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“You all stay far away.

Majin Buu, you use magic to construct an energy shield to protect everyone!” Goku shouted at everyone from far away.

Majin Buu tilted his head, the pink fleshy feelers on his head trembling twice as he formed a protective layer on everyone.

“Goku, let me see your Super Saiyan 4 transformation.”

Watching Goku with his red pupils, Xiaya confidently raised his head as his entire body shone with a faint halo.

The power of the Divine Realm was at his fingertips and his control was almost perfect.

If the Goku in the original work, who has to gather the power of six people for the Super Saiyan God, is only a newcomer, then Xiaya at the moment has achieved fluency and perfectness, doing whatever he wants.

“Okay!” Responding loudly, Goku narrowed his eyes and roared softly.

The weather of the Sacred World of the Kai suddenly changed, a gust of strong wind slowly swirled up a cloud of dust, and the wild energy caused the people in the distance to sway.

Fortunately, Majin Buus shield was very effective.

The energy shield creaked and then everything calmed down.

But even after some time had passed, Super Saiyan 4 did not appear.

“What the hell is Kakarrot doing” Vegeta crossed his arms across his chest, his fingers tapping non-stop, a little impatient.

“Super Saiyan 4 transformation is very tricky.” Pan explained.

“Ah!!!” Goku continued to roar as a pale golden light flickered on his body.

Suddenly, Goku stopped and said embarrassedly, “Wait a moment, let me prepare again…”

“…” Seeing this, Xiaya shook his head, his heart like a mirror.

Goku hasnt fully grasped the power of Super Saiyan 4 yet.

Super Saiyan 4 purely walks on the path of reaching the peak of the physical body.

The Golden Great Ape will appear in the early transformation, while the Super Saiyan God is the breakthrough of the realm.

The transformation after the breakthrough is relatively easy and both sides are comparable in fighting force.

The path Xiaya has walked on is to take into balance the growth of both sides, because he wants to breakthrough by transcending the limits on his own, and not by cheap tricks.

He, who has access to the Divine Realm, not only possesses the power of the Super Saiyan God realm, but also a part of the strength of Super Saiyan 4s peak physical body.

Goku hasnt yet fully grasped the power of Super Saiyan 4, so it would be difficult to gain an advantage right now.

After a moment of preparation, Goku at last triggered the power of Super Saiyan 4.

With the roar of the Great Ape, golden light spread out and the red-haired Super Saiyan 4 finally appeared.

Goku suddenly became tall and sturdy, and every muscle under the red hair was firm and vigorous, full of explosive power.

“Look, Grandpa has transformed into Super Saiyan 4!” Pan shouted excitedly, waving her small hands.

Vegetas expression slightly changed and he stopped tapping his fingers, the corners of his mouth curling.

“Finally he succeeded and didnt lose the face of the Super Saiyans.”

“I wonder who is the more powerful among Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan God!” Everyone was looking forward to it.

“Of course its Super Saiyan 4! Look, how powerful its aura is!”

“Huh That Super Saiyan God is quite odd.

Like the Androids, he doesnt have aura, and…it doesnt seem it has much burden on his body,” a pleasant voice sounded.

18 had her beautiful blond hair tucked behind her ear, lacking the naivety of a young girl.

“Indeed, if there is a protracted battle, Super Saiyan 4 has too many disadvantages.”

“Whats more troublesome is that the opponents aura cant be sensed during the fight.”

Everyone discussed their opinion, relying on their understanding, telling the pros and cons of both sides.

“Ive kept you waiting,” Goku said in a deep voice after he transformed into Super Saiyan 4.

Xiaya nodded slightly.

“It wasnt long.”

“Now use your full strength and fight, otherwise you dont have much hope of winning.” Saying so with a faint smile, Xiayas face was full of confidence.

Super Saiyan Gods power was enough to fight the God of Destruction, Beerus.

Although it would only be a warm-up for the God of Destruction, it should be close to a peak-level power.

“Haha, its still too early to say that.

If I fight with my full strength, the Sacred World of the Kai might collapse.”

“You can try, but it will definitely be you who will lose.”

Goku was stunned for a moment, then immediately reacted, and let out a loud roar, not willing to admit defeat.

The muscles all over his body instantly became taut, and then began to erupt with strength.

“Clang…” The dizzying golden light waves emitted distorted vibrations.

The earth-shattering power of Super Saiyan 4 was like a flood, stirring numerous waves.

Boundless powers erupted out and the pressure which seemed to have turned solid stirred up everyones nerves.

Suddenly a chill rose from the soles of their feet and everyone felt as if they were in a freezer, the surrounding temperature was continuously dropping.

Except for Xiaya, who was calmly watching, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and others could only withstand it with difficulty.

The slightly weaker ones like Piccolo, Krillin, Pan, Bulla and others all turned pale and were trembling.

Valese, who had no strength, almost fainted.

Fortunately, Majin Buu took action and saved her.

“Super Saiyan 4, its already another level.”

“This is fathers true power.”

“No wonder he could defeat Baby.”

Both Vegeta and Gohan looked shocked.

After personally experiencing the powers of Super Saiyan 4, they knew how big the disparity between them was.

In front of Super Saiyan 4, they were as weak as an ant.

But the power which was frightening to them was nothing in Xiayas eyes.

He was standing facing the wind, his red pupils calm.

“Quickly look, Xiayas expression hasnt changed at all.” Dont know who shouted, everyone turned to look at Xiaya and seeing his look, they gulped in cold air.

Standing amidst the storm, Xiayas expression hadnt changed at all, the corners of his mouth were raised and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Could it be that Super Saiyan 4s power still was nothing in his eyes Thinking of this, everyone cant help but feel their scalp tingle a little.

“There is such a big difference in their powers.

Xiayas Super Saiyan God is beyond our comprehension.”

“Yeah, we cant comprehend the existence of Super Saiyan God, but it is quite strong!”

Everyone sighed.

The old Supreme Kai squatted on the ground and controlled his crystal ball.

“No matter how strong Super Saiyan 4 is, he is still a mortal.

There is a disparity in their divinity.

Although I dont know what state Super Saiyan God is, there is no doubt that he has the real power of the gods, no, it should be more exalted than ordinary gods.”

To the old Supreme Kai, the current Xiaya is like a True God.

“Its beginning……”

Everyone turned their gazes to the fight, but Xiaya and Gokus movements were too fast.

Besides Vegeta and Gohan, who could vaguely see some afterimages, everyone else couldnt see anything at all, so they gathered around the old Supreme Kai.

“Xiaya, receive my attack!”

Goku moved rapidly like lightning and instantly bridged the distance between them, appearing in front of Xiaya.

His golden eyes erupted out with a bright gleam, and he clenched his fist and smashed towards him.

Facing Gokus attack, Xiaya got serious.

His palm moved slightly and an odd force was produced from his palm, blocking Gokus attack, and at the same time, Xiaya silently moved to behind Goku, and hacked at him with a karate chop.

“So fast!” Goku bared his mouth and was sent flying, unexpectedly not being able to resist at all.

The defensive power of Super Saiyan 4 is extremely strong, but he still felt a heart-rending pain at this moment.

Goku hurriedly changed his position, leaving behind afterimages.

Goku continuously did backflips on the Sacred World of the Kai, flashing around at high-speed.


The fight was still going on, but even those with little experience could easily see that the whole fight was like a one-sided game.

Xiayas every movement was natural and relaxed, on the other hand, Goku was tired of warding off his attacks and soon began to gasp for breath.

“Space Shackles!”

The entire space solidified, as if it had turned into sticky and solid fiber.

It instantly shackled Goku in mid-air.

The fight suddenly came to an end.

Goku struggled a bit, but couldnt get rid of it.

“I lost!” Goku was a little regretful, but it was more of a shock towards the unknown power.

Xiaya nodded and released the shackles on Goku.

“Train well, your strength is more than that; if you can thoroughly grasp the power of Super Saiyan 4, you will not be much weaker than me.”

“Yes, I feel like there is still a lot of power that I couldnt use properly.” Goku nodded earnestly.

After stepping into Super Saiyan 4 level, he seemed to have entered a new world.

He now understood that just like learning martial arts with Master Roshi when he was a child, he was still in the beginning stage.

Seeing the smile on Gokus face, Xiaya couldnt help but smile.

There will be even more powerful enemies in this world.

Super Saiyan 4s initial stage is still not enough.

Even he himself, who has pushed Super Saiyan God to a higher level, is still not good enough.

The next enemies will possess power close to the God of Destructions level.

Goku was defeated not because Super Saiyan 4 was weaker than Super Saiyan God, but because the power levels of the two of them were different.

Goku was in the initial stage of Super Saiyan 4, while Xiaya went directly to the high level of Super Saiyan God, nearly surpassing the Super Saiyan God state (or Super Saiyan Red: the fusion one).

Of course, seeing Goku lose so easily, others werent so calm.

Vegeta and the others became horrified, standing dumbfoundedly.

“Super Saiyan 4 actually lost.”

“Goku was completely outmatched.”

The result of the fight left everyone a little dumbfounded, but the fight that kept surfacing to their mind was clearly telling them that this was the reality.

“Its not that Super Saiyan 4 is weak, but that Xiaya is too strong.” Vegetas eyes shone brightly, shaking his head with emotion.

It is really somewhat difficult to deal with an enemy who doesnt have aura.


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