaya.

Two multiverses had appeared before, and both seemed to have something to do with Xiaya.

Xiaya smiled in embarrassment and changed the subject, “Whis, can you think of anyone who could have stolen the time machine It must have been strictly safeguarded by the Supreme Kai of Universe 12!”

“I don’t know… There are very few people who know that Universe 12 has a time machine.

If you hadn’t mentioned, I wouldn’t have known that a new parallel universe has appeared outside.” Whis shook his head.

As the angel of Universe 7, he usually pays very little attention to the situation of other universes.

Generally, only the Supreme Kai, who has a Time Ring, distinctly knows the number of parallel universes.

“Anyway, it’s not good for there are to be too many multiverses.”

“Why do you say that” Xiaya asked with interest.

Whis’ expression turned serious.

“Perhaps it’s a reaction from the nether world.

I think the total amount of universes in the sea of ​​space-time cannot rise infinitely.

There must be a fixed number, which means that the capacity of the sea of space-time is limited.

As the universe keeps increasing, it will inevitably crowd space-time.”

“At that time, Zeno-sama will definitely destroy the universe in order to maintain the stability of the sea of ​​space-time and the disappearance of each universe is a covert weakening of the Zeno system.”

When mentioning this, Whis frowned in worry.

He knew Zeno-sama’s nature too well.

The great Zeno’s thinking is quite pure, sometimes like a child who doesn’t understand anything.

His mind is filled with all kinds of things, without any planning at all.

If it weren’t for the Great Priest’s mediation from the side, the universes in the multiverse might have been toyed to extinction by Zeno a long time ago.

At the beginning, there were originally eighteen universes, but now only twelve are left.

The reduction of the universes within the multiverse means that its foundation has weakened.

Experts are all dead.

Once something unforeseen happens, there will be no time to react.

Maybe these thoughts are a bit far away.

Whis came back to himself and said to Xiaya, “You are the only one of us who can travel through time.

You need to investigate the matter in Universe 4…”

“Leave it to me.” Xiaya patted his chest and shouldered this responsibility.

When he could, he didn’t mind putting in much more effort, especially when he is at this stage.

It is precisely when he needed to accept more challenges.

Only in this way could he go further on the path of training.

Next, Xiaya began to ask Whis about training-related matters.

As God of Destruction Beerus’ teacher, according to Divine Realm classification, Whis is at the fourth level and is at the same level as the Four-Star Dragon God of the Dragon Realm.

Although his strength may not be compared to the Four-Star Dragon God, his experience in teaching is definitely at the top.


Whoosh, on the vast grassland, the rippling emerald water in the lake shone under the sunlight.

A red light ray streaked across the water surface in a straight line, raising white splashes like ribbons.

The wind whistled and waves churned.

Xiaya nimbly moved, appearing in front of Whis several times, then turning back and disappearing, attacking and retreating non-stop.

The blurry afterimages covered the line of sight.

Xiaya’s movements were extremely fast and he was moving around everywhere on the God of Destruction’s Planet.

But Xiaya’s perplexing movements were of no use towards Whis.

His violet eyes were indifferently staring ahead as he smiled indifferently and extended the scepter in a direction.

“Bang!” Xiaya was hit in the chest by the scepter and was sent flying, followed by a quick light tap, causing him to fall into the lake.


The water splashed several meters high, and the broken white waves rippled out in circles.

Following the sound of penetrating the water surface, Xiaya floated out of the lake while dripping wet, his crimson hair soaked with water as water droplets dripped down.

“You have already achieved a sufficient realm, but maybe it is a habit that you have cultivated in previous battles.

You have not yet adapted to the battles of those in the Divine Realm! To forget about your body, lower your Ki senses, and hide your strength is not a good idea.

It will be easy to give people an attacking chance when facing a strong enemy!

“If you have enough strength, you must immediately make your opponent lose the ability to resist.”

“Wrong, punches like this are disorderly.”

“The Divine Realm is different from your previous realm.

You have to get accustomed to using your mind to sense.

The battle of those in the Divine Realm is quiet and there is no extra time for you to think where the enemy is.

Don’t think too much, let your body think for you! ”

Whis spoke casually, but it always gave Xiaya a flash of insight, and many things he didn’t understand before gradually became clear.

He sure is someone who has trained a strong expert like God of Destruction Beerus.

Under Whis’ guidance, Xiaya continued to improve in mastering his powers.


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