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The original creator of the Black Star Dragon Balls was the previous Kami, but after this transformation, they have been completely transformed into Xiaya’s Dragon Balls, so it has nothing to do with Piccolo.

In the storyline, Piccolo voluntarily stayed in the Underworld in order to prevent the revival of the Black Star Dragon Balls.

This is obviously not a smart person’s approach.

If he didn’t want the Black Star Dragon Balls to revive, couldn’t he have just destroyed one of the Dragon Balls, Xiaya thought cockily.

“This set of Dragon Balls looks the same as Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls.

Can we do the summoning directly” Goku, who had suffered from the Black Star Dragon Balls once, asked Xiaya seriously.

“Yes, this new set of Dragon Balls are used in the same way as the previous Black Star Dragon Balls.

After fulfilling the wish, they will scatter throughout the galaxy.

Don’t worry, it will not bring any adverse effect to the planet where the wish is made.”

Xiaya’s Dragon Ball creation ability is directly linked to Dragon God Zalama and the negative effects are similar to the Namekians and will be suppressed by Dragon God.

Xiaya didn’t know before, but after training in Dragon Realm, he understood.

“Great, grandpa, quickly give it a try and summon Shenron,” Pan excitedly said to Goku while carrying the seven Dragon Balls in her arms.

Goku scratched his head, looking over expectantly.

Kibito Kai and Majin Buu also gathered around.

This time, even the old Supreme Kai who had been opposing the use of the Dragon Balls no longer objected, since Goku’s power is essential to protect the peace of the universe.

The old Supreme Kai took a deep look at Xiaya.

‘This mysterious guy has divine powers not weaker than Supreme Kai and can also create Dragon Balls.

Who is he’

“Let me do the summoning.” Satan ran over.

Then, he loudly shouted towards the seven shiny and flickering Dragon Balls, “Come out, Shenron!”

“Boom…” The rumbling sound was like the beating of war drums.

Just like when Shenron is summoned on Earth, the colour of the sky of the entire Sacred World of the Kai changed.

But different from the scenes of doomsday when summoning happens with ordinary Dragon Balls, the Dragon Balls which had undergone changes in the hands of Xiaya were like the super Dragon Balls when summoning is being done.

The sky was bright and golden.

“Rumble…” The sound of majestic claps of thunder echoed in the sky of the Sacred World of the Kai.

Dense group of golden clouds floated over.

Between the golden clouds, the lightning touched the ground.

Everyone was stunned seeing this unusual phenomenon.

“It doesn’t look like this during the Dragon Ball summon! Golden clouds have never appeared before…” Goku raised his head and stared at the sky in shock.

“Those clouds are like golden cotton candy; can they be eaten” Majin Buu’s mouth was dripping with saliva.


“Such a divine and majestic aura.”

“It’s a high-level divine aura!”

The old Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai rubbed their eyes.

They were both suppressed by the golden magical clouds when Shenron appeared.

Golden magical clouds are only found in the Underworld and places where Gods live, so it was surprising that so many had floated over in front of them.

“Roarrrr!” A dragon roar sounded amidst the dazzling clouds.

Soon, Shenron appeared.

It looked like a red giant dragon, but its entire body was golden, and its size had increased drastically from the original size of a mountain.

Soon, it covered the entire sky and land.

Their line of sight was fully covered by the majestic figure of Shenron.

The golden dragon floated in the sky of the Sacred World of the Kai, its entire body surrounding the divine planet in the center, just like a dragon playing with a bead, biting the entirety of Supreme Kai’s Divine Planet in its mouth.

“Soo…so big.” Satan fell to the ground on his buttocks in shock.

Two huge red eyes peeked out from the clouds, like huge moons hanging in the sky and its ferocious mouth looked as if it wanted to swallow them all.

“It’s indeed a little too big.” Xiaya was also somewhat surprised.

The crystal Dragon Balls’ divine dragon that he previously made is already quite big, but compared to the golden dragon in front of him, it was insignificant.

It’s like the difference between an earthworm and a python.

Dragon God Zalama’s gift is really shocking.

“After I go back, I’ll remake the crystal Dragon Balls.” Xiaya made up his mind.

“Thou who have gathered all the seven Dragon Balls, speak thy wish!” The golden dragon’s breath blew out like a storm and the whole planet couldn’t help but shake.

Satan swallowed and tremblingly said, “Please restore Goku to his original appearance.”


With a roar so loud that even deaf can hear, the two enormous eyes lit up with red light.

Goku felt a magical force act on his body and his body continued to grow, quickly returning to its original appearance.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled.”

After completing the wish, the golden dragon uttered a long and loud roar and its slender body circled around the Sacred World of the Kai, flying past numerous divine planets, and then pierced through the dimension of the Sacred World of the Kai before entering the universe in the mortal world.

Then it divided into seven and changed into seven hard stones before scattering throughout the Galaxy.

After a short period of silence, Pan’s pleasant voice rang out.

She said in surprise, “Grandpa, you have recovered.”

Goku felt his body brimming with power and sighed, “Yeah! Finally, I don’t have to be a kid anymore.”

“The golden Shenron was really powerful.”

Everyone sighed at the power of the dragon balls.

At this time, Majin Buu narrowed his mouth and asked curiously, “Then why didn’t you just make a wish to kill Baby”


The scene fell into a deathly silence.

Satan hugged his head and cried bitterly.

Hekept hitting his head on the ground.

“Waaa, why didn’t I think of that Buu, you should have said it earlier!”

Majin Buu sucked his finger.

“I thought you guys would have thought of this a long time ago.”

“Forget it, the past is past.

Maybe just like the Earth’s Shenron, the golden dragon also wouldn’t have been able to deal with Baby” Kibito Kai said embarrassedly.

He could only get out of this situation like this.

In fact, his heart was in so much pain that he couldn’t breathe.

They really made a great mistake and missed such a great opportunity.

Even if they don’t know if it will work or not, at least they had to give it a try; what if by chance it could be done

“Goku, how do you feel about your powers recovering” Old Supreme Kai asked expectantly.

Fifteen years ago, Goku was able to transform into Super Saiyan 3 and he had finally defeated the terrifying Evil Majin Buu.

After so many years of training, Goku’s power has already grown to a terrifying degree.

“I don’t know, I must be stronger than before, but compared to Baby, I may still be weaker.” Goku shook his head in distress.

Even if he returned to his peak, he was not sure about defeating Final Form Baby.

“By the way, your name is Xiaya, right How about we swap pointers so that I can understand the disparity between me and Baby.”

“Sure.” Xiaya immediately agreed.

Fighting against different experts is his aim.

“Pan, Satan, let’s move far away.

Xiaya is very strong.

His previous fight with Vegeta almost affected us.” Kibito Kai retreated far away, and then Pan and Satan also followed and retreated.

On the scene, only Goku and Xiaya remained.

Then a fierce battle started.

At his peak, Goku was indeed much stronger than Vegeta, especially after transforming into Super Saiyan 3.

Even Xiaya was shocked by his berserked powers and finally used his full strength to defeat Goku.

“Good, it’s been a long time since I fought to my heart’s content.” Goku was ecstatic as he yelled happily.

Xiaya also had a smile on his face.

After fighting Vegeta and Goku one after another, he got the basic understanding of the Saiyans in this world.

Compared with the Saiyans of the multiverse, Saiyans here are excessively violent.

It allows the Saiyans to exhibit much more ferocious powers and it is usually hidden in their tail.

“The secret of the Super Saiyan 4 transformation is the berserk characteristic.” Xiaya’s heart was like a mirror, as if he understood a lot.

As long as he knows the principle, even without this characteristic, Xiaya can still simulate it through “Image Training” and then inject it into his body, which may play a vital role for him in breaking through to the “Divine Realm”.

At this moment, he seemed to have found the way to reach the “Divine Realm”.


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