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“Roar!” The Golden Great Ape opened its big mouth and roared furiously, spitting out a blazing and lethal energy shock wave, then lifted a boulder and smashed it towards Baby.

“Boom!” Yellow sand splashed out as the boulder struck the ground.

Baby dodged with a gloomy face, his face was ashen as a frightening aura exuded from all over his body.

Seeing that its attack didn’t have any effect, Golden Great Ape became angry and attacked Baby even more furiously.

Bang, bang… Rumble!

Golden Great Ape stepped on Baby and the huge force caused the ground to rapidly crack like a spider’s web.

Baby’s face changed, turning even more ashen.

The hands raised above his head trembled, his upper body ached, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

A voice coldly said, “Well, I actually forgot that a Saiyan will transform into a Great Ape when they see the full moon.”

The eerie and icy voice seemed to have come from hell.

As he talked, blood was dripping from him.

Baby tightly clenched his teeth, as if wanting them to break.

Xiaya dazedly looked at him from a distance, then smiled.

“It seems that even though Goku has lost his mind, he still regards Baby as the first target of attack, which is very good.”

A low-level Saiyan will lose his rationality after transforming into Great Ape, but will still have a trace of subconscious thinking in this form.

The most typical example is the time when Vegeta invaded Earth.

After Gohan transformed into the Great Ape, the first target to attack was Vegeta, although Vegeta cut his tail later.

After Goku transformed into the Golden Great Ape, his strength has greatly improved.

Although he has lost rationality, he is powerful enough to trouble Baby.

At the moment, Baby is like an angry volcano which will erupt at any time, but facing the Golden Great Ape who doesn’t know pain and has lost his rationality, he hesitated a little.

Suddenly, Baby’s eyes rolled and he thought of something.

He smiled coldly, forcibly stamped on the ground with both feet, and his body rapidly soared into the sky.

Then he stepped on the void several times, nimbly moving his body like a bird.

“Hehe, although a Saiyan’s physique is extraordinary, and the Great Ape transformation can greatly increase his strength, it is a pity that he is just a monster without intelligence! He wants to rely on just this to defeat this king He he, let me break your fantasy!”

Baby grinned evilly and appeared behind the Golden Great Ape.

A flat-shaped orange-red energy appeared between his fingers before he slashed it towards the Golden Great Ape’s tail.

“I won’t let you succeed.” Xiaya still planned to have Goku transform into Super Saiyan 4, how can he allow Baby to cut off Goku’s tail

Hence, his eyes flickered and his body flashed, quickly blocking in front of Baby.

The Void Chop swung out and forcibly sent the Chop Beam flying.

“Damn Saiyan!” Seeing that his attack wasn’t effective, Baby suddenly erupted out with a fierce aura; his face turned ghastly pale, looking hideous.

“Take care of yourself…” Xiaya suddenly laughed.

“What” Baby was startled, but found that the Saiyan in front of him had suddenly disappeared, and he heard a deafening roar.

The Golden Great Ape once again regarded him as the target.

His face alternated between blue and white, holding back the rage in his heart.

The attack of the Golden Great Ape arrived again.

“Boom!” Planet Plant nearly crumbled.

On the other side, Xiaya swiftly appeared beside Pan and Majin Buu and said to Pan, “Continue calling out to Goku’s consciousness.

It is best to let his rationality recover.”

“Okay.” Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, Pan answered firmly, and then shouted to Goku under the protection of everyone.

In the Sacred World of the Kai, a chaotic aura arrived from the mortal world’s starry sky.

The old Supreme Kai and others were sitting in front of the crystal ball as several pairs of eyes watched attentively without blinking.

Kibito Kai said in surprise, “Ancestor, what to do now Goku has lost his rationality and can’t distinguish between us and the enemy .”

“Yeah, aren’t Pan and the others in danger” The agitated Satan forcibly grabbed his head which didn’t have much hair, and paced to and fro dejectedly.

“Not necessarily!” Old Supreme Kai narrowed his eyes and said, “The situation is still not at the worst stage.

At least Goku did not target Pan and the others after transforming into the Great Ape.

If the slumbering willpower in the Great Ape’s body can be woken up, maybe a super powerful warrior will be born.”

“Old man, even at this time, why are you…” Satan yelled angrily.

He wanted to say that the old Supreme Kai was abnormal, he was too much like a trickster who claims to be a god.

His words didn’t seem to be in the same loop at all.

“Ancestor, do you mean that Goku still has the hope of regaining his rationality” Kibito Kai calmed down.

“Yes, rebuilding from scratch.

The Saiyans’ training has always been like this.

This time I am afraid it is also like this.

If we are lucky, maybe we can see the birth of the number one warrior in the universe…”

Old Supreme Kai didn’t know whether his guess was correct or not, but based on past experiences and his own research on Saiyans, there might be a miracle.

The Saiyans are an amazing race.

They were not very strong at the beginning, or to say that before the rise of Goku and Vegeta to prominence, the Saiyans were just a slightly famous race in the universe, but were definitely not that strong.

Having Battle Power around 10,000 can only be regarded as above average.

However, as Goku and Vegeta miraculously trained to be Super Saiyans, they suddenly showed talents that completely surpassed other races, breaking their physical limits time and time again, and even the Supreme Kai needed their power to protect the universe’ peace.

“I hope Goku can again make a breakthrough!” Old Supreme Kai was looking forward to it in his heart.

“Crazy, crazy, he is actually pinning our hope on miracles…” Satan grumbled.

Boom! Boom!

The sky was vast and waves that made the soul tremble swept out.

The Golden Great Ape roared in anger while waving his fists around, bringing destruction everywhere.

Baby lost his previous calmness and fled all around in panic.

What made him especially angry was that every time he wanted to cut off Gold Great Ape’s tail, the black-haired Saiyan would jump out and stop him.

Angrily staring at the Golden Great Ape and Xiaya, his murderous and sinister aura almost turned solid.

“Damn it!” Baby gnashed his teeth, he has never been so angry.

But what caused him to feel helpless was that he was completely powerless in front of the other party.

“Damn Instant Transmission, he is cunning just like a loach.”

Xiaya also turned to look at the roaring Great Ape, pondering, “So much time has already passed.

Goku ought to have almost transformed into Super Saiyan 4.”

The Golden Great Ape’s attacks were indiscriminate.

He and Baby were both within the Great Ape’s attack range.

In that case, it is necessary to ensure that Baby will not cut off the Great Ape’s tail.

Being attacked from both front and rear, Xiaya was feeling great pressure.

“Hurry up and wake up!” Muttering softly, Xiaya quickly changed his position.

Boom, a huge fist fell where Xiaya was standing before, raising a huge fireball like a nuclear explosion.

“Grandpa, hurry up and wake up….” Pan’s melodious voice entered the Great Ape’s ears, and the Golden Great Ape stopped moving, its two big blood-red eyes staring at Pan’s red figure.

“Hu…Roar!” The Great Ape roared while slapping its body.

“It’s working!” Xiaya was delighted, and immediately urged his space-time ability to wrap around the Golden Great Ape, Pan and the others; they all disappeared without leaving a trace.

Suddenly losing sight of Great Ape and the little girl, Baby noticed a slight peculiarity at this time.

His heart sank and the pressure became even greater.

“It won’t do, I can’t just sit and wait for death!” Baby, who has always been full of confidence, became a little flustered.

He quickly moved and arrived beside Bulma.

“Quick, find a way to make me transform into a Great Ape.”

Bulma respectfully said, “Master Baby, we only need to activate the Blutz Wave Generator to strengthen the reflected light of the moon by a thousand times, then even without a tail, you can transform into the Great Ape form.”

“Hurry up and start the machine up!” Baby looked eager and also a little glad.

Fortunately, this woman Bulma had invented many weird machines before and it has come in handy at this time.

“Yes!” Bulma bowed respectfully, and brought her daughter Bulla along to start up the machine.

On the other side, the Golden Great Ape who had lost its rationality was finally awakened by Pan.

Looking at the crying child, the Golden Great Ape roared loudly, and invisible sound waves echoed in the spherical space formed by space-time ability.

Its body began to emit glittering light rays, and its huge body gradually became smaller, finally showing a human form.

It was a strong and sturdy man with red hair all over his body.

There was no golden blazing aura, just red hair was growing all over his body, and the shoulder-length hair on his head had once again turned black.

His eyes were golden with red rims around his eyes…

Black hair.

Red body hair.

And a tall and sturdy body with strong muscles.

“Yes, this is Super Saiyan 4!”

Xiaya looked at Goku, whose body had become tall and sturdy, with a bit of excitement.

Boundless and majestic pressure erupted out from Goku’s body.

Xiaya felt just like a small boat amidst the fierce winds and raging waves which may capsize at any time in the huge storm.

This made him feel incredulous.

Even though he was at the peak of Ultimate State, he actually had a feeling like standing before a tall mountain.


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