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“Sure enough, he is someone valued by Dragon God-sama.

He is different from common experts.” Kallam’s expression changed and he brought Xiaya into the dense forest in front of the Dragon God Palace.

In the forest, Xiaya could vaguely see martial artists with their upper bodies bared as they trained intensely and there were “bang, bang, bang” fighting sounds erupting out from time to time.

“They are all dragons living in the Dragon Realm, and of course there are also martial artists from various worlds like you,” Kallam explained as they passed through the forest.

Xiaya nodded in understanding with an odd look on his face.

Within a very short time after entering the Dragon Realm, he had roughly understood the situation.

Under the Dragon Realm system, there were also countless universes.

However, compared to the twelve universes in the multiverse, the universes under the Dragon Realm were much smaller.

After a while, Kallam and Xiaya stopped in front of the Dragon God Palace.

“This is the Dragon God Palace.

There are many dragon race experts as well as the Four-Star Dragon God living here…you will train here in the future.” When he mentioned the Four-Star Dragon God, Kallam’s expression was full of reverence.

“Four-Star Dragon God” Xiaya muttered.

“Yes, the Four-Star Dragon God is a disciple of the mighty Dragon God Zalama-sama and is one of the few people in the entire Dragon Realm who is most qualified to be addressed as Dragon God besides Dragon God-sama.”

Dragon God Zalama has a total of seven disciples and the Four-Star Dragon God is one of them.

They control the entire eastern Dragon Territory.

Their strength is far above the God of Destruction and even an Angel will have difficulty winning against them.

They are one of the people who can suppress the entire Dragon Realm and its subordinate universes.

Stepping into the Dragon God Palace, the scenery in front of Xiaya suddenly changed and the magnificent palace turned into something else.

What appeared in front of Xiaya was a huge city full of primitive aura.

Buildings with strange designs and artistic aura were scattered about like stars in the sky.

At the center, a few dragons were flying in the air and some were playing with beads.

With five claws stretched out, they were surrounding a huge orange-red dragon ball.

The dragon ball was very big and was emitting warm light like the sun.

A primitive, vast and majestic aura assaulted his face and even with Xiaya’s profound Ultimate State, he felt insignificant.

“There are many training halls and fighting arenas in the Dragon God Palace.

You might try when you have time.

Fighting is the best way to promote growth.” Kallam thought Xiaya didn’t know this, so he explained to him.

Xiaya smiled happily.

“You don’t know, we Saiyans are called the Fighting Race.

Fighting is the strong point of our race.”

Kallam was stunned for a while before saying with a smile, “That’s right, you can look for me if you don’t understand something at any time.

I live in the southeast side of the Dragon God Palace.

I think you can find me easily with your ability to sense aura.”

“Thank you!” Xiaya said politely.

After separating from Kallam, Xiaya strolled alone on the streets of the Dragon God Palace.

Most of the pedestrians who passed by were from the dragon race, with a dragon’s aura exuding from them.

Of course, there were also many experts from other worlds like him.

It’s just that in the Dragon God Palace, the power these people can exert is limited.

According to his estimate, his level is still not at the peak here, but at least it is in the top level.

After all, the overall level of the Dragon Realm is comparable to the multiverse; even if there is a disparity, the difference is limited.

Dragon God Zalama is undoubtedly at Zeno’s level, and from the seven Dragon God elders under him, ranging from the One-Star Dragon God to Seven-Star Dragon God, the Dragon God elders near the top ranking are probably equal to the Great Priest and the rest are also more powerful than ordinary Angels.

As for the few peak dragon race members, their strength lies between the God of Destruction and the Angels.

Xiaya believes that his power is top-notch in Universe 7, but he is far from reaching the realm of the Super Saiyan God, and he dare not say how powerful he can become.

Although he won’t be sent flying with just one finger of the God of Destruction like Super Saiyan 3 Goku, the Ultimate Realm is only a small level higher than Super Saiyan 3.

In the Dragon Realm, where experts are as common as clouds and people at Super Saiyan level are as numerous as dogs, Xiaya estimates that he can only be regarded as an ordinary expert and definitely not ranked at the top.

While this gives Xiaya a lot of pressure, it also gives him a lot of motivation.

The desire to battle in his Saiyan bloodline was vastly amplified.

At this moment, he was full of enthusiasm and the blood flow in his veins accelerated.

He yearns for a fiery battle.

“This is simply a paradise for the strong.

Maybe it can allow me to go one step further and achieve Super Saiyan God.” The corners of Xiaya’s mouth rose and bent into an arc.

Above the Ultimate Realm, there is naturally the legendary Super Saiyan God realm.

This is a very high divine realm.

Although it is not a true god with a divine status like the God of Destruction, it can at least be called a “demi-god”.

To become a Super Saiyan God, there are two ways.

The first is to merge the powers of six righteous Saiyans and temporarily achieve Godly Ki.

This is the worst transformation method.

The Saiyan Gods of Planet Hongshan and Goku in the original work achieved Super Saiyan God using this method.

Although this kind of transformation is fast, the disadvantages are also obvious; that is, there is insufficient information about it and it is difficult to carry out higher-level transformations.

Even Goku in the subsequent storyline had to absorb Godly Ki to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, which is just a superficial state as he is not able to exhibit the Godly Ki of the complete state.

Super Saiyan Blue is a much inferior divine state than Super Saiyan Red, and it comes from this.

Of course, the second method to become Super Saiyan God is the one that Xiaya is walking on now.

Achieving the highest realm, he will break through the boundary between the mundane and the divine.

Ultimate Realm is precisely that path.

When his realm reaches perfection, he will sooner or later become a Super Saiyan God.

The reason he has made this trip to the Dragon Realm is because he wanted to further refine his realm in order to reach the divine realm as soon as possible.

He wants to rely on his own power to reach the Super Saiyan God realm.

“Before this, I have to first find a place to live and then take time to ponder over the matter of training.” After making up his mind, Xiaya went shopping on the street.

The interior of the Dragon God Palace is very large.

It is not a big deal for hundreds of thousands of people to live in it together, but the pressure near the Dragon God Palace is extremely heavy, and there are only a few who truly live in the Dragon God Palace – only about 40-50 thousand.

Each one is not weaker than a Full Power Super Saiyan.

This is a shocking number.

There are seven Dragon God Palaces of this size in the Dragon Realm.

One can imagine how terrifying the Dragon Realm is.

Of course, the worlds under the Dragon Realm are as numerous as stars, so it is understandable that there are such a number of experts.

Looking for a place to live somewhere in the Dragon God Palace, Xiaya briefly rested for a while, and then quickly rushed to the training hall beside the palace, where some powerful dragons were explaining about martial arts.

The reason why Xiaya came to the Dragon Realm was to absorb different fields of martial arts.

Every martial art has its best features.

Absorbing the best features of other martial arts and perfecting his own martial arts is an important factor for Xiaya’s continuous increase in strength.

Whether it is the Saiyan inheritance, Earth’s martial arts, or Planet Metamor’s martial arts, he learned them and then summarized and found a path that suits him, because interaction and discussion is better than sticking to the old ways and not seeking improvement.


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