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Not long after, as the time limit given by the Four-Star Dragon God came to an end, a multi-coloured light beam pierced through the sky and, in the blink of an eye, it grew by leaps and bounds.

The sky churned with huge waves, the space froze and then distorted, tearing open a dense but hideous crack, just like when Xiaya entered the Dragon Realm.

But this time the envoy didnt welcome him, instead a dazzling glow shone on his body, and pulled him into the sky.

Xiaya did not resist, because resistance was useless, for this was the Four-Star Dragon Gods power that personally descended.

Like a swirling vortex pulling against him, the entire Galactic World sent him into the sandwiched space.

After experiencing the bizarre scene again, Xiaya returned to the Dragon Realm.

The place where he appeared was the Dragon God Palace where the Dragon God was sleeping.

“Saiyan, it seems that you had quite a good harvest.

To be able to comprehend the Divine Realm in such a short time, it was a little beyond my expectation.” The majestic and mighty voice was deafening.

The Four-star Dragon Gods towering body appeared in front of Xiaya and the pair of huge eyes shone brightly, every scale on his body was towering and majestic like a mountain peak.

Although the Dragon God would know what happened in the Galactic World by simply glancing at the river of time, he still personally asked about it.

Xiaya smiled slightly, he was grateful to the Four-Star Dragon God for sending him to the Galactic World.

If the Four-Star Dragon God hadnt allowed him to witness another path of Saiyans different from his, he wouldnt have been able to achieve the Super Saiyan God Realm so quickly.

“Thank you Dragon God-sama for your help.

If it werent for your guidance, I would have to walk a lot of crooked paths to comprehend the Divine Realm.” Training is sometimes like this.

A good teachers guidance is really very important.

Teachers transmit wisdom, impart knowledge and dispel doubts, the guidance at crucial times can make people avoid many crooked paths.

“Hahaha, this is your own ability.

I have given pointers to many people, but there are only a few among those who could enter the Divine Realm.

Now stop talking nonsense and let me see what level your the Divine Realm has reached,” the Four-Star Dragon God laughed out loud then sternly said to Xiaya.

Xiaya calmly smiled and then in front of the Four-Star Dragon God, he transformed into Super Saiyan God.

Suddenly, an ancient, sacred, and vast aura emerged.

Looking in surprise, the Four-Star Dragon God focused on Xiayas red hair and red pupils, nodded slightly, and a resonant voice echoed in the Dragon God Palace, “Very good.

Your realm is considered to be among the best even among the numerous the Divine Realms.

A lot of experts who have been in the Divine Realm for many years may not have the profoundness of your realm.

Right now, there are not many in the Dragon Realm that can match you…”

Of course, there are many experts of the Divine Realm in the Dragon Realm.

Each of the seven Dragon Gods is a very wise True God.

Those famous peak experts are also in the Divine Realm, but Xiayas current strength is enough to rank among the top in the Dragon Realm.

Hearing that, Xiaya happily cancelled his transformation, his hair turning black again.

“The Saiyans transformation ability allows you to gain powerful energy, but dont rely too much on it.

You are still in the development stage.

When you can maintain Super Saiyan God in the Normal State, then you will basically step into the second level of the Divine Realm.” The Four-Star Dragon God earnestly adviced Xiaya, as if he was educating someone from the younger generation.

Only the power under the Normal State is really easy to master.

After all, unique transformations are only temporary.

Xiaya accepted it humbly.

Kusu, the angel of Universe 10, also had told him the same and he also thinks so.

Then he noticed that the Four-Star Dragon God mentioned the second level of the Divine Realm, and asked in surprise, “Dragon God-sama, what do you mean by the second level of the Divine Realm Could it be that there are also many levels in the Divine Realm”

He himself has just stepped into the Divine Realm, and his understanding of the Divine Realms levels is still quite shallow.

Clearly, the Divine Realm is also divided into stages.

Since he is in the presence of the powerful Four-Star Dragon God, Xiaya hurriedly questioned him.

“Hehe, Ill tell you… the Divine Realm is roughly divided into five levels according to strength.”

“The first level is the basic stage.

Most of the living beings who have stepped into the Divine Realm are at this stage.

For example, like the Galactic World you had stayed in, when Saiyans there reach Super Saiyan 4, their power is probably at this stage, but its a pity that it is not the Divine Realm.

Your situation is quite special.

Perhaps because you trained to the Super Saiyan God state by yourself, you had the power to approach the peak of this stage as soon as you became a god.”

The Dragon God looked at Xiaya curiously, Xiayas physical condition in the Divine Realm has surpassed many people.

Xiaya pondered in his heart.

Perhaps because he used the simulation of Super Saiyan 4 when he broke through Super Saiyan God, after reaching the Divine Realm, his bodys strength has also improved.

At the same time, he vaguely realized that Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan 4 are both the first level of the Divine Realm simply in terms of strength.

“The second level is much more powerful than the first level.

There are fewer Divine Realm experts who have reached this level, and there are not many people who have reached this stage in the entire Dragon Realm.

This stage is far more powerful than the first level of the Divine Realm.

If you can freely control your powers and not access them via the so-called transformation, then you should almost reach this stage.”

This stage is equivalent to another type of Ultimate Realm, transforming the power of the Super Saiyan God into Normal States power.

“As for the third level of the Divine Realm, that is a True God.”

“Fundamentally, it is different from the previous two levels.

It cannot be achieved by training alone.

The third level of the Divine Realm needs to be bestowed with laws.

Only those who have mastered the laws can become a third level Divine Realm expert.

The God of Destruction in charge of destruction in the multiverse, the Supreme Kai in charge of creation, as well the few envoys of the Dragon Realm, and the Time King of the Time Realm (Time Enforcer) are all at this level.”

“Compared with them, the first two levels of the Divine Realm are only demigods.

Although True Gods in terms of Battle Power may not be stronger than the first two level demigods, there are still vast differences in life essence.”

After the Dragon Gods explanation, Xiaya understood a little.

The so-called third level of the Divine Realm needs to have the real divinity of the gods.

The God of Destruction, Supreme Kai, and Time King are all in this rank; its simply not just the division of Battle Power, instead divinity is more important.

In terms of Battle Power, Super Saiyan 4 is undoubtedly the first level of the Divine Realm, but the Supreme Kai seems to be at the third level, which in fact may look attractive but is useless.

At this time, Xiaya suddenly remembered, he seemed to be the Trainee God of Time (Time Enforcer) of the Time Realm.

Does it mean that as long as he reaches the second level of the Divine Realm, he can then directly rise to the third level of the Divine Realm

Although Battle Power is not the only one that is counted later in the Divine Realm, the vast majority of the third level the Divine Realm are stronger than the second level.

As if he understood what Xiaya was thinking, the Four-Star Dragon God swung his body, and the whole Dragon God Palace immediately rumbled.

A powerful godly aura rushed towards him, and Xiaya put his hand on his forehead to stabilize his body.

He couldnt help but turn pale in shock.

In front of the Dragon God, his powers were still very weak.

“The fourth level of the Divine Realm is our Dragon God stage.

Except for the top three, One-Star Dragon God, Two-Star Dragon God, and Three-Star Dragon God, the remaining Dragon Gods are all on the fourth level.

Those Angels (priests) of your multiverse are more or less at this stage.”

“As for the fifth level, there are only a few people who can claim to be at it.

The Grand Priest of Multiverse, the top three Dragon Gods of the Dragon Realm, the Grand Priest of the Time Realm… and some people hiding deeply in seclusion… In short, they are the most powerful experts.”

The Four-Star Dragon God explained to Xiaya about the general division of the Divine Realm.

The reason why he treats Xiaya favourably is not only because the great Dragon God Zalama commanded him, but because with his keen eyes, how can he not see that Xiaya has multiple powers in his body; the multiverses Creating God Stars power, the Dragon Realms dragon power, the Time Realms space-time power, basically some traces of all of the peak level powers can be found on his body.

After the Dragon Gods explanation, Xiaya had a more comprehensive understanding of the Divine Realm, gradually becoming clear about the subsequent training path.

There is no doubt that the “Super Saiyan God” with red hair and red eyes is the first level of the Divine Realm, and then “Ascended Super Saiyan God”, taking Super Saiyan Gods Normal State power, which is the second level of the Divine Realm, Next is God of Destruction level, Angel level, and Great Priest level, they are respectively the third, fourth, and fifth level of the Divine Realm.

With a clear example, Xiaya knew what to do next.

The first is to master the power of Super Saiyan God under Normal State; only then it will be the real second level of the Divine Realm.

This is another painstaking and vast project, and it will take a lot of effort to reach this step alone.


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