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Autumn passed and the sea breeze became chilly.

Huge waves formed on the endless expanse of sea and white spray scattered into pearl-like drops of water.

The sound of the pounding of the seawater could be heard.

One day, seeing Vegeta and others training all day long, Bulma took everyone to relax their minds in a seaside resort not far from Kame House.

The beautiful bright sunshine shining down on the body was lukewarm.

Even though the season has entered autumn, there was still a large crowd gathered on the beach by the sea.

Sea water, beaches, and delicate silhouettes…

The golden sandy beach and the gorgeous seascape created a beautiful picture, which was very captivating.

Temporarily laying down his tired body and relaxing for a while, slowly enjoying the unprecedented relaxation, Xiaya was lying under a parasol and looking at the figures in the distance.


Xiaya, please guide us in our training.”

Taking off the sunglasses, he saw Trunks and Goten walking over.

Since Babys incident, they knew their shortcomings.

Xiaya squinted his eyes and said, “You have worked hard enough recently.

Since you are outside, just take a good rest.

Dont always think about training.

Just make up for it after you go back!”

Saiyans in this world may not be similar to the ones in the Multiverse, but watching them training non-stop all day long, Xiaya feels that there is a problem with this state.

Although the universe is different, striking a balance between work and rest is usually common everywhere.

He pointed his finger towards Valese and Marron, who were playing on the beach.

The white sunshade hat fluttered in the wind as the two girls laughed in a clear and melodious voice.

Xiaya said, “Its rare for you to come out for a trip.

See how much fun they are having Why dont you two go play with them”

Trunks and Goten looked at Valese and Marron, and their faces turned red.

They mumbled to Xiaya embarrassedly, and then ran away.

“He he he, these kids are still too young.” Shaking his head with a smile, Xiaya sighed with emotion.

Unknowingly, he has been in the Dragon Ball world for more than forty years.

The tiny boy from that time has now grown into an influential man.

Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu are no longer in his eyes.

For him, this is not only a kind of growth, but also a kind of challenge.

He dare not slack whatsoever as he still has a long way to go.

He looked at Krillin, whose beard had turned gray.

Unknowingly, the Z Warriors had already gotten old.

If you are not a god, you cannot withstand the power of time.

“By the way, 18, do you know where 17 is” Walking over to Krillins side, Xiaya asked 18.

18 was dazed for a moment before saying, “I dont know.

We have not been in contact for many years.” Since the Cell incident, 17 and 18 hadnt seen each other.

“Why are you looking for 17” 18 brushed back her short hair as her blue eyes gazed at Xiaya.

Xiayas lips slightly twitched.

It seems the relationship between brother and sister in this world is not very close, “Its nothing.

I was just asking casually as he is your younger brother.

After all, you both are twins, and his strength also shouldnt be bad as he is also an Android….”

“Wait… what younger brother You may be mistaken.

17 is not my younger brother, he is my elder brother!” 18 interrupted Xiaya and indifferently looked at Xiaya and a trace of doubt appeared on her beautiful face.

Since he knows 17, how can he not know that 17 is her elder brother

“17 is your elder brother”

Xiaya was stunned.

Shouldnt 17 and 18 be twins When did they become elder brother and younger sister

18 had a calm look on her face as she said, “I have always been 17s younger sister, someone might have misled you.”

“This…” Xiaya didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

So after all, there is still a difference between the characters setting in the GT world and the Multiverse.

18 turned out to be 17s younger sister! Xiaya frowned and asked again, “Then 18, do you know a girl named `Lazuli`”

“Lazuli I havent heard that name before.” 18 shook her head with certainty.

Xiaya couldnt help but laugh, Lazuli was 18s own name, and she doesnt even know it.

It seems that there really are big differences between the two worlds.

Not only are 18 and 17 not twins, they even have different names.

Looking at the familiar face of 18, it suddenly overlapped with the 18 or Lazuli on Planet Hongshan, and then separated into two different individuals.

“They are really different.

She is also an Android, but Androids in this world cant seem to get stronger through training,” Xiaya muttered softly, his voice very low.

“What are you muttering”

“Nothing…” Xiaya smiled and looked at 18 with only appreciation towards her beauty in his eyes.

As Androids, they have similar physiques in different worlds, but one can become stronger through training, while the other has an upper limit to her energy.

The disparity is quite big.


Many days later, Underworld, Hell.

The climate of Hell is gloomy and changeable.

Soon, a storm of lightning and thunder swept across the dim sky, and the visibility became very poor.

Amidst the thick clouds, a glittering and translucent flash zigzagged and rushed out of the clouds, flashing with dark red light.

On the edge of a steep cliff which has endless purgatory, the broken stones fell down and their shadows disappeared.


Gero and Dr.

Myuu laughed wildly with wine glasses in their hands, celebrating about making a breakthrough in their research.

Beside them, a handsome, black-haired teenager stood on the edge of a cliff, with an orange scarf around his neck.

His handsome face was full of indifference.

“Hahaha… Our cooperation is successful.

This is the perfectNew No.


Just you wait, Saiyans, your end is coming soon!” Dr.

Gero whose face was covered in wrinkles shouted loudly, his eyes flickering with a sinister cold light.

“He he he, the Saiyan must be eliminated.

This has been my long-cherished wish.” Dr.

Myuus lens-like eyes were extremely deep, his stooped body seemed to have become a little taller at this time.

“Umm, dont be impatient.

Next, we have to open the gates of Hell before we can send theNew No.

17′ to the world of the living so that he can merge with the 17 of the world of the living and achieve the Ultimate Super Body.” Dr.

Gero put his smile away and began to consider how to send the New No.

17 to the world of the living later on.

From Dr.

Geros own frank acknowledgement, in order to prevent 17 and 18 from betraying him, in addition to installing biological bombs on the two of them, he also left a “back door” on their bodies to easily control them because of which 17 still hasnt reached the most perfect state.

Its a pity that this method wasnt able to be used before he was killed by 17.

“As long as theNew No.

17 and17 merge into a perfect Super Body, those hateful Saiyans will surely be eliminated.

But this time, be careful so that they dont betray you again,” Dr.

Myuu said with a sullen face.

Babys betrayal gave birth to a thorn in his heart.

He will definitely not allow New No.

17 to ever betray them.

“Thats natural.

I have strengthened my control over them.

This time it is absolutely foolproof.

Just wait for a good show! By the way, there seem to be many individuals who have a grudge with the Saiyans in Hell… It would be better to allow them to pass through the gates of Hell too!”

“It may not be a bad idea to give them a little more trouble just so that we can control 17 more easily.” After thinking about it, Dr.

Myuu nodded and agreed with Dr.

Geros suggestion.

Then the two teamed up to study the gates of Hell that could open the passage between the world of living and Underworld.

When their research matures, it is when the disaster will fall on Earth.


One day early in the morning, there was a gathering on Mount Paozu.

Bulma drove over to Mount Paozu with Bulla.

Videl and Chichi had already gathered the primitive ingredients from the fertile forest of Mount Paozu and turned them into delicacies for Bulma and her daughter Bulla.

An enticing fragrance wafted out of the kitchen.

Chichi and Videl came out carrying the cooked food.

The food at Gokus home was quite sumptuous and it smelled good, but it looked too unappetizing.

Seeing this, both Bulma and Bulla frowned, their stomach feeling a little nauseous

“This is the food you usually eat”

“Yes, it tastes very good.” Pan grabbed a piece of tender meat which she didnt know if it was a lizard or a toad and ate it.

“Delicious!” she shouted while eating and also passed one to Bulla.

Bulla shook her head repeatedly, her face turned blue as she covered her small mouth.

“No…no, thanks, Im not hungry.”


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