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At the same time when Frieza had passed down his orders, on a planet far away in the North Area.

In a cold and gloomy damp rainforest.

“Captain Ginyu, just now we received an order from King Frieza to immediately set off for the Feidaya planet in the southeast! “A white-haired Alien tapped down on the communicator and reported to the captain beside him.

Captain Ginyu who was eating meat, chewed, spit out a piece of bone, and asked while chewing “Feidaya planet Its only a low-level planet.

There is no need to make us personally go ah! Jeice, immediately contact Frieza Headquarters and clearly ask King Frieza why has he issued such an order

“Yes, captain!”

The white-haired alien named Jeice answered, and then contacted Frieza Headquarters, and quickly found out the reason.

“Captain, I have asked the reason.

Its because that Zarbon who was King Friezas henchmen was killed on Planet Feidaya by someone.”

“Zarbon, King Friezas adviser, that guy is dead” The fastest member of the Ginyu Force, Alien Burter was surprised, his face revealing schadenfreude.

Ginyu Force was an ace troop working under Frieza and was not much weaker than Coolers Armored Squadron.

So, they naturally despise that Zarbon, who was always bossing around when accompanying King Frieza but was, in fact, very weak.

Yes, in the eyes of the members of the Ginyu Force, Zarbon is a small character who was weak.

It was especially notable that in the original works Namek Saga, Vegeta had succeeded in killing Zarbon who had body transformed.

But when he had encountered the lower-ranked member of Ginyu Force Recoome, he had lost to him, almost losing his life.

Thus, Ginyu Force can be called an ace troop, and not a single of its member could be underestimated.

“Hmmm, interesting, Zarbon was killed on a low-level planet.

Perhaps, we will encounter something interesting on that planet!” Ginyu touched his chin and got up, his tall purple body was like a small mountain, emanating a heavy oppressive feeling.

The two black horns on the head reflected a bright light under the sunlight.

Guldo, who had two small and two big eyes was still gnawing on food.

Seeing that the captain seemed interested in Planet Feidaya, he put down the food and asked, “Are we going now”

“But, even at the earliest, it would take more than two months to reach Planet Feidaya from here on.

I am afraid we will not be able to catch up!” Jeice frowned.

“Who cares if we can catch up with him or not, ah! Anyway, its a mission assigned by King Frieza, as long as we go…” Burters face was indifferent.

Since their lifespan was very long, they do not care about the time of 1 or 2 month.

It can be said that most of their strength was accumulated over time.

As for whether they can take revenge for that Zarbon or not, they dont care!

“Then lets go, we cant anger King Frieza!”

All the members of the Ginyu Force laughed heartily, under King Friezas leadership as long as they can freely commit evil, others they could care less!


North Area, southeast, Planet Feidaya.

Since the Xiaya Squad, Friezas subordinates in name, was performing a mission on Planet Longju which was only short seven days away from Planet Feidaya.

So in order to guard against Frieza from dispatching troops to Planet Feidaya from the other nearby planets, Xiaya ordered the Feidaya people to complete all the evacuation work within seven days and then immediately leave the planet in the spaceship.

Time is like flowing water, seven days passed in a flash.

The maintenance of the spaceship was completed on time.

At this moment, there were 157,000 Feidaya people gathered in the underground base from various parts of Planet Feidaya, an extremely sparse number which accounts for only a very small part of the original Feidaya population, but it was already their current surviving population.

Looking at the significantly reduced population of his race, Duokelas heart dripped with blood, and his hatred for Frieza Corps again deepened in his heart.

He looked at Sir Xiaya, who was not too far away looking cold and completely healed, and respectfully said: “Sir Xiaya, all the Feidaya people survivors have been gathered here, we can now leave Planet Feidaya.”

Duokela is grateful to Sir Xiaya for giving them seven days time to rescue the members of his race.

He knows that time for strong people was extremely valuable, for them, Sir Xiaya has wasted seven days here for nothing, what a great favor ah! If not for these seven days, the survivors of his race who could reach the underground base would be much less.

“Well, then set off!”

Xiaya lightly waved his hand and indifferently looked at the giant silver spaceship in front of him.

No matter how many times he looks at the ship whose body was of dozens of kilometers, it would make him shocked.

“Yes!” Duokela said with a serious look.

As Xiaya ordered, a rapid buzzing sound reverberated in the underground base, a red alert light rotating and flashing.

When they heard the alert signal, all the Feidaya people rushed their movements, and orderly boarded the spaceship under the arrangements of a commander.


The green forest above the underground base shook from the vibrations, it is probably the last green forest left on Planet Feidaya.

As the planets tectonic plates had once suffered the bombardment of an ultra-high energy, the stable structure of the planets crust has completely transformed.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions were continuously appearing.

The destructive force of one has surpassed that of the another and has transformed the entire planet into a living hell.

Kacha –

The forest began to undulate.

From above in the sky, the entire orderly forest began to protrude from the middle, and a hole split opened.

After which the land sloped upward in two lines and slowly opened like a gate.

About ten minutes later, the door more than 20,000 meters long and more than 10,000 meters was wide open.

The land began to shake, and the green forest finally couldnt bear the attraction of the gravity and rolled down to both sides, exposing the silvery alloy structure of the two doors.

Soon followed by rumbling sounds of explosion!

The sound of the engine was turned on.

Huge flares were emitted upward from the underground base.

A silver-gray giant spaceship slowly took off to the sky and continued to accelerate, in the blink of an eye exiting the atmosphere to the outer space.

Huala Huala!

Above the small silver planet, the two perpendicular space corridors finally began to distort, and with the violent explosion of their interface, the space corridors which represented the highest technological achievements of Feidaya people, at this moment, broke into several pieces.

Some pieces of the corridor fell into the atmosphere, some entered the starry sky, and some were drifting in the orbit all alone… …

It was as if witnessing the dazzling civilization of Feidaya people slowly dying.

“Well, Duokela, first find an unoccupied planet to settle down, and then give your everything to research gravity room, I hope to see your results as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Sir Xiaya, we will do our best!” Duokela was tense, responding in a loud voice.

Planet Feidaya was already history.

Now, they will follow the plans arranged by Sir Xiaya, he believes that under the leadership of Sir Xiaya, their Feidaya civilization will be able to rise again.


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