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There are many training halls in the Dragon God Palace and it didn’t take much effort for Xiaya to find a hall with several hundred people training.

The training hall was not large and can only be said to be medium-sized.

The hall was divided into more than a dozen venues, each built on a mountain and distributed on the rugged and steep ridge.

Each venue teaches martial arts of different levels.

When Xiaya entered one of the venues, an expert was explaining his martial art experiences.

Xiaya took a look, then sat down in the spectators stand, listening for the things useful to him.

“This person’s martial art system is unique,” After listening for a while, Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes, thinking with a chuckle.

People whose realm has reached Xiaya’s level can understand many things by listening and looking.

As the saying goes, if you can understand one method until you have achieved perfection, then you can understand all the other methods.

For example, the martial artist who was explaining on stage has strength at the level of Super Saiyan 3, which is not that much weaker compared to Xiaya.

So after listening for a while, he understood a lot of things.

About ten minutes later, Xiaya stood up and left the stands, heading towards the other venues.

There are many experts in the Dragon God Palace, most of whose strength lies between Full Power Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3.

Experts like Xiaya cannot be encountered randomly.

Next, Xiaya went to many places and learned a lot.

But for Saiyans, the best way to grow is through fighting.

So after strolling around the training hall for quite a while, Xiaya went to the arena that Kallam had mentioned to him.

The arena was thronged with a dense crowd.

At this moment, there were two dragon race members swapping pointers with each other in the arena.

Their movements were not fast, but their punches and kicks contained ample energy.

With a “crack” sound, the two of them exerted force at the same time and the flagstones at the corner of the arena suffered overwhelming force, causing them to shatter into small pieces, splashing everywhere.

“It’s like watching the World Martial Arts Tournament…” Xiaya watched intently.

Because of receiving oppression from the space, most of the experts could only exert strength at the level of Earth’s martial artists and it gives a feeling of “becoming weak”.

But actually neither of them has become weaker.

A few minutes later, the match at the arena ended, and amidst the shouts of everyone, the loser left the arena regretfully.

“I wonder who is going to challenge next I, Hal, am waiting here.” The challenger Hal has his arms bare and a few red scales on the back of his hand were shining.

Seeing no one coming up, Hal ​​laughed out loud.

Xiaya looked over with a smile, and jumped onto the arena.

“Let me try.”

“Hey, are you a newcomer I have never seen you before,” Hal looked at the unfamiliar Xiaya and asked.

Xiaya said, “Yes, I just arrived in the Dragon Realm.”

“He he he, you should train for a few years and then come back and challenge.

You can’t beat Hal,” someone in the crowd said.

“He is just a human, how can he win.”

“Hal has studied under the Four-Star Dragon God-sama for many years and his strength has long surpassed most dragon race members.” Being able to learn under the Four-Star Dragon God is something that countless dragons envy.

So when these people heard that Xiaya had just arrived in the Dragon Realm, they weren’t optimistic about him.

After all, he is just a newcomer.

Just like when they first arrived in the Dragon Realm, they thought they were very powerful, and the result was that they were cruelly beaten up as soon as they arrived.

This kind of thing often happens to new people.

“Rookie, be careful,” Hal said as he looked at Xiaya.

“The next round of arena challenge will begin.

Challenger…” The organizer announced and looked at Xiaya.

“Saiyan, Xiaya!” Xiaya introduced himself.

“Saiyan Xiaya challenges Dragon Hal!”

With the sound of a gong, the challenge officially began.

Seeing Xiaya’s posture, Hal was dazed for a moment before smiling, “It looks a little weak.

Anyways, the Dragon Realm is different from the universe in the mortal realm, especially in the Dragon God Palace, you will suffer from higher restrictions.”

“I’m not a weakling either,” Xiaya shook his head and chuckled.

This is a battle with only a small disparity in strength.

Xiaya’s strength, which has reached the Ultimate State, is a lot higher than that of Super Saiyan 3, but the strength that can be exerted here is not much stronger than that of Master Roshi.

On the other hand, Dragon Hal has been studying under the Four-Star Dragon God for many years and he is almost at this level.


The battle began.

Xiaya stomped on the ground and took the initiative to launch an attack.

His body accelerated suddenly.

His opponent was not ordinary, so he went all out from the beginning.

As the stones under their feet shattered, Xiaya and Hal exercised their powers at the same time.

Their palms collided, causing a small ripple to form.

Because he had responded hastily, Hal, who didn’t expect Xiaya to be so strong, was dazed for a moment.

His body trembled and he took a few steps back.

“Man! I underestimated you.” Feeling the tingling sensation coming from his arm, Hal began to face Xiaya seriously.

Bang, Bang, Bang! Fierce fighting broke out in the arena.

Xiaya and Hal continuously clashed.

Their speed had already reached a certain level.

One gold and one red – two afterimages caused a strong whirlwind to form and the explosive force caused the shattered stones to shoot out rapidly, splashing out in all directions.

“Amazing, this newcomer doesn’t seem to be ordinary.”

“I can’t believe he can fight Hal to such an extent…”

“We underestimated him.”

The people watching below all have good martial arts skills.

Although their movements were restricted, they still have keen eyes.

At a glance, they can see that the newcomer is an expert far beyond ordinary people.

“Hahaha, receive my move,” Hal laughed heartily.

He suddenly retreated a few meters and then he abruptly accelerated forward.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Xiaya, his fist flickering with golden light which was faintly accompanied by the sound of dragon roarings and tigers howling.

A golden phantom dragon shot out from the tip of his fist, the rumbling of the air splitting caused the air to tremble.

Facing Hal’s attack, Xiaya was shocked into cold sweat and leaped back more than ten meters, crossing his hands across his chest to block.

The golden phantom dragon struck, causing a strong wind to blow…

“What was that technique just now” With sweat dripping from his face, Xiaya stared at Hal in the distance with a grave expression.

He forcibly took on that phantom dragon, causing both of his arms to ache.

“As expected of an expert of the Dragon Realm, this is exactly what I need.

It seems that to finish this battle, I have to use a special move!”

Xiaya’s eyebrows bunched into a frown as he wiped the sweat from his face.

At this moment, he calmed down instead, like returning to the natural state, a mysterious and peaceful aura radiating from his body.

Hal looked at the changes happening on his opponent in surprise.

A light flashed in his eyes and he became vigilant.

“Now receive my special move, Space-time Breaking Punch!” Xiaya gave a loud shout, and suddenly a shocking aura erupted out.

Then, he waved his fist as an ice-blue energy shredded the air and immediately the Space-time Breaking Punch closely followed, causing a terrifying pressure to rise.

Everyone around the arena felt a slight chill.

“This strength is top-notch in the Dragon Realm.”

“This newcomer is so powerful…”

“Saiyans… I haven’t heard of them before!”

Everyone chatted spiritedly, slightly in disbelief; the stares that looked at Xiaya were no longer as if looking at a newcomer, instead looking at a peerless expert.

Facing the approaching frightening attack, Hal’s countenance changed abruptly.

At the critical juncture, he took a step forward, bent his body, clenched his fingers into a fist, and loudly shouted as if pronouncing a judgement.

“Exploding Dragon Fist!”

Aoooo! The golden phantom dragon soared into the sky and facing the immense power of Space-time Breaking Punch, it struck.

“Rumble…” Fiery energy erupted from the impact point, as if the energy from a huge nuclear bomb’s eruption was compressed into one point and then exploded quickly.

The fierce and bloodthirsty aura was like the end had arrived.


The smoke pervading everywhere gradually dissipated and the flagstones on the arena broke into tiny pieces.

Everyone was shocked as they saw that the place where Xiaya and Hal were standing was covered with cracks, collapsing downward.

You know, this is in the Dragon God Palace; all powers were suppressed by some mysterious aura.


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