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“If I can continue to perfectDisintegrate, it may be comparable to the God of DestructionsEnergy of Destruction in the future!” Xiaya thought expectantly.

At this moment, he heard a girls scream.

Marron was pointing in astonishment at the place in the sky where the gate of Hell had disappeared and in its place a boy looking exactly like 17 was floating, dressed exactly the same as 17 from the past.

“Hell Fighter 17!” Xiayas eyes flashed with sharp light and he profoundly looked at the two 17s.

“How come there are two 17s”

“Which one is real”

“Im afraid this is the reason why Dr.

Gero opened up the passage to Hell.”

Goku, Vegeta and others dealt with Ginyu Force and the others, but when they came back to their senses, they saw the other 17, standing together with 17, and suddenly a trace of uneasiness emerged in their hearts.

“Hurry up and fuse into Super 17 and fulfill my long-cherished wish to wipe out all these hateful Saiyans here.” A cold and gloomy voice sounded in his ears as Dr.

Myuu hiding behind a mound thousands of miles away spoke.

“Fuse!” The two 17s whispered at the same time and their bodies burst out with brilliant and bright light rays like a small sun slowly rising.

The dazzling light caused everyone to experience a brief moment of darkness.

Amidst a red flash, the two 17s Fusion began.

The light rays gradually dissipated and a man who was much more mature than 17 appeared in midair.

He was Super 17.

Super 17s appearance had lost the delicate and beautiful features of 17.

The rims of his eyes became more protruding, and his black hair grew to the shoulders.

He didnt give a young mans aesthetic feeling.

“This man is the fusion of two 17s…” Gohan witnessed all this with his own eyes.

Feeling the invisible pressure from the other party, his expression turned grave.

“He looks very powerful.

I wonder how it would feel to fight him.” Goku exercised his limbs, excitement emitting from his whole body.

“Hahaha, Super 17 was carefully developed by me and Dr.


He has a stronger body than Baby.

Saiyans, your end is finally here.” After Super 17 appeared, Dr.

Myuu finally stopped hiding and appeared out in front of everyone.

“He is more powerful than Baby!!”

Goku was shocked.

He immediately put away his smile and his expression turned serious.

It is not a joking matter that he is more powerful than Baby.

Although he doesnt know how credible the strange old mans words are, they cant relax even a bit at this time.

“You are Dr.

Myuu who created Baby” Xiayas figure suddenly appeared, staring at Super 17 for a while, then he glanced at Dr.


“You are the same as Dr.

Gero, killed by your own Androids.

Pitiful person.”

“You!” Dr.

Myuu was dazed.

Xiayas words were like a sharp blade piercing his heart.

“Super 17, kill this man!” Dr.

Myuu yelled furiously in reply.

Although his Machine-face didnt have much expression, his lens-like eyes were always staring at Xiaya who had appeared suddenly.

He turned to Super 17 and gave his first order.

“Kill!” An indifferent voice leaked out from Super 17s throat, and he followed Dr.

Myuus order to attack Xiaya.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Countless blurry afterimages appeared in the sky.

Super 17s strength should not be underestimated.

Xiaya did not dare to be careless.

He stepped back slightly, closed his eyes and transformed into Super Saiyan God.

Rumble, Rumble…Rumble…boom!

There was a loud sound of impact as the smooth sky split into several parts and tyrannical energy mixed with earth-shaking destructive power swept out.

Bang, bang, bang, sand and rocks were sent hurtling through the sky.

Each dust particle gained great speed and they were more penetrating than bullets.

As they struck the ground, small thickly dotted holes immediately appeared.

The wind whistled, the weather changed.

“So powerful!”

“But who would have thought that 17 is as powerful as Xiaya.”

Goku watched without blinking, afraid of missing anything.

He finally couldnt control his desire to fight.

Ahhhhh! With a loud roar, he transformed into Super Saiyan 4 and joined the battle.

“Xiaya, leave 17 to me!” Goku appeared between the two, begging embarrassedly.

Xiaya remained silent, indifferently glanced at Goku, and then broke away from the battlefield.

The series of offense and defense just now allowed him to vaguely understand the limits of Super 17.

In short, he is a little weaker than him, and equally matched to Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

If an opponent like this is not particularly eager to die, he wont make a move.

He should hand him over to Goku, whose strength disparity is not that big.

“Thanks!” Goku exclaimed in surprise, and turned to look at Super 17.

“Kakarrot, this guy is always looking for trouble!” Cursing, Vegeta looked at Goku deeply, but there was a look of envy on his face.

If he could also transform into Super Saiyan 4, why would he give the battle to Kakarrot

Xiaya came beside him and smiled.

“17 is only being controlled.

Isnt the main culprit nearby” His finger was pointed at Dr.

Myuu and Vegeta immediately understood.

At this time, 18 also reacted, and looked towards Dr.

Myuu as if a ferocious tiger had seen a deer drinking water near the river.

18 pushed her daughter to Krillin, and walked toward Dr.

Myuu with a calm face.

“I will kill him myself.”

“You… Super 17, quickly come here…”

“17 cant take care of you right now.

Its because of you that 17 lost his mind!” A woman is terrifying when she gets angry, especially a strong woman, and 18 is definitely considered strong.


Myuu panicked.

He miscalculated the disparity between Super 17 and the Z Warriors.

He did not expect that Super 17 would get tied up by these people.

It was too late to save him.

Panic flashed in his lens-like eyes.

He kept moving back and was soon forced to a corner.

18 bit her rosy lips, aimed her palm at Dr.

Myuu, and shot out a colorful energy beam from the palm of her hand.

Rumble, the energy beam penetrated Dr.

Myuus chest and then shot out from his back and rushed several kilometers behind him, forming a wide, dark and burning deep ravine.

The blazing high temperature melted the ground into a molten liquid.

“No… I cant die.

Super 17, quickly come and save…”

Before he finished speaking, his consciousness began to turn blurry, and then plunged into darkness.

If the soul body of the Underworld dies in the world of the living, then it will truly turn into nothingness.

“17, quickly stop.

Ive killed the person who is controlling you!” 18 raised her head and loudly shouted towards 17.

Hearing his sisters loud cry, Super 17 slowly woke up.

Looking at his hands, Super 17 was a little perplexed.

“What happened to me Why am I here”

“Hey, youve recovered… then we cant fight anymore.” Goku was feeling a little regretful and said to Super 17, “You fell into Dr.

Geros evil tricks.

Your will was controlled by Dr.

Gero you almost killed 18 and the others.”

“I…” Super 17 opened his mouth and looked at 18 apologetically.

“Anyway, everything is over.”

18 flew up into the sky and hugged 17.

On the side, Xiaya looked at the siblings with a faint smile.

“This is the best ending.

Well, the six-month deadline is coming.

It seems that I will not have the opportunity to meet the Shadow Dragon when it appears.

Shadow Dragon appeared from the earths Dragon Balls.

Originally, after the “Super 17 Saga” was over, it was followed by the “Shadow Dragon Saga”.

However, since the earths Dragon Balls were used by Baby to create Planet Plant just recently, they are currently in an adjustment period.

The emergence time of Black Smoke Shenron and Shadow Dragon will inevitably be pushed backwards.

The four-star Dragon God gave Xiaya only a six month time limit to go to the Galactic World, and it is definitely impossible to meet the Shadow Dragon when it appears.

But now Gokus group has the powerful Super 17, and dealing with the Shadow Dragon in the future shouldnt be as difficult as in the original story line.

In the following days, Xiaya quietly enjoyed his remaining days in this world.

Time flies.

A few days later, Xiaya bid farewell to everyone and under everyones unwilling eyes soared high into the sky and appeared above a big dense forest, where he quietly waited for the returning passageway to the Dragon Realm to appear.


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