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The Super Saiyan God that Xiaya has transformed into is the real Divine Realm.

Because he has comprehended the meaning of the Divine Realm and constantly simulated the Super Saiyan 4 Form in his consciousness during the transformation process, his Super Saiyan God state is even more balanced and powerful.

While considering the Super Saiyan Gods power, his physical strength is also moving closer to Super Saiyan 4.

In the distance, the old Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai were still in shock from Xiaya breaking through to Super Saiyan God.

Even though the golden clouds in the sky had dispersed, they still hadnt recovered.

“What realm is that He has no aura, just like an ordinary person… But even ordinary people have a faint aura! Is it an even more mysterious level than Supreme Kais”

Muttering to himself, the old Supreme Kai was extremely shocked.

He recovered after a while and looked at Xiaya in astonishment.

Now he cant see through Xiaya at all.

Compared to old Supreme Kai, Kibito Kai found it even more difficult to bear, his face was a little pale, and even Satan was completely terrified.

“What realm have you broken through”

“Super Saiyan God!” Xiaya said.

“Super Saiyan God”

The old Supreme Kai was taken aback, then shook his head, and said in a self-deprecating manner: “I havent heard of it, but since the name carries the title of God, it may be the Saiyans kind of special and profound transformation.

Its probably also some kind ofGod.

Ironically speaking, although we are the Supreme Kai of the universe, and already stand at the top of the world, after seeing your current state, I think you are more like a god than we are.”

‘Super Saiyan God has already stepped into the “Divine Realm”.

Truthfully saying, it is actually higher-level than the “Supreme Kai” of the Galactic World, Xiaya muttered in his heart, but he didnt say it out loud.

After a brief moment of silence, Kibito Kai looked at Xiaya and said in amazement, “Xiaya, your breakthrough can be considered to be big.

I wonder how it compares to Gokus Super Saiyan 4”

A smile appeared on Xiayas face and he said confidently, “Our energy is about the same, but if we really fight, Gokus Super Saiyan 4 should not be my match.”

Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan 4 are both big breakthroughs above Super Saiyan 3.

It can be said that both of them dont lose in energy intensity, but in techniques, Super Saiyan God can beat Super Saiyan 4 by a large margin.

A True God does not have aura and a Super Saiyan God is also in the Divine Realm.

Although he has just stepped into it, he has theNo aura characteristic of a God.

This is a big killer weapon for those who are used to using aura to hunt opponents and when fighting Goku and the others, once they lose the position of the opponent, the battle will fall into a great passiveness.

Whats more, Gokus Super Saiyan 4 has a very big shortcoming.

The powers of Super Saiyan 4 come from the tail, which is like an Achilles heel, and is the weakness of Super Saiyan 4.

A low-level opponent cannot cut off the tail of Super Saiyan 4 and a strong expert of the same level may not cut off the tail of Super Saiyan 4, which is a despicable method, but once their life is threatened, and they are forced to an impasse, who would care about their face when it comes to the choice of preserving their life

Hearing Xiaya personally admit that his powers were not inferior to Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Kibito Kai smiled excitedly.

“Great, if you say so, as long as you both join hands, Baby will definitely not be your match.”

“There is no need to join hands to deal with the puny Baby.

As long as we can fully grasp our powers, any one of us can defeat him.” Xiaya exercised his wrists as he looked at Kibito Kai, and disdainfully said with a shake of his head.

“Right, right, Baby is definitely not your match.” Kibito Kai was very happy as he nodded and said.

“Hows the battle on Planet Plant going on” Xiaya turned around, looking at old Supreme Kai with his red eyes.

The old Supreme Kai picked up the crystal ball to take a look and his eyes widened immediately: “Its amazing.

After Baby transformed into the Great Ape, he actually blocked Gokus attacks, but I think that he only looks strong from outside and will not last long.”

“What Is Goku going to win” Satan became excited.

“Its not certain.

Super Saiyan 4 is quite energy-consuming.

Its Gokus first transformation and he is not precise enough to grasp the power of Super Saiyan 4, so this battle will continue on until someone is not able to hold out.” Xiaya shook his head and gave a different answer.

Satan was startled, and then he continued, “Then, Goku might still be defeated”

“Its not unlikely.”

Old Supreme Kai thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

If Goku can completely grasp the powers of Super Saiyan 4, then it is not difficult to defeat Baby, but it is a pity that this is Gokus first time transforming into it, and no one can say how long he can sustain Super Saiyan 4 state.

“Oh, this is not good news.” Kibito Kai was not feeling good, and he quickly said to Xiaya, “Xiaya, please hurry over, one more person is also good!”

“No problem.”

He gave everyone a smile and left for Planet Plant using Instant Transmission.


On the dark red Planet Plant, the storm from the fighting caused this place to be on the verge of collapse.

The Great Ape Baby looked up into the sky and roared, his huge fists dancing in the sky.

Seeing Babys attack, Gokus body hurriedly flashed.

Compared with the huge build of the Golden Great Ape, Goku looked like a small ant.

At this time, Gokus entire body was burning with light golden flames, and his long black hair was fluttering in the air.

Under the blood-red hair were robust muscles.

“Damn Saiyan.” Baby opened his huge mouth, exposing the Great Apes fierce fangs which were shining with chilling radiance.

Babys eyes were a little gloomy as he said hatefully, “Ahhh, I am very angry, I want to send you all to hell!”

He turned around and swiped his huge palm from top to bottom.

“Puchi……” The air churned, raising a swift and fierce wind.

Gokus countenance immediately changed and he shouted to Pan and others, “Everyone, move back.

Dont get injured by Babys power!” But in his heart, he muttered.

‘That Xiaya, where did he run away to

Hearing him, Pan and others, under the protection of Majin Buu, quickly retreated, immediately dodging Babys attack.

Then, seeing that the surroundings were still unsafe, Majin Buu rolled his eyes, and the fleshy feelers on the top of his head lit up with a brilliant light.

“Pan, you hide in my stomach first.” Majin Buu patted his stomach sincerely.

“Uhhh…” Out of trust in Majin Buu, Pan nodded.

Hence, she was struck by Majin Buus magic and instantly shrank.

She was swallowed by Majin Buu into his stomach and protected in another dimension.

Majin Buu hiccuped as he stroked his stomach and then flew far away with Uub.

“Good!” Seeing Majin Buu perfectly protect Pan, Goku shouted and looked at the Great Ape Baby seriously.

An air current rose from the soles of his feet, and with two bang sounds, his body suddenly accelerated, like an agile lightning strike, and immediately arrived in front of Baby.

He struck the most vulnerable position on Baby, his eyeballs.

“Ahhh……” Baby opened his mouth in disbelief and covered his head with both hands.

Eyes are the most vulnerable part in the body, and because of transformation to a huge ape, it undoubtedly greatly increased the probability of the eyes being attacked.

Goku seized the opportunity as he bent his arms and punched Baby.

Bang! A huge force spilled out.

A penetrating force broke through the air and fell on the Golden Great Apes stomach.

Ripples like sound waves rose on the surface of the stomach.

Although a part of the force was blocked by Great Apes thick skin, Gokus attack was very strong and a larger part of the force entered his internal organs.

Wahhhh! Golden Baby opened his mouth and howled in pain.

Suddenly, an ominous glint flashed on Great Apes face and his whole body pushed down on Gokus body.


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