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Xiaya leisurely walked out of the crack in space and immediately a majestic pressure enveloped the entire Sacred World of the Kai.

As the space shook, the periphery of the region looked to be on the verge of collapse.

Kibito Kai and the old Supreme Kai’s eyes widened and their faces turned stiff with an incredulous expression.

Kibito Kai’s face turned pale and he reacted, asking with a trembling voice, “Who are you and what is your purpose for entering the Sacred World of the Kai”

“East Supreme Kai…no, Kibito Kai!” From the corner of his eye, he glanced at the Kibito Kai, who looked a lot like the East Supreme Kai, before turning to look at the old Supreme Kai and smiled.

Xiaya was quite familiar with these two people.

Right now, East Supreme Kai and Kibito have merged into Kibito Kai; moreover, there is also old Supreme Kai here, indicating that this world is currently at least in the era after the Majin Buu Saga.

“Didn’t you just mention the Black Star Dragon Balls Tell me in detail.” Xiaya glanced at the Sacred World of the Kai with a calm look, turned around and asked Kibito Kai.

Xiaya vaguely realized that he seemed to have come to a world similar to “Dragon Ball GT”.

Kibito Kai swallowed.

The pressure given by Xiaya made him speechless.

At this moment, the old Supreme Kai on the side reacted, his aged face carrying a surprised look as he asked, “You are not a mortal.

Why is there a divine aura on your body”

The old Supreme Kai could judge at a glance that the unfamiliar man in front of him was very strong and his strength was terrifyingly even higher than Majin Buu.

It’s too terrifying.

Who is he and why does he exude divine aura

And this is not ordinary divine aura, at least… it’s Supreme Kai level.

Is he also a Supreme Kai

The old Supreme Kai’s body trembled unconsciously, looking at Xiaya in shock.

Supreme Kai

It’s not possible, right

Kibito Kai opened his mouth to say something but he immediately calmed down as he had also distinguished the divine aura on Xiaya.

For a while, he was a little dumbfounded.

He knew that there were only 2 Supreme Kais, him and the old Supreme Kai, so when did another Supreme Kai-level god appear in the universe

What they didn’t know was that because the Galactic Universe was too small, there was no Grand Kai above the four Kais, instead there was only Supreme Kai.

The territory of ​​the Sacred World of the Kai was also reduced a lot.

In this world, the power of Supreme Kai is only equivalent to the Grand Kai of Universe 7.

Xiaya has experienced the trial of the Creating God Star in the God of Destruction’s Planet of Universe 7 and his aura is not weaker than the Grand Kai.

So he was mistaken for a Supreme Kai by the old Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai.

“Tell me about the situation on your side,” Xiaya said.

“It’s like this.

Six months ago, someone on Earth used the Black Star Dragon Balls that violated the rules.

After the seven Black Star Dragon Balls were used, they scattered throughout the universe.

If the seven Black Star Dragon Balls are not again collected within a year, the planet where the wish was granted will be destroyed…”

Although he was confused at Xiaya’s intentions for coming, Kibito Kai still honestly explained the situation.

Xiaya listened seriously while determining his future plan.

From Kibito Kai’s explanation, the current period seems to be the beginning of “Dragon Ball GT”.

The seven Black Star Dragon Balls have already been used and they have scattered throughout the entire universe.

Goku and the others are traveling around looking for the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Does it mean Goku has already been turned into a child by the red dragon

“According to the storyline, there will soon be a crisis on Earth, and Goku and the others will transform into Ape Form Super Saiyan 4…”

Xiaya scratched his head.

He didn’t know much about the plot of Dragon Ball GT because it was not particularly mainstream.

Apart from knowing some brief information, he has almost forgotten about the details of the storyline.

However, Goku and Vegeta can transform into Ape Form Super Saiyan 4, that he knows.

Super Saiyan 4, is it the different path that the Four-Star Dragon God talked about No.

Xiaya shook his head.

As Super Saiyan 4 has not yet appeared, even the Dragon God cannot know about it in advance.

It seems that the difference lies in another domain.

Maybe starting from the Super Saiyan transformation, there will be different domains, but he will have to distinguish between them.

“Um… Mister, which god are you”

Old Supreme Kai’s voice interrupted Xiaya’s contemplation.

Xiaya came out of his musings and looked at Kibito Kai and the old Supreme Kai.

“I am not any god, I am just a mortal walking on the path to become a god.”

“How is it possible Your aura clearly contains divinity,” Kibito Kai said in surprise.

Xiaya mysteriously smiled.

“A real ‘God’ is far more profound than you can imagine.”

In Xiaya’s eyes, only existences who can control laws like the multiverse’s God of Destruction, Supreme Kai, the Dragon Realm’s Dragon God, and the Time Realm’s Time God can be considered gods in the truest sense.

The Supreme Kai of this world is merely at a level of a Grand Kai in essence.

Although his strength is not worse than the Supreme Kai of the multiverse, his divinity and mastery of the laws is still not as good.

After hearing this, Kibito Kai’s expression turned stiff, looking a little surprised, but the old Supreme Kai had a pondering look on his face.

“Now that I have learned about the matter of the Black Star Dragon Balls, there is no meaning in staying further in the Sacred World of the Kai.

Oh, by the way, maybe we will meet again soon.

At that time, the entire universe may fall into a new crisis again…”

Leaving behind such confusing words, Xiaya turned around and immediately teleported away from the Sacred World of the Kai, leaving behind the stiff-faced Kibito Kai and the old Supreme Kai.

“Ancestor, what do the words that he said at the end mean Could it be a crisis is going to happen in the universe” Kibito asked with an incredible face.

“I don’t know.

He is too mysterious… we should pay close attention to him.”

Old Supreme Kai smacked his lips, his expression twitching.

Such a mysterious character has appeared in the smoothly-running universe, moreover he was so weird, making them a little panicked.

They couldn’t not pay attention.

Maybe it’s really like that person said.

What is going to happen in the universe

A real God is far more profound than they can imagine.

What does it mean

It made Kibito Kai and the old Supreme Kai overly suspicious.

After Xiaya left the Sacred World of the Kai, he hurried all the way towards Earth.

The story of Dragon Ball GT started on Earth, about fifteen years after the Majin Buu incident.

It is mainly divided into “Black Star Dragon Ball Saga”, “Baby Saga”, “Super 17 Saga” and “Shadow Dragon Saga”.

The beginning of the story tells that Pilaf and his gang sneaked into Lookout and found the Black Star Dragon Balls in Lookout.

When making a wish, he mistakenly made a wish to turn Goku back into a child.

After the wish was fulfilled, the Black Star Dragon Balls scattered throughout the universe.

If the Black Star Dragon Balls couldn’t be retrieved within a year, Earth will be destroyed, so Goku brought Trunks and his granddaughter Pan on a journey to find the Dragon Balls.

The “Black Star Dragon Ball Saga” will be followed by “Baby Saga”.

It’s the story of Baby invading and ruling Earth.

Baby is a powerful lifeform created by Dr.


He has the ability to control the mind and possess a body.

In the story, after Baby came to Earth, even Super Saiyan 3 was not the match for his powerful strength, which ultimately forced Goku to rely on old Supreme Kai’s method to transform into Super Saiyan 4 and defeat him.

Now that the story has begun, the day when Super Saiyan 4 appears is getting closer.

Xiaya was very interested in Super Saiyan 4.

Although Xiaya is walking on the path of the multiverse’s gods and will not become Super Saiyan 4, as Dragon God said, it’s not bad if he can take it as a reference.

It is good for him to observe the different growing paths of Saiyans.

Super Saiyan 4 is a Great Ape transformation where it retains consciousness and then transforms from the Golden Great Ape state.

The transformation state is equivalent to the Great Ape transformation plus the Super Saiyan transformation, which is equivalent to 500 times the increase, and when it further transforms into a human form state, it increases power greatly.

It is not weaker than the Super Saiyan God transformation.

Although it is still a body transformation breakthrough, unlike Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, which are Imperfect forms, Super Saiyan 4 already means life evolution.

“The Saiyan transformation, Super Saiyan 4, in the Dragon Ball GT world relies on the tail on a Saiyan’s back, but this function of the tail seems to have disappeared in the multiverse system.”

Xiaya was flying while thinking about the difference between the two worlds.

Perhaps the systems are different.

The difference between the Saiyans of the multiverse and the Saiyans of the Dragon Realm may lie in this.

In the multiverse, the Saiyans have come from ancient times.

The Great Ape transformation is a way for Saiyans to deal with external crises in a weakened state.

It is more like a biological evolution due to external stimuli.

Like the Saiyans in Universe 6, because they are very powerful, they did not need to use the Great Ape transformation for a long time and after long-term evolution, their tails gradually disappeared.

In the universe under the Dragon Realm, a Saiyan’s tail seems to perform a different function.

In short, it is because the systems of the two worlds are different.

In the Dragon Ball GT world, after Super Saiyan 3, they took the more crude path of physical evolution.

Unless they fuse in the future like Goku in Dragon Ball, they would not be able to break away from the mortal level.

After Super Saiyan 3, the multiverse’s Saiyans can train their divinity and have some chance to get rid of their mortal state.

As Xiaya was pondering, the blue planet came into view.

Looking at Earth, which is no different from Universe 7’s Earth, Xiaya smiled, then converged his aura before turning into a beam of light, approaching Earth.


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