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After leaving the Sacred World of the Kai, Xiaya and others returned to Earth together.

Piccolo had only come to find out about Xiaya’s identity and left by himself after realizing that Xiaya would not harm Earth.

After that, Goten also left with his girlfriend.

At the evening dinner party, Bulma invited the couple, Gohan and Videl, and Krillin’s family also came.

Seeing the familiar but older-looking faces appear before his eyes in the other world, Xiaya lamented the fearfulness of time.

Even someone as powerful as Vegeta was slowly showing signs of aging.

In the face of time, no one can escape the baptism of time unless it is a True God.

When Xiaya was feeling emotional, a green-skinned young man walked to his side.

It was Dende, the current Kami of earth.

“What’s the matter” Xiaya asked, looking at the adult Namekian, who looked somewhat similar to Nail and Piccolo.

Dende asked, “Is Mr.

Xiaya related to the dragon race I can sense the traces of dragon’s aura on your body.”

Looking at Dende in surprise, Xiaya smiled.

Perhaps because of his ability to make dragon balls and staying in Dragon Realm for a long time, Xiaya’s body was more or less tainted with aura of the dragon race.

Should he say that he is really an excellent dragon He was able to sense the faint dragon aura on his body.

“Yes, I trained for a while in the place where the dragons live.”

“Wow, are there other dragons in the universe” Dende suddenly became lively and asked Xiaya about the other dragons.

Strictly speaking, the Namekians are just a race that has obtained a gift from the Dragon God and are not counted as a real dragon race.

Xiaya answered Dende’s questions one by one.

When it reached midnight, the dinner party was over and the crowd dispersed while Xiaya moved into the cabin arranged for him by the Bulma family.

Next day.

The day dawned, and when Xiaya got up, Vegeta was already training in the Gravity Machine.

People like Vegeta who insist on training hard every day are really rare.

Xiaya doesn’t think that he could be as hardworking as Vegeta.

Seeing Xiaya coming over, Vegeta turned off the Gravity Machine and walked out with a wet towel draped over his shoulder.

“Do you exercise like this every day”

“Of course, only a strong body can support a stronger transformation.” Saying that, Vegeta went to eat breakfast.

Xiaya nodded slightly.

He also did this kind of training before, but he couldn’t see any difference between the two sides from this.

If he wants to find the difference between the two universe’s Saiyans, then the only thing he can say is the tail.

In multiverse, a Saiyan’s tail is only effective in the early stages.

This has already been experimented on Planet Hongshan.

The Great Ape transformation will no longer work after a certain Battle Power level is reached.

Therefore, the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan are the same as Universe 6’s Saiyans in that they have put their sights on training their own strength.

But in this world, a Saiyan’s tail seems to be still effective.

Although none of the Saiyans on Earth currently have a tail, according to his memories, the tail plays a vital role in the Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

“From the very beginning, the Saiyans of two worlds have been walking on two different paths.”

If he must say, then the laws of the world would be different.

If in the multiverse world, where the power system is complete and laws are intact, the only way to become strong is to pursue the Divine Realm and even ascend to become a True God, then in the Galactic World, pursuit of body’s limits is the development path of this universe’s Saiyans.

“One is the laws of the realm and the other is the body’s limit.

It is difficult to judge which is strong and which is weak.” Xiaya scratched his head in confusion, as if there were countless ants crawling in his heart.

It should be said that the multiverse system is complete and once trained to the end, the life span and realm will be improved, but the difficulty is that such a path is full of thorns.

Whereas, the physical path is easy to learn but hard to master.

When breaking through the limits of the body one at a time, often before reaching the peak of life, the lifespan would be exhausted.

Someone like Goku who had the opportunity to merge with the Dragon Balls at the end is quite rare.

Thinking of this, Xiaya let go of his worries.

No matter which one is strong or weak among them, it will be clear after Super Saiyan 4 appears a few months later.

Xiaya remembered that he could stay in this world for only six months.

At that time, who knows to what stage the storyline would have developed, so he chose to remain a bystander.

If because of his involvement the development path of Vegeta or Goku has deviated, then when a powerful enemy appears after his departure, it will actually harm them.

Time passed little by little, and three months passed by quickly.

Gradually, the day arrived when Baby will show up.

One day, Xiaya came to Mount Paozu, Gohan’s home.

Looking like a scholar, Gohan, wearing black-rimmed glasses, appeared to receive Xiaya.

Xiaya was heartbroken that a talented martial artist had become a scholar.

No matter how good his knowledge is, what’s the use of it if he is unable to protect his planet


Xiaya, what can I do for you” He brought out two cups of black tea and placed one in front of Xiaya.

“Gohan, you were a good fighter, but you became a scholar.

Is this really good”

Gohan took a sip of the black tea.

This conversation, Piccolo and Vegeta had already lectured him about it many times.

He smiled and said, “There is nothing wrong with it.

Being a scholar has always been my dream!”

He has never been willing to fight so many battles since childhood.

“But what if the world is about to get into a crisis soon”

“Crisis” Gohan smiled and shook his head.

Even the most powerful evil Buu has been annihilated.

How could there still be a crisis.

Seeing Gohan’s stubborn look, Xiaya sighed in disappointment.

You aren’t a fish, so how would you know the joy of a fish.

Perhaps as he said, his ambition was not to become a warrior from the beginning.

Ever since he was little, Gohan has always been forced to fight.

“Oh, then, do your best.”

Without saying any more, he stayed in Gohan’s house for a while and then took his leave soon after.

The real warriors have always been pure-blood Saiyans.

Gohan and Goten have no possibility of becoming warriors.

This is why Planet Hongshan is not against Saiyan and Earthling hybrids, but they also do not advocate it.

Although hybrid Saiyans gain great potential from the beginning, they also lose the hot-bloodedness of Saiyans.

After leaving Gohan’s house, Xiaya went straight to Lookout to look for Dende about something.

High in the sky, in the endless blue sky, the red hemispherical-shaped Lookout was floating.

When Xiaya entered Lookout, Dende and Mr.

Popo were waiting in the Lookout’s square.


Xiaya, you came to the Lookout for something” After knowing that Xiaya has the aura of dragon race, Dende naturally felt close to him.

“I came to ask about the Black Star Dragon Balls,” Xiaya stated his purpose.

Dende nodded and glanced at Mr.

Popo to leave.

Dende said, “The Black Star Dragon Balls were created by the previous Kami before he became Kami.

Because of the evil thoughts in his heart, the Dragon Balls created were also evil and the stars inside are black.”

“It was because of the creator’s evil thoughts and not the negative energy” Xiaya was stunned.

He seemed to have confused the Red Shenron summoned by the Seven Black Star Dragon Balls with the Black Smoke Shenron.

The Red Shenron is an enormous dragon that appears when summoned by the Black Star Dragon Balls.

It is huge and its head is the size of the Lookout.

Of course, it is still incomparable with the Golden-Flame Shenron created by Xiaya himself which similarly disperses throughout the universe (galaxy-size).

Golden-Flame Shenron are able to circle the Earth once.

The Red Shenron appeared at the beginning of “Dragon Ball GT”.

Pilaf and his gang had snuck into the Lookout and found the Black Star Dragon Balls and then summoned it, mistakenly wishing, which turned Goku into a child.

However the Black Smoke Shenron is the dragon summoned using the cracked Dragon Balls.

It is formed by the aggregation of negative energies.

Its black body is very enormous, and he has a cigarette dangling in his mouth.

In the “Shadow Dragon Saga”, Black Smoke Shenron split into seven Shadow Dragons, each of which is very powerful.

Because Xiaya’s memory of “Dragon Ball GT” is a bit vague, he confused the origin of the Red Shenron with Black Smoke Shenron.


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