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“Frieza and Cell…weren’t they dead How did they appear here” Towards the appearance of Frieza, Cell, and the others who were killed by them, both Goku and Vegeta showed surprise, but after the surprise, there weren’t many emotions.

They were indifferent, as if it was a trivial matter.

Goku furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the door of Hell hovering in the sky, a steady stream of the Underworld’s aura coming through it.

“That vortex connects to the Hell of Underworld, so Frieza and the others could come to the world of the living.”

“Now these guys are nothing great.

It was regretful that I wasn’t able to kill Frieza with my own hands, but now I have the chance to do it.” Vegeta’s icy gaze shifted to Frieza, causing Frieza to feel a chill for no reason.

To Vegeta, the white figure had haunted him like a nightmare back then, and now he hopes to kill Frieza with his own hands.

Thinking of this, Vegeta’s figure rapidly flickered, and in the blink of an eye he arrived in front of Frieza, looking at him with an indifferent look in his eyes.

Frieza frowned slightly, his face ghastly pale.

“Ho ho ho, Vegeta, I never thought we’d again meet one day.

I have been thinking of you all these years in Hell.

In order to fulfill the ambitions in my heart, today I will put you Saiyans into eternal sleep in the ground and completely clear my path to domination of the universe!” Frieza, with a halo on top of his head, said to Vegeta in a commanding tone, still regarding himself as the Emperor of the universe.

But Frieza didn’t know that Vegeta’s power had undergone earth-shaking changes in the years since he died.

Vegeta snorted coldly, and said disdainfully, “Frieza, your era is long gone.

Back then Trunks could cut you into pieces, and I can do the same…”

“You… are really arrogant.” Frieza’s face darkened.

Although he doesn’t know who Trunks is, he connected what happened that year and guessed that the person named Trunks was the brat who killed him back then.

The veins on Frieza’s forehead squirmed as he pursed his purple lips and stopped talking.

He was thinking about how to teach the traitor Vegeta a lesson.

As he was pondering about it, Vegeta suddenly disappeared from his view.

Startled, Frieza quickly scanned his surroundings, only to see a sturdy palm suddenly grab his face.

The powerful fingers clamped down on his face and lifted him up.

“Vegeta, when did you…” Frieza’s pupils suddenly shrank and he said with a shocked look.

“I’ve said that your time is over.”

The indifferent voice was as grim as a nightmare.

At this time, Vegeta’s palm shone with a sparkling bright light, the hot temperature making Frieza squirm, but he found to his horror that it was in vain.

Vegeta’s strength is no longer something that he can resist.

Then under Frieza’s panic-stricken and incredulous eyes, Vegeta burst out with domineering and brutal energy, the powerful destructive power burning Frieza’s head to ashes.

Once the soul from Underworld comes to the world of living, if it dies, it is true death.

Casually throwing away Frieza’s body, which had lost its head, Vegeta coldly looked at another person——Nappa, who had invaded Earth with him back then.

“Vegeta…I…” Nappa, who witnessed the death of King Frieza, couldn’t help back away in panic, but was blown into dust by an energy wave from Vegeta.

“Vegeta, you acted really fast.”

When all this was happening, Xiaya and Goku were watching from the side.

It was not until Vegeta killed Frieza and Nappa that Goku reacted and also found a target and rushed over.

Not far away, Goku blocked the way of Cell.

Out of the corner of his eye, Xiaya glanced at Goku and Cell, then pointed to the wormhole in the sky and said, “If you want to reduce the invaders from Underworld, close the wormhole that connects to Hell first, otherwise there will be an unending stream of dead souls entering Earth.”

“Well, leave this to me.” Gohan took off his glasses and put them in his pocket, then turned into Super Saiyan mode and launched an Energy wave at the gate of Hell.

His attack showed results.

With continuous impacts from energy waves, the gate of Hell was gradually shrinking.

If Gohan continues to attack, the gate of Hell will soon collapse.

However, this is not what Dr.

Gero and Dr.

Myuu wanted to see, so they hid somewhere secret and gave 17 an order to stop it.


An afterimage flashed.

After receiving Dr.

Gero’s order, a red light flashed across 17’s eyes and he immediately blocked Gohan’s way.

“17, get out of the way.”

“Must stop you, it’s Dr.

Gero’s order…” 17’s stiff face was like a robot, constantly repeating Dr.

Gero’s order.

Gohan’s countenance changed and he glanced at the evil creatures that were continuously emerging from the gate of Hell.

A sharp gaze that could penetrate the body fell on 17, and then a golden light erupted out.

Gohan started fighting 17.

“17 is being controlled by someone and the person who is controlling him must be not far from here.

We will think of a way to find him.” 18 flew to Xiaya’s side with Krillin and her daughter.

In the end, she could not completely let go of 17.


Gero, huh Let me look for him.”

Xiaya gazed at 18’s face for a while and then spread out his senses to search for Dr.

Gero’s traces.

Because Dr.

Gero and Dr.

Myuu are not normal lifeforms, he can’t sense their aura, so Xiaya weaved his space-time ability into a huge interlaced network and exquisitely manipulated it to find the whereabouts of the target like a radar.

Weaving the space-time ability into a net requires extremely precise control and also consumes a huge amount of mental energy.

Soon, Xiaya’s eyebrows furrowed into a frown.

After a while, a light smile appeared on Xiaya’s face.

“Found Dr.

Gero.” Immediately, Xiaya teleported to Dr.

Gero’s side.

A figure suddenly appeared next to Dr.

Gero which made his heart thump.

He was hiding behind a hill.

“Who are you”

“I am someone who can stop your plan.

Tell me, where is Hell Fighter 17” Looking down at Dr.

Gero condescendingly, Xiaya’s body gave a faint divine coercion.

The divine and boundless coercion was the nemesis of the creatures of Hell, so Dr.

Gero suddenly felt a chill all over his body and his face turned pale.

“How do you know about my plan “New No.

17″ is clearly only known to me and Dr.

Myuu…” Dr.

Gero showed a disbelieving expression and he became even more cautious, for fear of revealing more things.


Myuu, the guy who created Baby also seems to be on Earth.”

Regarding Dr.

Gero and Dr.

Myuu, Xiaya once hoped to subdue them.

Back then when he came to Earth to look for Dr.

Brief for cooperation, he also thought about taking Dr.

Gero under his command.

However, a series of matters happened later on which caused his plan to be unable to be implemented.

Now that Planet Hongshan has many Feidaya scientists such as Duokela and Eroh, Dr.

Gero’s value has slowly become less important.

“Heh heh, no matter who you are or how you knew our plan, as long as ‘New No.

17′ and ’17’ complete the fusion, no one in the universe can stop me.” Dr.

Gero calmed down and began to speak to Xiaya with certainty and composure.

But he didn’t know that all this was just his dream.

Even if Super 17 does appear, whether he can defeat Xiaya is not certain.

Xiaya had sentenced Dr.

Gero to death.

Suddenly, the void distorted and Xiaya’s figure flashed over to less than two meters away from Dr.


With one hand in his trouser pocket, he slowly raised his other hand and aimed at Dr.

Gero’s emaciated body.

A silver-gray energy dot flickered twice at his fingertips, like a petal gently floating down in the wind.

In the next moment, it suddenly turned into a transparent water ball and enveloped Dr.

Gero in.

Several silver-gray starlights revolved around the water ball, like small satellites.

“What’s this” Dr.

Gero panicked, fiercely hitting the membrane of the water ball with his fist, but it didn’t have any effect.


Xiaya’s lips spat this word and the transparent water ball suddenly collapsed.

In the blink of an eye, from two meters in diameter, it shrank to less than one meter, and then continued to shrink, gradually turning into a little dot before dissipating into nothingness.

After breaking through the Divine Realm, Xiaya had used the space-time ability to imitate the God of Destruction’s unique skill—-“Energy of Destruction”—-to develop this technique.

Although the destructive force is different compared to the God of Destruction’s true “Energy of Destruction”, the effect is very close.

The God of Destruction’s unique skill “Energy of Destruction” requires the power of destruction, which Xiaya of course does not have.

So, in short, he developed it based on the space-time ability.

As he had once seen God of Destruction Beerus perform “Energy of Destruction” on Planet Vegeta and was almost killed under “Energy of Destruction” because of Myers’s involvement, Xiaya has a deep impression of this technique.

“Energy of Destruction” erupts out from inside to outside, destroying all matter, but “Disintegrate” acts from outside to inside, completely destroying space-time.


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