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The envoy of the Dragon Realm hovered in the sky.

Its cyan body was like a mountain, giving people an oppressive feeling.

Xiaya did not let the envoy wait too long.

He glanced at Xiling and others, nodded, and then soared into the sky to the same altitude as the divine dragon.

“Welcome, envoy.

We can set off,” Xiaya said to the cyan dragon.

The cyan dragon looked up to the sky and roared, its majestic body circling in the sky.

Under the sun, every cyan scale gleamed, reflecting gorgeous colors.

“Follow me closely, the entrance of Dragon Realm is about to open,” The cyan dragon said in a deep voice, and as soon as its voice fell, another crack opened in the sky.

Its edges were curved, and a majestic and frightening pressure emerged from the cracked dimensional passageway.

Xiaya had a look of concentration on his face as he closely followed by the dragon’s side and into the dimensional passageway.

After the figures of Xiaya and the divine dragon disappeared into the passageway, the sky once again became clear, as if nothing had happened.

After waiting quietly for a moment, Xiling and Myers looked at each other and after confirming that they could no longer feel Xiaya’s aura, they returned one after another.

Xiaya entered the dimensional passageway but he could feel a different kind of feeling as he headed upstream together with the divine dragon along the chaotic dimensional passageway, which felt like running water.

Colorful ice crystals sprinkled on his body like snowflakes.

The dimensional fragments were really beautiful.

Just like the wormholes in sci-fi novels, there was no concept of time and space in the dimensional passageway.

Everything was very mysterious, as if an instant was akin to eternity – a man with perfect body proportions and a slender, sturdy dragon were swimming in the dimension sea.

Time and space seemed to be frozen, and Xiaya couldn’t even tell how long he had been in it.

Until the cyan dragon spoke, “The Dragon Realm is located outside of the multiverse.

It is a supreme world transcending the timeline, so to enter the Dragon Realm, one needs to pass through several layers of barriers…”

The cyan dragon stared with its big lantern-like eyes, the two beards hanging on the sides of his mouth fluttering in the air.

Xiaya nodded and turned his gaze to the rear of the dimensional passageway.

The place where he had passed, three huge blue-coloured spaces went past him like a film rolling with numerous stardust-like light dots floating beside them.

These were the three huge multiverses and the projection of the small world attached to them.

Looking back, the three multiverses were like floating bubbles, and for a moment, they seemed to repeatedly overlap with each other, and then three became two, and two became one, returning to the initial state, but the next second this state quickly collapsed and they split again.

In Xiaya’s perspective, the multiverse continuously merged and split, presenting a variety of bizarre and peculiar scenes.

This is probably the strange phenomenon caused by the distorted space-time when penetrating the timeline.

After a long time, Xiaya and the cyan dragon passed through the dimensional barrier and finally with a “splash” sound, all the blurry scenes disappeared, and they appeared in a golden space.

A huge continent was floating in the golden space, occupying nearly 70% of the entire space.

It was the Dragon Realm.

They passed through an extremely thin water membrane, a cloudy mist forming on their faces, and the scenery inside changed again.

On the vast expanse of the continent, lofty mountain ranges undulated and intertwined together, just like mighty dragons, but the enormous mountain at the center was the most spectacular as it spanned across the entire continent, and its highest point looked like it was touching the scorching sun in the sky.

“There are numerous dragon races living in the Dragon Realm.

In addition to the mighty Dragon God-sama, there are seven Dragon God elders under him, and they respectively control seven Dragon Territories.” The cyan dragon was doing the job of a guide, introducing the situation of Dragon Realm to Xiaya.

Xiaya listened carefully, absorbing the useful information.

When you arrive at a new place, you need to understand the situation of that place as soon as possible.

Looking from a high altitude, he could look down on the entire continent.

The lofty giant mountains were entwined and intersecting with each other.

With the Dragon God’s mountain in the center as the kingdom, the entire continent was divided into seven areas of similar size.

These were the seven Dragon Territories.

After observing a little, Xiaya revealed a surprised expression.

Within his observation range, there were thousands of auras with more than 100 million energy, which means that just in the area that he could observe, there were at least several thousand living beings of Super Saiyan-rank.

This again surprised Xiaya.

So, this is the Dragon Realm! There are so many strong experts here, which was simply startling.

However, thinking about the special aspects of the Dragon Realm, it is not surprising.

After all, the Dragon Realm can sit on an equal footing with the multiverse and is an even more mysterious place.

It is not surprising that there are so many experts.

As we know, the multiverse contains twelve universes and each universe has countless galaxies.

Even if only one Super Saiyan level expert is produced in numerous galaxies, the number of experts is extremely large.

All living beings living in the Dragon Realm are experts without any exceptions.

“In the Dragon Realm, there is a Dragon God Palace within every territory.

Only a few children of the dragon race who reach a certain level can live in the Dragon God Palaces, because in a Dragon God Palace, you can get personal guidance from the Dragon God elder.”

“You are the person invited by Dragon God Zalama-sama personally, so you are eligible to enter a Dragon God Palace for training.

Please come with me, I will take you to a Dragon God Palace now.”

The cyan dragon swallowed his aura and turned into a burly middle-aged man with cyan hair.

“My name is Kallam, and I belong to the Dragon God Palace in the East Dragon Territory.”

“My name is Xiaya, a Saiyan.”

“Saiyan Haven’t heard of them.” Kallam thought for a while but didn’t know of them.

The Dragon Realm never had Saiyans before.

“The Saiyans are a race that only lives in the multiverse’s Universe 6 and Universe 7.” The Saiyans’ reputation is very huge in the Milky Way System, but once out of it, it is just an unknown race, let alone in the Dragon Realm.

It is normal to have never heard of it.

“Oh! No wonder, please come with me.”

Xiaya nodded, and then followed behind the brawny Kallam, but his eyes were looking around in all directions.

The closer one got to the mountains, the more powerful the stifling feeling in the space got.

Like countless invisible ribbons were wrapped around the body, each and every move became extremely difficult.

When they arrived at a place where they could see the Dragon Palace, the stifling feeling in the space was already extremely strong, and even with his strength, Xiaya’s body was greatly restricted.

Feeling the pull in the space, Xiaya frowned and inwardly sighed, “As expected of the Dragon Realm, even as a Super Saiyan 3, I can’t use much power here.”

It has to be said that the closer to the central region of the Dragon Realm, the stronger the restrictions were.

With Super Saiyan 1’s strength, one can relaxedly live in the border region, but once they arrive near a Dragon God Palace, even Super Saiyan 3’s strength is only equivalent to ordinary warriors on Earth.

Xiaya’s strength is far superior to Super Saiyan 3, but the strength that he can currently use is not much stronger than Master Roshi.


In such an environment, the effect of training will be more significant,” Xiaya sighed and sparkling beads of sweat gradually appeared on his forehead.

Kallam, who had transformed from the cyan dragon into a brawny man, was walking in front, and looking back at Xiaya from time to time.

He couldn’t help but be surprised.

He knows that the experts who can still keep their usual aura near the Dragon God Palace, even in the Dragon Realm, are only a few.

He didn’t expect this human to do it so easily.


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