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The two people fighting in the sky were 18 and Zangya.

From far away, Xiling and Myers watched with great interest, commenting softly from time to time, expressing their opinions on the fight.

With a flash, 18 moved quickly, instantly turning a corner in the air, and quickly arrived in front of Zangya, her fist smashing down with powerful momentum.

“Bang!” The powerful attack stirred up a huge whirlwind and energy waves swept out, forming an arc on the ground.

Feeling the powerful might of the attack, the expression on Zangya’s delicate and smooth face suddenly changed, and she hurriedly dodged.

Cold eyes sweeping towards 18, Zangya snorted coldly, and calmly accumulated power.

A bright and resplendent energy ball rose into the sky, and then under Zangya’s command, the huge energy ball flew towards 18.

18 looked at Zangya with a solemn expression, moving agilely.

“Energy Wave!” Carefully gathering the power in her body, 18 brushed back her hair and launched a series of attacks at Zangya.

But, after witnessing 18’s attack, Zangya kept moving around to dodge them, leaving long orange trails behind her in the sky…

“Lazuli has changed a lot in one year.

Once Androids train, their speed of improvement is really unexpected.

Lazuli has become more and more powerful, even if her energy capacity is not as good as Zangya.

Relying on Android’s untiring physique, it would be difficult to defeat her.” Xiling’s white and smooth face showed a smile, looking like a 17 or 18 year old.

After interacting for more than one year, they all use the name “Lazuli” to call 18.

Myers nodded, looking at 18 and Zangya with similar beautiful and bright eyes.

“It seems that Zangya still has the upper hand, but I don’t think Zangya will be able to maintain her advantage for long.

Maybe Lazuli will be able to fight to a draw with Zangya.

In this one year, 18 fought with Zangya many times.

From the beginning where she was one-sidedly trampled on, now she is evenly matched.

18’s progress is clearly visible.

Even Xiling and Myers lamented that 18’s physique is too outstanding.

The Androids’ physique together with 18’s excellent martial art talent enabled her to gradually catch up with Zangya in just one year.

With this talent, it is not without reason that 17 and 18 were favored by Dr.

Gero and transformed into Androids.

When Xiling and Myers were sharing their views, the battle between 18 and Zangya came to an end, and in the end 18 lost to Zangya by a narrow margin.

“I lost!” 18 said indifferently.

However, Zangya, who had won, was not happy at all, instead she felt frustrated.

“Aiya, what should I do now, this 18 is about to catch up with me.” Zangya stomped her feet unhappily, making a scene like an angry child.

She licked her lips, looking at 18 with envy in her eyes.

It would be great if she could also become stronger like 18! Maybe she should go to the Feidaya people and see what they can do, Zangya thought.

At this time, Xiaya’s figure appeared beside Xiling and Myers.

18’s eyes lit up, then she recovered her calm and flew over slowly.

“You are back!” 18 greeted indifferently.


“Xiaya!” Xiling called out softly and snuggled up to him habitually.

Xiaya hugged her slender waist and smelled the faint delicate fragrance from the woman’s body in his arms.

Myers also pressed closer.

Xiaya held them tightly in both of his arms, enjoying this calm atmosphere quietly.

Like a ship that has been floating on the ocean for several months has returned to the port, his heart was serene.

Then his gaze fell on 18 on the side.

“Lazuli, why were you fighting Zangya”

18 was dazed for a moment before saying coldly but cooly, “Swapping pointers…”

Xiling smiled and said, “When they meet together, it’s like the thunder in the sky has met the fire on the ground.

There will be a fight practically every day, and it won’t stop at all.

But Lazuli is getting more and more powerful; now she can fight to a draw with Zangya…Xiaya, how was your training in Dragon Realm” After briefly explaining the situation here, Xiling asked Xiaya about his training in Dragon Realm.

“Yes, quickly tell us!” Myers also urged him.

18 and Zangya both pricked their ears.

Xiaya looked at 18 in astonishment; he was surprised that she was able to draw against Zangya.

It shows that she has made a lot of progress in this one year!

Then, Xiaya slowly told them about what had happened in the Dragon Realm, and then showed them the Super Saiyan God State.

“…Now I have entered a brand-new stage.

Only after entering the Divine Realm, I’ve discovered that the real training has just begun.”

Hearing that, Myers and Xiling’s eyes gleamed, seemingly having found a path to follow.

“If we follow your training path, maybe we can also achieve the Divine Realm”

Xiaya thought for a while and nodded.

“Although the journey to the Divine Realm is bumpy and difficult to reach, your chances are high.” Xiling and Myers were Saiyans who were also walking on the path to become gods.

They were only a little slower than Xiaya and are much more likely to step into the Divine Realm than other Saiyans.

When the two women heard this, they beamed with joy, but 18 was unhappy.

She realized that even if she improved as fast as she could, it was impossible to catch up with Xiling and the others.

Of course, it’s not that she wants to compete with Xiling and Myers to share something.

Towards the two sisters who had taken care of her when she was young, 18 really admired them, but she, who was born strong, did not want to fall behind them too much.

Following the “advanced camp”, she discovered that her vision was too narrow in the past.

Ever since she arrived on Planet Hongshan, she increasingly felt that she should work harder.

“Oh, by the way, have Xiang and the others who went out to temper themselves not returned yet” After sensing around, he couldn’t find the auras of the children.

Xiling said, “Their training finished long ago.

Xiang and Gohan broke through to Super Saiyan 2 two months ago.

After the breakthrough, Gohan returned to Earth, and Xiang was sent to Universe 6 by Whis to continue his training.”

“And Meifei also followed Xiang to Universe 6.”

Speaking of the success of their children’s training, both Xiling and Myers smiled sincerely.

These children have innately started out much higher than the Saiyans in the past, and now they have reached Super Saiyan 2 quite early on, giving them a delighted and complicated feeling.

Of course, with Xiang’s Super Saiyan 2 strength, they are at ease to let them leave home, not to mention Universe 6’s Angel is Whis’s sister.

For Xiaya’s sake, she will definitely take proper care of them.

“At present, only Xili has not broken through, so she went with a team to adventure through the universe.”

Xili’s strength was not bad.

After venturing into the universe, she is also a powerful figure, so all the Forces dare not underestimate her.

“By the way, after the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan reached a certain level, the training model for young Saiyans has been changed.

Now it is divided according to grades.

Saiyans of the upper grade will lead the lower grade Saiyans to perform missions outside.

This time Xili was the captain of her team and Vicky is also a member of her team.”

Vicky is the son of Elise and Laret and Xili’s cousin.

He is five years younger than Xili.

Xiaya nodded slightly after hearing this.

Specialist Saiyans were responsible for these things, and he didn’t have to do it himself.

But the young Saiyans were related to the future of their race, so he still asked a few more questions.

After getting answers from Xiling, Xiaya was dazed for a moment, showing an odd expression.

This kind of education model based on grades where the upper grades lead the lower grades is similar to Universe 6 Planet Sadala’s Saiyan.

Could it be because they are both Saiyans where after removing the brutality on the surface, the Saiyan model of the two universes gradually moved towards similarity Of course, it is more likely to be a coincidence.

Putting aside these troublesome matters, Xiaya asked about the other people’s situation, and then they all flew away towards home.


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