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Facing Vegeta’s powerful attack, Xiaya’s eyes flashed and he nodded inwardly before leaning forward without any intention of dodging it.


When Vegeta’s fist was about to land, Xiaya raised his hand and a mysterious force transmitted through the air.

The entire space froze, as if a layer of sticky and moist silk threads had bound his hands and feet.

Vegeta’s countenance abruptly changed and he retreated quickly.

After landing, he bounded forward again.

This time Vegeta’s attack was even more swift and violent.

Silver electric arcs crackled, the rumbling sound passing through the air made people feel cold.

Vegeta and Xiaya started fighting, lightning flickering.

They were moving quickly, disappearing and suddenly appearing in another place.

The unshakeable Sacred World of the Kai creaked at this time, two golden energies moving with varying speed.

Immediately, huge craters appeared on the Sacred World of the Kai.

Earth-shaking energy intertwined together, the vigorous aura forming numerous world-class storms.

Frightening everyone present, it seems like the Sacred World of the Kai was on the verge of breaking apart.

“So fast!”

Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky, but apart from afterimages, there was hardly anything they could see.

Piccolo and Goten tried their best to see their fight, but Kibito Kai, Bulla and the others weren’t able to see anything.

Finally, the old Supreme Kai took out his magic tool, the crystal ball, and they gathered around it to watch.

“So powerful!” Piccolo’s throat quivered.

This kind of high-level fight is extremely rare.

They are so fast that even he can’t even see their movements.

He also wants to join in, but sadly discovered that he had unknowingly fallen behind too much.

“Unbelievable, that Saiyan is so much stronger than Vegeta.”

“Yeah, he is clearly still so young!”

Vegeta’s green eyes showed crazed battle intent.

“I haven’t seen this Super Saiyan Form of yours before.

Your Battle Power is clearly very high, but it is so restrained that I almost wasn’t able to detect it.

How did you train”

“Come, let me see how strong the Super Saiyan from another world is!” Vegeta roared with laughter.

“As you wish.” Xiaya’s black hair fluttered in the air, his eyes shining brightly as he answered boldly.

Then, the shining halo trembled and a much more powerful aura erupted out from him.

“Rumble…” The air in the atmosphere dispersed and a dim brilliance dissipated all the energy of Vegeta.

“Good!” Vegeta, who was in his peak state was shocked, but the look on his face was of even more excitement.

He knew that he was probably not Xiaya’s match, but so what Wasn’t a fight to his heart’s content what he was after

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The air pressure created a trembling sound.

Piccolo and Goten both looked frightened and Kibito Kai stood somewhat dumbly in his place.

“Xiaya’s Ki is very restrained.

It doesn’t seem to be as bold and unrestrained as Uncle Vegeta, but it beats him in terms of quality.” Goten’s eyes shone brightly, a shocked look on his face.

“Vegeta is in trouble.” Piccolo looked solemn.

With the burden of Super Saiyan 2 transformation, Vegeta cannot fight for a long time.

But that Saiyan had a calm look on his face from the beginning.

Could it be there is no burden from his transformation

It was easy to judge who was much stronger.

“But… how did that Saiyan train” Xiaya was so powerful that it was difficult for everyone to assess Xiaya.

“Dad is going to lose” Bulla clenched her fist unwillingly.

Valese had long been at a loss.

Vegeta, who was floating in the sky, had begun to gasp but he shouted arrogantly, “Let’s use our strongest move to determine the outcome of the fight.

Receive my attack.”

“Final Flash!”

The vigorous power emitted out from between his palms, the terrifying energy condensing together.

The aura emitted was as if one move would cause the world to regress back to the chaotic era.

Facing Vegeta’s attack which was formed from condensing all of his energy, Xiaya smiled without any change in his expression.

“Space Shackles.”

He didn’t try to dodge, nor did he use his energy to counterattack.

It was such a light counterattack.

Vegeta froze and his attack stopped abruptly.

No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t move even one step forward.

All of his energy dissipated into nothingness.

“How can this be Dad’s attack had no effect!” Bulla cried out loudly with a hard to accept look on her face.

“Yeah, what the hell is going on”

Everyone wondered if their eyes were playing tricks.

Although they had all guessed that Vegeta would likely lose, Vegeta is at least also a Super Saiyan, and shouldn’t have lost so inexplicably.

Vegeta is an expert much more powerful than Majin Buu!

However, hard reality lay before their eyes without any suspense.

Apart from indescribable astonishment, they had no other thoughts in their minds.

“Super Saiyans in the other world are so powerful” Such a thought flashed in Goten’s mind.

“I lost!” Vegeta sighed and withdrew from Super Saiyan state.

“I didn’t expect anyone besides Kakarrot to be able to defeat me.” Actually, in Vegeta’s heart, it’s still not certain whether he or Goku is more powerful.

But this time he had indeed lost, there was nothing to not accept about it.

“You are also not bad.

Your Super Saiyan transformation has also surprised me a lot.”

He was also inwardly shocked that Vegeta could exhibit such Battle Power with Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

“If you lose, you lose.

Can you tell me how much strength you used just now” After wiping the sweat off his face, Vegeta exercised his wrists and turned to ask Xiaya.

“…” Xiaya was silent and did not answer.

Vegeta laughed at himself.

It seems that there is still a big disparity between them!

In fact, Vegeta is already very powerful, almost on par with Xiaya’s Super Saiyan 3 state, but Xiaya had gone through the training of God of Destruction’s Planet and Dragon Realm.

His Ultimate State is much more suitable for protracted battles.

Facing Xiaya, there is no chance for Vegeta to win by himself.

“The Super Saiyan path I took is different from yours, so in order to seek breakthroughs, I came to your world,” Xiaya said.

Hearing Xiaya’s words, Vegeta felt a bit emotional.

It turns out that Saiyans in the other world were already ahead of them in developing a new training path.

In order to not fall behind, he had to work harder.

There is now one more target he needs to surpass.

Of course, he has to develop a new training path on the currently existing foundation!

“There was Kakarrot before, but now there is one more Xiaya.

Perhaps, there is a higher level breakthrough above Super Saiyan 3.

It’s just that my body already can’t bear the energy of Super Saiyan 3.

How can I continue to grow stronger” Vegeta’s mind was in a mess.

He shook his head and put this annoying matter aside for now.

He invited Xiaya to his home as a guest.

“Kakarrot and Trunks have gone to the universe to find the 7 Black Star Dragon Balls.

Why don’t you come to my house, let’s properly discuss about training…”

“I also have the same idea!” Xiaya happily accepted.

He has come to this world just so as to learn about the different paths of Saiyans.

Where could it be more suitable than by Vegeta’s side!

The two of them chatted happily, and then landed in front of Goten and others.

“That Xiaya is very powerful, maybe even Goku is not his match.

The disparity is too big.” Piccolo shook his head and sighed.

Not only in terms of strength, but also in terms of realm.

He now does not even have the courage to make a move.

On the side, Bulla, who was in her prime, puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Dad only lost by accident.”


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