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“Negative energy Mr.

Xiaya, what are you talking about” Dende asked in puzzlement.

This was the first time he had heard the words negative energy

“No, nothing.” Xiaya shook his head.

He had confused the Black Star Dragon Balls with the Shadow Dragon.

Black Star Dragon Balls are just a variant type with a manufacturing failure, and they are different from the Black Smoke Shenron that appeared later.

The role of the Dragon Balls is mainly to use the power of miracles to smooth out the negative energy and chaotic forces created during the workings of the universe and to fulfill personal wishes, which in itself is partly against the natural workings.

The Super Dragon Balls of the multiverse have a powerful Dragon God’s suppression, so problems will naturally not appear.

But in these subordinate universes, after Dragon Balls are misused, they will inevitably be contaminated with a certain amount of negative energy.

For each universe, the Dragon Realm will have specially managed dragons.

The Black Smoke Shenron should have been formed from the gathered negative energy and its power exceeds the dragons of the Galactic World.

Judging from the fact that the Evil Shenron can split into seven Shadow Dragons, it has reached at least the strength of the Divine Realm.

“Dende, have you ever thought about the consequences if the Dragon Balls are used too much”

“What consequences” Dende asked, puzzled.

Namekians have been using Dragon Balls since Planet Namek’s period, but haven’t encountered any repercussions, so Dende did not quite understand what Xiaya was talking about.

Xiaya was rendered speechless, immediately losing interest.

He found that there was no way to tell the Namekians about this.

Because the Namekians are a race that can use the Dragon Balls with the permission of the Dragon God, the negative effect from making wishes is of course suppressed by the Dragon God.

The mighty powers of Dragon God Zalama can destroy a universe by flipping a hand, so suppressing a small amount of evil energy is, of course, nothing difficult.

But Earth’s Dragon Balls are not the same.

In this Galactic World where the divine system and laws are quite weak, the negative energy produced by Earth’s Dragon Balls has to be borne by the people of Earth themselves.

Both the Black Smoke Shenron and the Shadow Dragon will be born eventually.

As the old Supreme Kai said, Dragon Balls are ominous objects; except for Namekians, no one is allowed to use them.

It should be said that it is really very lucky that the Shadow Dragon appeared during the time when Goku and the others exist.

After all, this era at least has experts like Goku and the others.

After talking with Dende for a while, Xiaya shook his head and left the Lookout.

When he entered the mortal world again, Xiaya frowned, keenly discovering that a little change had occurred in the depths of the Earth.

A faintly discernible evil aura was hidden among the crowd.

Calculating the time, it is now the ninth month since Goku and the others set out to find the 7 Black Star Dragon Balls.

Baby should have sneaked on Earth.

“It seems that this is Baby’s energy.”

He slightly frowned.

Baby coming to Earth means that the storyline of the “Baby Saga” is about to begin.

The storyline of the “Baby Saga” is about the Machine Mutant Baby who, after being chased by Goku and others in the universe, snuck to Earth, and then possessed and controlled all the warriors so as to take revenge on the Saiyans.

At the ending of the story, it was not until Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 4 that he was finally defeated.

According to the storyline, now Goten, Gohan, Vegeta and others will successively be possessed and controlled by Baby.

But, Baby’s true identity is a clone who had inherited the Tuffle King’s memories and DNA and was created by Dr.


The moment he was born, he killed Dr.

Myuu, who created him.

Towards Saiyans, who took away his homeworld, Planet Plant, he felt loathing from the bottom of his heart.

So he wants to control all the Earthlings and the Saiyans on Earth and take revenge on Goku and others.

Should Xiaya lend a hand

Baby was very weak in the early days and he could kill him with just one finger.

If he allows him to grow in strength, it would be a little troublesome.

But immediately he dismissed this idea, because he can only stay in this world for six months, and now there are less than three months left.

The survival of this world doesn’t seem to be his business.

Moreover, he came to this world to seek a breakthrough opportunity.

Each world has its own fate.

He just wants to see how powerful Baby is at the end.

“Earthlings of this world, I can only say I’m sorry to you.”

Quietly concealing his aura, Xiaya hid in a remote place.

A few days later, as the storyline developed, Baby continued to grow stronger and then used living eggs to control most of the Earthlings.

He first took possession of Goten, and then taking it as a stepping stone, entered Gohan and Vegeta’s bodies in succession.

Vegeta was possessed by Baby and turned into Super Baby.

“He he he, so powerful! Vegeta’s body is really perfect.” Baby, who successfully seized control of Vegeta’s body, laughed wildly with an evil smile on his face.

Soon, Baby calmed down and prepared to control all the people on Earth and then take revenge against the Saiyans.

But the current Baby is still not in the strongest form, so he controlled Goten, Gohan, and Bulla and absorbed their powers into his body.

After absorbing their powers, Baby’s form began to change.

Finally, he transformed into a silver-haired and red-pupiled man with blood red-colored lines on his forehead, chin and eyeballs.

Xiaya, who was hiding in a secret place, watched quietly.

When Baby transformed into Super Baby 2, Xiaya was inwardly surprised.

Baby’s transformation process exceedingly resembled the Saiyan God transformation, but Baby did not reach the level of a Super Saiyan God, merely reaching Super Baby 2.


Maybe with his power, he can fight me.”

Xiaya touched his chin.

Unable to endure anymore, he decided to step forward to fight him.

“Who” Baby yelled loudly when he felt someone approaching.

A bright light flashed and a man with a perfectly proportioned figure appeared in front of Baby.

Xiaya looked at Super Baby 2 condescendingly.

“Master, this person is called Xiaya, who very easily defeated Vegeta,” Goten bowed and said respectfully.

Hearing Goten’s words, Baby’s pupils shrank, and in Vegeta’s memory, he searched for the scenes of the battle on the Sacred World of the Kai.

This is terrible.

Looking at the scenes, it seems this black-haired young man is quite strong.

Baby compared himself with Xiaya and suddenly became fearful of the black-haired young man.

“Your name is Xiaya, right Are you interested in becoming my subordinate” Baby persuaded him kindly.

“Becoming a mindless puppet Not interested.” Xiaya shook his head disdainfully at Baby.

Baby’s gloomy face sank and an evil and restless aura couldn’t help but emit from him.

The clouds in the sky disappeared without a trace, like waves crashing against the beach and wiping out all traces when the water receded.

“It seems you are courting death.” Baby smiled evilly.

With a wave of his hand, Goten, Gohan, and Bulla moved closer, then attacked Xiaya.

There are living eggs in all the controlled people, and all their thoughts and actions are controlled by Baby.

Faced with the attacks from Goten and others, Xiaya smacked his lips and swayed his body without dodging and avoided their attacks, then crossed two of his fingers into a sword and tapped their necks twice.

Goten, Gohan, and Bulla immediately lost consciousness and fell from the sky.

“Pa, pa!” He heard sounds of clapping.

Baby’s face was dark, his gaze focused on Xiaya.

“You’re quite powerful.

You defeated Gohan and others so easily.

It’s unfortunate that a powerful person like you can’t be my subordinate, so I can only reluctantly kill you.”

“I’m afraid you aren’t capable of that.”

Xiaya’s lips twitched.

This Baby is too arrogant.

To deal with Gohan and Goten who had slackened in their training, he didn’t need to use much strength.

Suddenly, silver lightning flashed by and the air solidified.

As Xiaya and Baby faced each other, a dense aura spread out, and the earth shook.

Clang, clang… Clang!

Their bodies flashed at the same time; they were so fast as if they were moving at a speed faster than the speed of light.

Bang, their fists collided, and at the place where their fists collided, besides the eruption in the plane where the two fists collided, there were no earth-shaking and dazzling lights, no gorgeous and stunning special effects.

There was only plain and straightforward impact.

Whoosh, the two of them backed away.

Xiaya took a few dozen steps back in astonishment before managing to stop with difficulty.

This Baby’s strength is quite good.

But Baby’s face was gloomy, and his face became distorted.

“Well, well, well, your strength has quite exceeded my expectations.

Even Goku is not your match.”


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