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Returning to Feidaya peoples underground base, he saw that they were currently doing maintenance of the spaceship.

As everyone was busy, Xiaya found a quiet place to lie down and rest.

“Sir Xiaya, you have returned.

Did those Aliens made things difficult for you” Duokela stepped forward and politely inquired.

In fact, as Xiaya had gone to confront Zarbon and others, he was feeling very anxious in his heart.

The earth-shaking and suddenly changing, horrifying scene from before as if the sky had shattered was still lingering in his mind!

That dreadful apocalyptic scene was strongly imprinted in his memory, difficult to erase.

Duokela had never seen such a frightening scene, making him terribly fearful.

His heart couldnt help but sweat cold bullets for Xiaya fearing that he may not be those Aliens opponents.

This time Feidaya people can only rely on Xiaya, and if even he is not those Aliens match, then they can only wait for their race to be exterminated.

Those Alien are too strong, strong to the the point that Duokela couldnt help but sweat cold bullets for Xiaya.

He didnt dare to imagine what would have happened if Xiaya lost, would they still have any hope to survive

Now that Xiaya had returned safely, he could finally put down the worries in his heart.

He gave a long sigh of relief and the anxious look on his face turned into surprise, hurriedly walking forward.

“Those weaklings are my opponent” Xiaya glanced at Duokela, questioning in an indifferent voice.

Its not that he was being arrogant, but he is clearly aware that if he wants to subjugate the Feidaya race, then he must show them his mightiness and convince them that it is the right choice to follow him, and those Aliens were naturally his stepping stone.

Finished listening, Duokela was slightly startled, the severe cold aura immediately made him tremble.

However, instead of getting terrified, he was feeling happiness.

“Sir Xiaya, you mean the Aliens have been killed by you Yes, it must be!”

Duokela turned sluggish, but then his eyes started shining, he opened his mouth to speak several times but the words got stuck in his throat.

“What is it” Xiaya faintly smiled.

“Sir Xiaya, before there was a sudden violent explosion everywhere, and the whole planet was shaking.

Was it caused by your fight with the enemy……” Duokela didnt dare to presumptuously decide by himself, he paid attention to Xiayas face and carefully asked.

“Thats right, those explosions were caused by the energy from my and Aliens fight, it had hit the planets crust.” Xiaya immediately confirmed.

Sure enough!

Duokelas pupils suddenly contracted, his face revealing a shocked look.

He never thought that humans can actually use such frightening strength just with their body, unmatched by science and technology.

Duokelas breath became somewhat hurried: “Sir Xiaya, so what was the final result

“Just now didnt I say it.

Of course, I had defeated them, there are already no more Aliens left on this planet!” Xiaya glared withdispleasure and said, he then casually waved his hand and continued: “I just didnt think that the enemies were so weak, I couldnt even warm up, and they all just fell to the ground…..”

Hiss! This answer was somewhat hard to accept for Duokela.

Xiayas so-called “weak” were the culprits who had destroyed Planet Feidaya ah!

Suddenly an uncontrollable excitement bubbled up from his heart and tears filled his eyes, his body actually started crawling on the ground, simultaneously crying and shouting.

“Its good that those intruders are all dead.

Sir Xiaya, you took revenge for us, now the members of my race who had died can rest in peace.”

“Yes, your people can now rest in peace.” Xiaya picked his eyes and casually comforted him.

When Duokelas mood subsided, he once again frowned and said: “Although I have annihilated all the Aliens who had invaded Planet Feidaya, it is regrettable that Planet Feidaya is no longer suitable for living since planets crust had collapsed.”

“No worries, Sir Xiaya, it was already very rare for you to be able to kill those invaders, thank you!”

“Thank you for avenging us!”

Duokela suddenly straightened his body and solemnly bowed to Xiaya with a serious expression.

Xiaya calmly received Duokelas bow, he knew that at present he was not only receiving gratitude from Duokela but also Feidaya peoples loyalty.

“But these Aliens were just the vanguard of Friezas subordinates and when he receives the news of here, he is sure to dispatch even more powerful enemies.

So, Duokela, you should hurry up and gather the remaining Feidaya people and also inspect the condition of spaceship as soon as possible.

We must quickly leave Planet Feidaya before the next group of Aliens arrives.

“Yes, sir!”

Duokela energetically nodded his head, at this time his petite body seemed to be filled with unlimited motivation as he began to direct the members of his race to hurriedly finish the work.

It is a tedious and complicated task to evacuate people.

No matter whether the tallying of the remaining people or the reserve spaceships testing, they all were tasks which require huge workload and especially as they dont know when the next group of invaders will arrive, the time was apparently even more precious.

They must seize every second and leave Planet Feidaya as soon as possible.

Regarding the subsequent miscellaneous and complicated tasks for evacuation, Duokela made a thorough division of labor.

Xiaya saw everything and nodded with satisfaction.

Feidaya people were also working very hard.

After Xiaya eliminated the Aliens lead by Zarbon and took revenge for them, their worship for Xiaya had risen to an all new height, and they were even more approving and loyal to him.

Their race often communicates with the civilizations of the universe outside, so they have an idea of the temperaments of the strong powerhouses.

Compared to the other strong people in the universe, Sir Xiaya such “kind-hearted” person has no doubt impressed them the most.

North Area, Frieza Headquarters.

A giant planet which was transformed using technology.

In deep and magnificent huge universes background, stars resembling bright pearls were arranged in an orderly manner, and have been moving in their own trajectories for a long time.

Planet Friezas Headquarters, for the entire Force is the capital city and its territory, center region.

The defenses here were impregnable.

The entire planet was completely fitted with the universe advanced technology just like an impregnable fortress such that even a fly couldnt enter.

In the outer space, a space fortress resembling a castle was revolving around an icy planet.

On both sides of the fortress, an enormous and powerful black turret of several tens of meters of diameter of was shining with a cold light which looked like an ancient behemoth continuously growling and roaring in the starry sky!

At this time, within a luxury palace, at a transparent window.

Frieza was joyfully standing next to the window, one hand at his back and the other hand holding a glass of wine, leisurely drinking.

His pair of scarlet eyes were quietly watching the scene outside the window, cold eyes flashing with a cruel gleam.

“Dodoria, I heard that King Vegeta of Saiyans is planning rebellion.

How do you think I should deal with those Saiyans”

Speaking in a cold harsh voice, Frieza handed the wine glass to the attendant on side, and then full of interest asked Dodoria.

“Those Saiyans really dont know whats good for them, all of them are extremely arrogant.

If it wasnt that for their Battle Power which still has some uses, this subordinate would have long ago took people to their Planet Vegeta and destroyed them.” Dodoria sneered, he couldnt tolerate Saiyans arrogant nature.

Frieza laughed lightly and lifted the corners of his mouth, revealing an evil smile.

“Dont worry, Dodoria.

After some time, well go and eliminate those Saiyans.

At that time, I will show you the most beautiful fireworks of the universe.”

“Yes, King Frieza!”

Dodoria was pleasantly surprised.

Every time he sees the beautiful scene when Frieza destroys a planet, he felt excited.

“Oh, by the way, I heard King Vegeta had a son a few years ago, his talent doesnt seem to be bad.

He is called Vegeta, right” Frieza asked.


“Oh, so shameless, naming his son after the planets name.

King Vegetas ambitions are not small ah! Dodoria, after some time, go and bring over that Vegeta to Frieza Headquarters.”

“Yes, King.” Dodoria revealed a sinister smile on his fat face.

Just then, the palace gate was opened, and a purple-skinned Alien frantically ran over while crawling and reported: “King Frieza, latest news from Planet Feidaya!”

“Oh, whats the news, has Zarbon got the information about ancient warriors so quickly” Frieza said casually.

“No, no!” The Alien wiped his sweat, his voice trembling.

“Speak clearly, what happened” Dodoria scolded.

The purple Alien shuddered and nervously said: “Just now, we received the latest news from headquarters… Sir Zarbon encountered a strong enemy on Planet Feidaya, and everyone was completely annihilated… the energy signal of Sir Zarbon has also disappeared!”

With a bang, Friezas tail whipped the attendant beside him and the wine glass dropped to the ground and shattered, scattering the bright red wine on the ground.

Friezas face slightly changed, scarlet eyes resembling the pupils of a demon flashed with a frigid light, and coldly asked:

“What happened Explain clearly!”

“Um … Sir Zarbon had taken more than hundred soldiers of Frieza Corps to Planet Feidaya to search for clues on ancient warriors, but just an hour ago, the headquarters monitoring Planet Feidaya suddenly saw a high energy response on the communication device.

“Then Sir Zarbon and his teams signal disappeared, it appears…… Sir Zarbon have been killed.”

“How is it possible, Zarbons Battle Power at his peak can reach 25000 ah! Dont tell me he didnt have enough time for body transformation” Startled, Dodoria asked.

He was similarly a high-level attendant who has always accompanied Frieza, so he knows that Zarbons true strength is much stronger than him, then how could he be defeated on such a small Planet Feidaya

“Before losing contact with the detector, it was monitored that Sir Zarbon had used his full strength!” After speaking, the purple Alien himself felt it unfathomable.

After a brief moment of surprise, Frieza quickly recovered with an evil smile hanging on his lips: “Interesting, really interesting, its unexpected that someone could kill Zarbon, hahaha, perhaps that persons strength is not weaker than Ginyu Force!”

The purple Alien carefully stood and didnt dare to make any movement, heart thumping.

Right now, King Friez is certainly not very happy.

Yes, Frieza is not happy right now!

Frieza did not feel any sorrow for Zarbons death.

He was feeling very angry in his heart, in his mind, he only felt that he was blatantly provoked.

For him Zarbons death is a provocation, except from his father King Cold and brother Cooler, he, Frieza had never suffered a loss.

How can other people kill his subordinates

“Dodoria, that Planet Feidaya should be just a low-level planet, right” Friezas calm voice was filled with boundless killing intent.

Dodoria immediately replied: “Yes, Feidaya people are just ants with Battle Power, not more than 15!”

“But on such a low-level planet of ants, Zarbon has died!”

Frieza murmured: “Is it really the work of the legendary ancient warrior of Feidaya people”

“Dodoria, immediately transmit the order to Ginyu Force that they must hurry to Planet Feidaya as soon as possible.

I would like to see what kind of strength the so-called ancient warrior possess!”

It could be said that Frieza is most dreadful of the legend of the so-called Super Saiyan which has been passed down from ancient times in the Frost Demon Race and the other is the recent information of the rampant ancient warrior of the Feidaya people.

He is dispatching Ginyu Force to investigate, this is to use Ginyu Force as a bait to test the strength of that ancient warrior ah!


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