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“It’s you again! Are you really not afraid of death”

Seeing the identity of the person who had arrived, Baby took a few steps back and stamped his foot on the ground.

The hard rock layer was like soft flour, raising a large cloud of dust.

Xiaya, who had blocked Baby’s attack, was also not feeling better.

His arm seemed to have been smashed on steel and the entire arm felt numb.

“It hurts!” Feeling uncomfortable, Xiaya snarled.

A pair of bright eyes vigilantly stared at Baby.

Baby’s strength after transforming into Final Form has increased by a lot.

If he is really going to fight, even Xiaya in the Ultimate Realm form cannot guarantee absolute victory.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once again, they began fighting, but the situation was completely different.

Xiaya could hold him off for a while, but he wasn’t able to suppress Baby’s attacks.

His mind turned rapidly.

He knew he could not hold him off, so he made a choice.

He immediately grabbed Pan’s little hand, swiftly arrived by Goku’s side, and brought them away with Instant Transmission.

Xiuuu, the three of them disappeared.

Baby swung his wrist as if he had mysophobia, and said coldly, “It’s Instant Transmission again, this damn skill.

They must have escaped to the Sacred World of the Kai.”

He knew where the enemy had gone, but he had no way to chase after them.

This kind of stifling feeling was unpleasant.

“Come here, organize the troops and go out into the universe with me to battle,” Baby shouted excitedly, and immediately countless worshippers crowded around him.


In the Sacred World of the Kai, the green grassland was as calm as ever.

With a sparkling flash, Xiaya, Pan, and Goku appeared on the vast grassland.

Kibito Kai quickly flew over when he saw this, put his hands on Goku’s chest, and treated his injuries.

“Pan, quick, come to Grandpa’s side.

It’s great that you are fine.” Satan pounced over with snot and tears, but Pan dodged him.

“Where is this place”

“The Sacred World of the Kai” Majin Buu tilted his head and guessed.

“How is teacher’s injury” Uub looked at Goku with concern.

Kibito Kai was silent for a while before releasing his palm from Goku’s chest.

“He is fine.

It’s just that he is a little exhausted.

He will be fine after a short rest.”

“Damn it, Baby has become stronger again.”

“It seems that we have to think long and hard.

Unfortunately, after Goku’s body was made smaller by the Black Star Dragon Balls, he cannot fully exert his powers.” The old Supreme Kai sighed with disappointment.

Goku at his peak should have been a powerful fighting force.

Hearing everyone mention the Black Star Dragon Balls, Pan who was standing on the side lost in thought, suddenly reacted.

She took off the blue backpack from her back and poured out the seven Dragon Balls engraved with black stars.

“These are the Dragon Balls we gathered from around the universe.

We thought it could save Earth from the fate of destruction…” Speaking of this, Pan’s mood became a little downcast.

Earth has been occupied by Baby and it seems to be irrelevant whether it is destroyed or not.

“Are these the Black Star Dragon Balls”

Majin Buu picked up a Dragon Ball curiously.

There were black stars inside the orange-red glass ball.

Majin Buu looked at it for a while before stuffing it directly into his mouth and chewing.

“Hey, you can’t eat that!”

“Pah, Pah, it doesn’t have any taste.

Not delicious.” Majin Buu coughed a few times, and spat out the Black Star Dragon Ball out in disgust.

“Was teacher Goku turned into a kid by these Dragon Balls Then can we use these to change teacher back ” Uub suddenly has a thought and said.

The old Supreme Kai strongly objected upon hearing this.

“We can’t do that.

Black Star Dragon Balls are ominous objects.

After using it, it will destroy the planet where the wish is made.

If the Sacred World of the Kai is destroyed, the universe will be finished.

Anyway, we can’t do it.”

The old Supreme Kai has always disliked things like Dragon Balls that can change the law of cause and effect, especially the evil Black Star Dragon Balls.

How could he bet on the safety of Sacred World of the Kai

“Forget it.

Even if I recover to my peak, I will only be a little stronger than Vegeta.

I won’t be able to defeat Baby,” Goku said in frustration.

After a pause, he asked, “By the way, who is this friend I haven’t seen him before.

He could actually block Baby’s attack.”

“My name is Xiaya, and I’ve come from another world.”

“Oh!” Goku nodded.

It was currently not the time to tangle with this issue.

He raised his head and asked, “Xiaya, are you sure you can defeat Baby”

Xiaya shook his head and the answer that he gave disappointed Goku.

“It’s impossible.

I have reached a bottleneck in my training.

If I don’t break through my current realm, I’m not Baby’s match.”

Although he is able to fight Baby for a short period of time, if it comes to a battle of attrition, he will ultimately be the one to lose.

“Is that so”

Everyone fell into silence.

No one knew what to do next.

“In fact, it is not bad to use the Dragon Balls to restore Goku’s body to his peak state,” Xiaya raised his head and said.

“We can’t do that, otherwise the Sacred World of the Kai will be destroyed.” Old Supreme Kai strongly opposed.

“We can try it on a different planet,” Pan suggested.


Xiaya was a little speechless.

“What about Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls”

“Planet Namek’s dragon may not be able to match the power of the Red Shenron!” After all, Red Shenron scatters throughout the galaxy after fulfilling the wish, which is far more powerful than Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls.

“Stop being so annoying.

Give me the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Let me transform them,” Xiaya said.

Kibito Kai frowned, “Dragon Balls are created by Namekians; what can you do”

Xiaya nodded and continued, “It’s not just Namekians who can create the Dragon Balls.

They only obtained permission from the Dragon God in ancient times, so they have the ability to create Dragon Balls.”

“Could you also create Dragon Balls” Kibito Kai looked surprised.

On the contrary, the old Supreme Kai’s expression changed when he heard the word “Dragon God”.

He tried hard to recall what these words mean, but because of old age, the old Supreme Kai couldn’t remember.

Xiaya smiled without saying a word and took the seven Black Star Dragon Balls from Pan’s hands and observed them carefully.

The size of a fist, the orange-red glass surface was embedded with seven small black stars.

Then, under everyone’s expectant eyes, Xiaya’s palm condensed glittering and translucent light motes.

These lights jumped in his palm and immediately scattered into seven lightening beams and poured into the seven Black Star Dragon Balls.

Transforming the Dragon Balls is much more difficult than recreating them, especially if the original creator of the Dragon Balls is someone else.

Had it not been that Xiaya’s ability to create Dragon Balls had come from the super Dragon Balls and later strengthened by Dragon God Zalama himself in the dark space, he would really not have been able to handle this job.

After the seven lightning beams entered the Black Star Dragon Balls, the structure of the Dragon Balls’ cores suddenly changed drastically.

First, the evil aura inside the Dragon Balls was instantly wiped out, and then the entire Dragon Balls changed from inside out.

The black stars slowly turned into bright red, the glass bodies began to expand, and in a blink of an eye they changed from the size of a fist to the size of a football like Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls.

Hum, hum, hum, golden flashes rose from the surface of the Dragon Balls, accompanied by sounds similar to a dragon roar.

In fact, transforming the Dragon Balls is really very tiring.

Xiaya constantly instilled his ability into the Dragon Balls, and after a while, beads of sparkling sweat oozed out of his forehead.

This work is not easy to do, Xiaya mumbled to himself.

He wants to break the Black Star Dragon Balls and re-make them, just like when Dende resurrected Earth’s Dragon Balls.

But after thinking about it, Xiaya still honestly carried out the transformation.

“These are the new Dragon Balls”

“The transformation was really successful.”

Everyone looked at the completely changed Black Star Dragon Balls with a surprised look on their faces.

They had the size of a football just like the Dragon Balls of Planet Namek.

The size of the Dragon Balls generally represents their strength.

The seven Dragon Balls transformed by Xiaya are definitely stronger than the original Black Star Dragon Balls, moreover there is no side effects that would destroy the planet where the wish was made.


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