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Dark Angels are a forbidden race.

Like Whis and the other Angels, they are born powerful.

Since time immemorial, they have been vainly trying to destroy everything, but they were caught very early on by Zeno-sama and suppressed with his supreme powers.

Even their existence was wiped out.

But judging from the current situation, the Dark Angels have started to move again.

“Dark Angels” Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa softly muttered.

She began to flip through the Book of the Beginning and End, but did not find any information from it, as if this topic did not exist at all.

“You don’t have to search for it.

You won’t find them.

Their appearance is not fixed.

It can be said that they are the manifestation of negative and dark energy…” Whis was relaxedly floating in the void, his violet divine robe fluttering behind.

“Oh!” Supreme Kai of Time was taken aback.

If they don’t have a physical body, it would be troublesome.

Doesn’t it mean that they are more difficult to deal with than the Demon Realm’s people

As if she could tell what Supreme Kai of Time was thinking, Vados said coldly, “Don’t compare the people of the Demon Realm with the Dark Angels.

Even to us, the Dark Angels are troublesome to deal with, especially their leader…”

“Lancius·Original Sin.”

“Original Sin” It was the first time Chronoa was hearing this name.

The orange hair on her head was sticking up.

Vados’ beautiful face turned serious.

“Yes, Lancius is very strong, so an ordinary Angel is not his match and even the Great Priest will have to be very careful when dealing with him.”

“Ahhh,” Supreme Kai of Time exclaimed in surprise.

It seemed she had learned about some secretive matters.

“Ahem, ahem.

Anyway, this matter is a bit troublesome.

Sister, you should report this to the Great Priest as soon as possible.

It is always good to deal with such matters early on, otherwise if Zeno-sama were to find out about it, who knows what will happen.” While speaking, Whis used his fingers to point at his face with an exasperated expression.

Gods like Zeno who have “pure” thinking are really rare.

They don’t have the wiseness of the Dragon God and Time King, and they are especially naive.

At times, it’s already good if they don’t cause trouble for their subordinates.

They are also troubled by it, but what can be done Who told them to be under the Zeno system Now they can only do their job to the best of their ability.

“I’ll do it as soon as possible.

By the way, I also have to tell Kusu.

She is also very naive.

I don’t know when she will cause trouble.

And also Marcarita, I have to tell her too.” Vados’s eyes blinked and she gave a charming smile.

Perhaps because she is also a female Angel, apart from her younger brother Whis, Vados is closest to the little Angel Kusu of the 10th universe and Marcarita of the 11th universe.

As the youngest Angel, Kusu’s strength is ample, but her mentality isn’t mature enough.

A multi-coloured beam of light flashed a few times like fireworks, and Vados’s figure disappeared with the beam of light.

After that, Whis exchanged a few words with the Supreme Kai of Time and Chronoa also returned to her space-time library with a belly full of doubts.

Glancing at the quiet and plain starry sky of the universe, Whis heaved a sigh and returned to the God of Destruction’s Planet.

In an unknown space.

The place was suffused with a faint purple colour and as the sunlight passed through the clouds, it created a gorgeous and beautiful scene.

Eighteen diamond-like stars were revolving around a land, which was floating in mid-air, and a clear stream was flowing slowly.

At the center, there was a magnificent palace.

Inside a hall, there was a long oval working desk with nine tall gold thrones both on the left and right.

Right now, on the first seat on the left, a young man with long silver hair kept tapping the table with his fingers.

Not long afterwards, five figures appeared one after another.

They wore divine clothes similar to Angels and they also had a divine ring around their necks, but unlike the blue coloured ones that Whis and others have, the divine ring on these people’s neck was black.

“Lancius, this time our plan has failed.

Moreover, it is very likely that it has attracted the attention of those Angels,” a middle-aged man said.

“It doesn’t matter.

It was just a warning.

Isn’t that what we’re aiming for” The long silver-haired young man smiled faintly, his eyes flashing with a bright light.

“Announcing our return!”

Another dark angel said with some hesitation, “Those Angels are naturally nothing to be afraid of.

Even if the Great Priest takes action, there is Lancius to fight him.

I am more worried about Zeno…”

“Hmph, he is just a naive god.

I really don’t know why he has such high authority!”

“Via, be careful with your words.

After all, it is that Sir’s arrangement!”

When mentioning that Sir, all the Dark Angels were cautious, and even someone strong like Lancius had a serious look on his face.

“But it seems it was the Dragon God who took action this time”

“The Dragon God, huh..

He is really troublesome… Why did he interfere I hope it was just a coincidence.

After all, our goal is just the multiverse and not the worlds under the Dragon’s territory.”

The Dark Angels were silent for a while.

At this time, Lancius softly coughed, and said, “I don’t know if you realized, but every time a multiverse split, the Zeno system will also split.

This is, of course, because of the limitations of the laws.

Zeno is not an existence that is unique in all the worlds that you know of.

Instead, I discovered an interesting phenomenon: the total number of universes in all worlds seems to be limited.”

“This is a secret I have discovered in ancient times.”

“That is to say, no matter how many multiverses appear, the sum of all universes will have a limit.”

“What do you think Zeno will do if the number of multiverses keeps increasing non-stop but the total number of universes are fixed”

“He can only destroy the number of universes in the multiverse!”

The decrease in the numbers in the multiverse means the continual weakness of the cosmic system, which will be a chance for them, the Dark Angels.

Unless Zeno can become an existence that is unique in all the worlds like the Dragon God and Time King, he can’t change the timeline.

It seemed that the decision was finalized, and Lancius’s face showed a bright smile.

“Of course, the current number of multiverses are still not nearly enough and they haven’t reached a level where the universes have to be destroyed.” He reckons that the total number of universes could not exceed 100.

The current number of multiverses is still within the acceptable range.

“But it is very difficult to increase the number of multiverses.

We have tried many times, but we failed every time without exception.

It seems that there is a protection mechanism operating in the dark.

This is probably why Zeno can be on equal footing with the Time King.”

“No, we still have a chance.

The timeline is just repelling us.”

Lancius said, “The space-time ability controller can be the breakthrough point.

Don’t they want to resurrect the demon god Demigra We can fulfill their wish, at the cost of letting them increase the number of multiverses for us.”

The other Dark Angels were dazed for a moment before revealing sinister smiles.

“Yes, we can make use of those people.

Demon God Demigra…tsk tsk”

They shook their heads, a little disdainful, but in order to achieve their goals, they did not hesitate to lower themselves.

“Alsi, I’ll leave this matter to you.

Don’t attract the attention of those Angels.

We cannot allow our objective to be revealed too early.”

It’s best to let Zeno erase some more universes…

On Planet Hongshan, the sun was shining brightly.

After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya briefed Xiling and Myers and let them manage their home, and then quietly waited for the arrival of the guide from the Dragon Realm.

Three hours later, a crack suddenly opened in the bright and beautiful sky.

With a dragon chant, a cyan divine dragon appeared from the crack.

“Human, I am the envoy of the mighty Dragon God who arranged for me to receive you.

Please follow me to Dragon Realm,” a booming voice sounded.

The cyan-coloured divine dragon was curled in the sky.

Xiaya raised his head and looked at the divine dragon.

It was a eastern divine dragon, very similar to Earth’s Shenron.


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