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When he thought about how much sweat and time he had put in to master the power of Super Saiyan 3 under Normal State and break through from Super Saiyan 3 to Ultimate Realm, he didnt think it would be much easier this time too.

However, having a clear target, Xiayas eyes flashed brightly and his whole body was full of energy.

“Dragon God-sama, thank you very much for your guidance.” Xiaya thanked the Four-Star Dragon God gratefully.

“No need to be so polite!”

The Four-Star Dragon God laughed out loudly and said with a straight face, “Oh, by the way, when you went to the Galactic World, some changes have taken place in the multiverse.

There are now no longer only three multiverses in the vast sea of ​​space-time, instead there are four.

The fourth one was just born and it seems to have been born from a world with quite a fast history progression.”

“Perhaps some unorthodox means have been used.

The time flow rate in the newly born fourth multiverse is quite abnormal, as if it has some kind of collapse…”

The Dragon Realm is detached from the timeline, so it is more aware of the abnormalities in the new multiverse.

As for the people inside the multiverse, they dont feel anything abnormal.

The news that Dragon God told was like a boulder falling on a calm surface of a lake, stirring up a huge wave in Xiayas heart.

His expression abruptly changed as he asked, “Dragon God-sama, which multiverse is the fourth multiverse based on”

There is only one way for a multiverse to be born, and that is to change the timeline, causing lack of causality on the time coordinates.

Once the law of causality changes, a new multiverse is born.

In the past, neither the Demon Realms Towa nor anyone else had the ability to truly shake the law of causality.

At most, they could only create tiny fragments of worlds scattered around the multiverse on a small scale, which is still under the laws of the timeline.

Originally there were three multiverses, besides the most primitive Trunks world, the other where Xiaya lives and the Golden Flame Warriors world were all produced due to Xiayas interference with space-time.

Now that the fourth multiverse is born, Xiaya feels a little strange, which can be said to be a sense of urgency.

He doesnt want the timeline of the world he lives in to be arbitrarily destroyed by others.

“You wont know which world is it even if I tell you.

It is the most primitive world that has always existed.

Due to some external interference, the time machine in that worldstrictly safeguarded by the Supreme Kai of Universe 12′ was stolen by someone, and then someone traveled through time to create the fourth multiverse.”

“But due to unknown reasons, the multiverse hasnt stabilized, and the order in it is still a bit chaotic.”

The Four-Star Dragon God briefly explained.

In fact, no matter how the multiverse changes, the Dragon Realm will not be affected.

Therefore, to the Dragon Realm and Time Realm that have transcended the timeline, the changes in the multiverse are inconsequential matter to them.

So it is the most primitive world, that is Trunks world…

Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief.

Trunks world is the most primitive main world of Dragon Ball.

Now that the time machine in Universe 12 of Trunks world was stolen, then the newly created world is mostly copied from the past of Trunks world and will not affect the world in which Xiaya lives.

But its still necessary to go and take a look!

After thinking for a moment, Xiaya expressed his intention to leave to Four-Star Dragon God.

Counting the half year in the Dragon Ball GT world, he has spent a total of almost ten months in the Dragon Realm.

Although it hasnt been a long time, he has gained a lot.

The rest is to master the power of the Super Saiyan God under Normal State as soon as possible.

It will be painstaking work next which will need time.

“Dragon God-sama, please send me back to my world!”

“Okay, your skills are already quite good.

It doesnt matter where you train.

After you get out of the Dragon God Palace, you can go to Kallam and ask him to send you back.” The Four-Star Dragon God nodded slightly, granting Xiayas request.

After hesitating for a moment, Xiaya told the Dragon God about the Shadow Dragon in the GT world.

The Four-Star Dragon God laughed after hearing it, indicating that he already knew.

“This is because they indiscriminately used the Dragon Balls.

Its good if they get a little punishment.

It can be considered to be a test for them.

As for the Black Smoke Shenron and the Shadow Dragon you mentioned, their power indeed exceeds those of the Dragon Race disciples who guard the Galactic World.”

“But the Shadow Dragon is at most at second level of Divine Realm, so it shouldnt be a concern.”

Xiaya shrugged; he has already told everything that should be said.

Since the Dragon God doesnt care about it, there is nothing he can do.

Well, it is also reasonable.

Based on the Dragon Realms background, they really dont need to worry too much about the Shadow Dragon and the others.

Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan God are both at the same level, so the strength of Super Saiyan 4 and the Shadow Dragon is stuck at the first level of Divine Realm.

Even the later appearing “Ascended Super Saiyan 4 stage” red-haired Gogeta and Omega Shenron, at most, are at the second level of Divine Realm, which is similar to “Ascended Super Saiyan God”.

Without worrying about it, Xiaya bowed to the Four-Star Dragon God and prepared to leave the Dragon God Palace.

At this time, the Four-Star Dragon God stopped Xiaya.

“You seem to care about those Saiyans in the Galactic World, so how about this… In order to make you feel at ease, I will ask Teacher Zalama to slow down the flow of time in that world and when you come over next time, how about you personally deal with it”

Xiaya was stunned.

Is this okay Immediately he smiled and thanked the Four-Star Dragon God, then turned and left the palace.

After Xiaya left, the vast and majestic palace completely turned quiet.

Only the huge Dragon Ball floating in the center and the surrounding star-like afterglow was sparkling…

Outside the Dragon God Palace, powerful pressure was present everywhere in the entire Dragon Realm, but for the current Xiaya, after experiencing the mountain-like pressure of the Dragon God, the pressure outside became very light.

As he walked into a vast forest, the crowd became dense.

Xiaya looked relaxed as he strolled inside the Dragon God Palace.

Compared to the solemn and hard-working state of the people around him, he appeared especially eye-catching.

The Dragon Realm is divided into seven Dragon God Regions with a mountain as the center.

Xiaya is now in the Dragon God Palace in the east region.

The experts here are as numerous as clouds.

As the Four-Star Dragon God personally guards this territory, almost all the strong experts are gathered here.

Easily finding Kallams aura, Xiaya directly teleported over there.

Seeing Xiaya suddenly appear in front of him, Kallam was greatly shocked.

“How long has it been, but you have already reached Divine Realm” The Four-Star Dragon God had told him that Xiaya could reach the Divine Realm, but he didnt expect it to be so fast.

“It has been only half a year!”

Kallams face twitched a bit.

It has only been half a year since the last time they met.

At that time, they were equally matched.

In just half a year, the disparity has become so big!

If he knew that Xiayas true level is actually at the peak of the first level of the Divine Realm, dont know how he would feel, maybe he would even want to die.

“Kallam, please send me back to my world!” Xiaya smiled and said to Kallam.

Kallam nodded in a daze, looking at him oddly.

Everyone dreams of training much longer in the Dragon Realm, but Xiaya wants to leave so hurriedly.

But remembering that Xiaya was already in the Divine Realm, Kallam again sighed heavily.

Its really incomparable.

Are Saiyans really such an unusual race Probably not.

There are Saiyans in many worlds under the Dragon Realm, and they are not necessarily so powerful.

Xiaya is just an exception, right

No matter what Kallam was thinking, Xiayas determination to go back remained unchanged.

He has been away from Planet Hongshan for nearly a year and he doesnt know how Xiling, Myers, and his children have been.

Thinking of his family members, Xiayas expression turned gentle, and his heart couldnt bear it, feeling anxious to return.

Then as the Dragon Realms passageway opened, Kallam brought Xiaya and entered the space-time passageway.

“There is the multiverse.

You can go back by yourself with your current ability.” After walking out of the strange tunnel, four huge water balls were floating together in front of him as Kallam said to Xiaya.

“Thank you.

Come visit Planet Hongshan often in the future!”

Saying goodbye to Kallam, Xiaya found his worlds location and plunged in.

Returning to his Universe 7, it was as if he had returned to his mothers fetus, his entire body having an indescribable feeling of comfort.

Then he found the location of Planet Hongshan and teleported, returning to Planet Hongshan.

At this moment, a fierce fight was taking place on Planet Hongshan, which was a fight between two women.

One of them had blonde-hair and the other had orange curly-hair.

They were fighting fiercely in the sky and a few kilometers away, they were surrounded by several people as if watching a play.


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