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For the next two months or so, Xiaya continued to fight in the arena, but the results that he was gaining were getting worse and worse.

In the end, it didn’t work, so he gave up the arena fight and turned to studying his realm.

Of course, the Dragon Realm is worthy of being a high-level world.

There are so many experts in it.

If you randomly throw a brick here, it will hit a universe-level expert.

One day, Xiaya was walking around the streets of the Dragon God Palace and unknowingly arrived in the southeast.

At this moment, he remembered Kallam, who had brought him here, and used his aura to sense for him.

“Kallam said that if I don’t understand anything, I can go look for him.

I hope he can give me some information!”

Sensing with rapt attention, a series of majestic and mighty auras entered his sensing range.

After screening them, Xiaya quickly found Kallam’s location.

Opening his eyes, Xiaya smiled slightly, and wanted to use Instant Transmission to teleport, but found that because the space in Dragon God Palace was specially stable, Instant Transmission could not be used here.

He grinned and shook his head and could only walk towards Kallam’s place.

When Xiaya found Kallam, he was giving pointers in training to the members of his race in a training hall.

After about half an hour, the crowd dispersed.

“Xiaya, what can I do for you” Seeing him once again, Kallam was surprised to discover that the strength of this young man was already comparable to his, not far from the divine realm.

Isn’t this speed of improvement too fast

Xiaya explained his purpose for coming and asked Kallam for advice, “I feel that my realm has already reached the peak, but I simply haven’t been able to step into the higher level.

I wonder if you have any methods”

“Reaching the divine realm is not easy.

Different people have different paths.

After we, the dragon race, reach the peak level, we will train the miracle power passed down from Dragon God-sama.

But this kind of power may not be suitable for Saiyans…”

Kallam hadn’t done much research on the Saiyans’ training methods.

It has to be said that the Saiyan race was not outstanding in the early stages, and it is not considered strong in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Because there are only a few warriors with a Battle Power of more than 10,000, it can only be classified as a medium-level race and cannot be compared to a high-level race like the dragon race and the Frost Demon race.

Before Goku and others were born, the Saiyans were just a “local wealthy landlord” in a small area like the Milky Way Galaxy, and were far from reaching a level where they could attract the attention of the Dragon Realm.

“Can anything be learned from the other races of Dragon Realm” Staring fixedly, Xiaya asked very seriously.

There are a lot of experts from other races who have come to the Dragon Realm, and there are even experts who are close to or have reached divine realm.

Kallam shook his head.

“I’m not sure.”

Just as Xiaya was feeling disappointed, he continued, “But maybe you can consult Teacher Dragon God, he knows a lot, and he seems to know something about you Saiyans.”

“Dragon God-sama has time” Xiaya raised his head and asked in surprise.

He knew that the Teacher Dragon God that Kallam was referring to is the Four-Star Dragon God, because here in the Dragon Territory, only the Four-Star Dragon God can be called Dragon God.

But aren’t experts like the Four-Star Dragon God normally busy with administering their respective Dragon Territory Will he have time to teach

However, the Four-Star Dragon God actually knew about Saiyans, which surprised him.

Kallam smiled and said, “You can rest assured; after all, you are someone Dragon God Zalama instructed to enter the Dragon Realm.

The Four-Star Dragon God will definitely take care of you.

You may not know, but actually, the Dragon Fist you practiced before, Teacher arranged someone to give it to you.”

“So it was like that.”

“Hmm!” Kallam smiled and nodded.

“Come with me, we will go to Teacher Dragon God’s palace now.”

After saying that, he had Xiaya follow him.

With a cheerful look on his face, Xiaya quickly followed Kallam.

Passing through the bustling crowd, as they neared Dragon God Palace, there were fewer and fewer people.

After walking for about ten minutes, a majestic palace came into view.

A vast and mighty aura swept out from the palace.

Xiaya looked apprehensive as he shockingly discovered that in front of this aura, he was so insignificant.

“This is a Dragon God’s aura” Xiaya muttered to himself with a straight face.

Besides the supreme Dragon God Zalama, the Dragon Realm has a total of seven Dragon Gods, the One-Star Dragon God to the Seven-Star Dragon God.

The first few Dragon Gods have strength no less than the Great Priest and although the remaining Dragon Gods are not as good as the Great Priest, they are still stronger than ordinary Angels.

The Dragon Gods are the Dragon Realm’s top fighting force and they are not allowed to be a sham.

“The Four-Star Dragon God is inside.

When you see Teacher Dragon God later, please be courteous.” After advising him, Kallam passed through the palace’s square.

Xiaya followed closely behind along the long, vast, and unending winding corridor for who knows how long before entering a wide-open area.

A dragon ball like the sun was hanging high above, and the light from the surrounding stars converged together into black curtain of darkness, like a vast galaxy hanging in the sky.

Xiaya’s pupils showed deep intoxication.

At this time, a dense, shocking aura swept out mightily, pressing down on his head, as heavy as a planet.

Xiaya had never felt such pressure before.

His face turned white and sparkling beads of sweat dripped down from his face.

“Saiyan Xiaya, you are here…..”

After the deep voice, a pair of golden dragon eyes which were shining brightly appeared in front of Xiaya’s eyes, and then a silhouette became more and more clear.

The Four-Star Dragon God’s towering and mountain-like body was lying horizontally in front of him.

“Hello, Four-Star Dragon God-sama,” Xiaya said politely.

“He he he, Saiyans are really interesting.

Your way to become stronger is quite unusual, Super Saiyan… it looks a little interesting, but unlike other Super Saiyans, your path is very proper.

Is it because of the different bloodline” The Four-Star Dragon God looked at Xiaya and began to discuss.

Being valued by Dragon God Zalama and invited to the Dragon Realm, the Four-Star Dragon God has long wanted to know what is so great about the Saiyan in front of him.

Seeing him, it really makes him see the difference from ordinary Saiyans.

Ordinary Saiyans, and even the Saiyans in the world under the Dragon Realm, are taking the most violent Super Saiyan path, crazily pursuing ultimate power, regardless of the limits their body can withstand.

But the person in front of him seems to be pursuing power and at the same time is also taking into account the breakthrough in realms.

In short, he is a clever little guy.

Moreover, he has both the powers of the Time Realm and the Dragon Realm.

Seeing Xiaya with his own eyes, the Four-Star Dragon God understood why Teacher Zalama treats him favourably.

In front of a Dragon God, Xiaya didn’t seem to have any secrets at all; the feeling of being completely wide open was uncomfortable.

“Dragon God, may I ask if there is any way you can help me with breaking through the current realm” Xiaya got right to the point and expressed his request.

The Four-Star Dragon God looked straight at Xiaya.

Seeing that Xiaya was a little frightened, he suddenly laughed heartily, his loud voice piercing the eardrums.

“The reason why the divine realm is called ‘Divine’ realm, beside the mysterious and profound powers of this realm, is that it is extremely difficult to train in.

It is a real ‘god’ .

Even in the Dragon Realm, there are not many people who have reached the divine realm.”


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