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A few seconds later, Earth.

In a small city on the outskirts of West City.

Xiaya appeared in a narrow alley, then he turned around and casually walked out onto the street.

“Goku and Trunks should have already left Earth by spaceship, and there should only be a few experts like Vegeta, Gohan, and Goten left on Earth.” Recalling the plot of Dragon Ball GT, Xiaya began to search for Vegeta and others’ auras.

Because the world was different, Vegeta and others Ki should have undergone some changes, so Xiaya could not find them immediately.

“I can’t find Vegeta and others Ki.” Xiaya smiled.

He was looking for Universe 7’s Vegeta and others’ auras, but since he couldn’t find them, he immediately began to search for the most powerful Ki on Earth.

Soon, one powerful Ki entered Xiaya’s sensing range.

“The strongest one should be Vegeta, then Gohan, Majin Buu… Oh, there is a slightly powerful Ki ten kilometers away.”

Xiaya opened his eyes, a bright light flashed in his eyes, and then he soared into the sky before flying towards the place ten kilometers away.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Xiaya arrived in the sky above a medium-sized city.

Floating high in the air, he locked onto an aura below and descended.

On the bustling street, the pedestrians were hurrying along to begin the new day’s work.

At the door of a flower shop, a young man with short-hair was holding the hand of a girl with brown wavy and curly hair.

“Valese, how about these flowers” The short-haired young man picked up a bunch of flowers.

The brown curly-haired girl Valese happily clapped her hands and took the flowers from the short-haired youth’s hand.

Just then, he suddenly sensed that a powerful aura was approaching.

The short-haired youth’s expression changed and he unconsciously pulled Valese behind him and looked around nervously.

“Goten, what happened” Valese asked in confusion.

Goten gestured to her to be quiet, his eyes darting around in all directions.

Valese paused and cautiously nestled against Goten’s back.

She is a girl with very strict upbringing.

Everyday, she must return home before five o’clock in the evening.

She has never even eaten ice cream before, but she is actually a super rich miss like Bulma and Videl.

She knows that Goten is a very good martial artist, so when Goten acted like he was facing a formidable enemy, she knew something must have happened.

At this time, Goten who was beside her raised his head and saw Xiaya.

“Boy, you’ve pretty good senses.”

Immediately there was a flash of light and Xiaya appeared beside Goten and Valese.

Goten was taken aback by Xiaya’s speed and immediately adopted an imposing look, warily staring at Xiaya.

“Goten” Xiaya asked.

“Who are you”

“It seems like you are really Goten.”

Xiaya looked at Goten with a frown.

With Goten’s talent, it took so many years for him to have this strength.

It seems that this world has really been peaceful for too long, making them slack with their training.

“Who are you I haven’t seen you before,” Goten asked in a sinking voice.

Xiaya was giving him a bad feeling.

It seemed to be a natural suppression, causing him to have goosebumps all over his body.

If there’s a fight, he doesn’t know what will happen.

Seeing Goten’s guarded look, Xiaya smiled and said calmly, “It is really embarrassing that you have only trained to Super Saiyan level.

Okay, retract your Ki away.”

“You know about Super Saiyan” Goten asked doubtfully.

There are not many people on Earth who know about Super Saiyan, especially since people all over the world firmly believe that Satan was the one who saved the world.

The blonde-hair and green-eyed Super Saiyan has been almost reduced to the nickname of a special effects actor.

Xiaya nodded and cleared up Goten’s doubts, “Of course, I know about Super Saiyan, because I am also a Super Saiyan.”

“Impossible, there is no one like you among the Super Saiyans on Earth…” Before he could finish speaking, Goten was stunned, because Xiaya had transformed into Super Saiyan in front of him.

Blonde-hair, green eyes and golden aura.

“You… are really a Super Saiyan!!” Goten was astonished.

The Super Saiyan transformation cannot be faked.

After Xiaya transformed into Super Saiyan in front of him, he already believed in Xiaya’s words.

But don’t know why, Xiaya’s aura after transforming into Super Saiyan is a bit different from what he knows.

At the same time, the Z Warriors located everywhere on Earth also sensed this aura.

In a remote canyon, Piccolo, wearing a white cloak and a hat on his head, suddenly turned his gaze to the direction of West City.

“This powerful Ki, is this a new enemy No, their aura is not evil.” Shaking his head, Piccolo stood up with shining eyes, and then soared into the sky before flying towards West City.

In another small town, the grey-bearded Krillin’s eyes suddenly widened, causing the blond-haired girl Marron to look at her father.

At this time, the short-haired Android 18 walked out of the house, “What happened”

A slightly older looking Krillin shook his head, “It’s nothing, a powerful aura has appeared on Earth.”

“Oh, now that you are already old, don’t go show off anymore.”

After saying that, 18 once again entered the house.

“You’re right!” Krillin laughed self-deprecatingly.

It’s the age of young people now.

Older people like him should follow the tide and retreat from the front lines.

West City, Hoi-Poi Capsule headquarters.

Just as Vegeta wiped his sweat and walked out of the training room, Xiaya’s aura caught his attention.

“Is this a Super Saiyan No, a Super Saiyan’s Ki isn’t like that,” Shaking his head, Vegeta muttered inwardly.

A Super Saiyan’s aura should be more wild.

Although this aura is very strong, it’s too stable.


After cancelling his transformation, Xiaya looked at Goten calmly.

“Wow, he transformed.

Was that an illusion just now” Valese tugged Goten’s arm in amazement, her eyes shining brightly.

Gently stroking Vallese’s head, Goten signalled her to quiet down, and then looked at Xiaya.

“Where are you from Only Uncle Vegeta and I, we two should be the only Super Saiyans on Earth.”

“I’ve come from outside Earth, and just like Vegeta, am a pure blood Saiyan,” Xiaya said casually.

Goten frowned.

Are there still pure blood Saiyans in this era He glanced at Xiaya’s young and energetic face. He is probably about the same age as me

“What is your purpose in coming to Earth”

“He he, if you want to talk about my purpose, I just came to meet the Saiyans here.

Right now the most powerful Saiyan on Earth should be Vegeta, right I am looking for him to exchange pointers.

Do you want to come together with me and take a look”

Xiaya wanted to further learn about the Saiyans in this world through fighting.

Seeing that Xiaya wanted to challenge Uncle Vegeta, Goten stared at him for a good while.

Fifteen years ago, during the Majin Buu incident, his father Goku was a Super Saiyan 3, and Vegeta was at the peak of Super Saiyan 2.

Fifteen years later, Vegeta has become even stronger.

In Goten’s impression, apart from his father Goku, no one is Vegeta’s match.

The young man in front of him wanted to challenge Vegeta.

He thinks that it is better to persuade Xiaya to dispel this unrealistic thought.

After thinking about it, Goten tried to persuade Xiaya, “Uncle Vegeta is very strong, you aren’t his match.”

“Ha ha ha, it’s hard to say who will win and who will lose.” Xiaya’s expression remained unchanged as his eyes stared into the distance, his words were full of confidence.

Goten held his head, feeling that his good intentions were not being understood by Xiaya.


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