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Who is more powerful between the Dragon God and Zeno The answer to this question is outside his current knowledge.

But there is no doubt that as the highest gods, both Dragon God Zalama and Zeno have the ability to wipe out the universe, just like now when Dragon God Zalama used the super dragon ball as a fulcrum to exert his power across countless dimensions to destroy the dark space in one move.

To Xiaya, it was an extremely distressing matter, but the Dragon God could do it easily with a wave of his hand.

The disparity between the two of them is quite clear.

“How is it, kid Are you interested in coming to my Dragon Realm for training It will be beneficial for you.

If it weren’t for your dragon race talent, most people would never have a chance,” Dragon God Zalama’s booming voice once again rang out from outside the universe.

Xiaya was very excited about the Dragon God’s invitation.

This is very different from the Dragon God’s request for Xiaya to join the Dragon Realm as his subordinate.

Being able to enter an amazing world like the Dragon Realm for training may be an opportunity for him to break through the current bottleneck.

After thinking about it seriously, Xiaya said gratefully, “Thank you, Dragon God-sama, for your invitation.

I am willing to go to the Dragon Realm for training, but before that, can I go back and talk to my family”

“Hahaha, of course, this Dragon God will not be so unreasonable.

I will give you three hours, and someone will be arranged to pick you up then.

The Dragon Realm is located outside the dimension.

If there is no one to lead you, ordinary people can’t find it,” Dragon God said heartily, before his voice gradually disappeared.

The sparkling light flickered and the planet-sized super dragon ball quieted down, floating steadily in the space.

The Dragon God left.

Xiaya looked around for a while, and in the azure blue surroundings, apart from the twelve universes, only him and the super dragon ball were floating.

Xiaya stared blankly for a while and after confirming that Dragon God had left, he immediately used the space-time ability to cover the super dragon ball and slowly moved towards Universe 7.


In Universe 7, Whis and Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa were floating in the void, with two pairs of eyes staring at the disappearing vortex passage.

Whis’s calm face changed a little.

He picked up the scepter and stared with widened eyes at the crystal ball above, “Ahhh, that dark space has disappeared.

Xiaya is approaching us with the super dragon ball.”

“It’s weird, how did that space suddenly disappear” Chronoa asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Who knows, maybe some supreme being took action Ah, it has solved a big problem for us and Universe 6 and Universe 7 have also avoided the danger of being wiped out.” Whis was in a great mood as he raised his head and chuckled.

“That’s true…” Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa nodded and put away the red-purple coloured Book of Beginning and End.

Soon afterwards, wave-like ripples appeared in the void and then an orange-red ball slowly came out of the ripples.

Xiaya slowly pushed the super dragon ball into Universe 7.

With a bubble bursting sound, the entire super dragon ball popped out and then floated away towards the depths of the universe along a straight line with uniform speed.

Ignoring the super dragon ball, Xiaya flew over to Whis and Chronoa.

The Supreme Kai of Time flew over, circled around Xiaya happily, and said while clicking her tongue, “Xiaya, you are so awesome.

Did you know that you saved Universe 6 and Universe 7 from destruction It was really a correct choice to select you as Time Enforcer.”

“How did you destroy that dark space” Whis also curiously looked at Xiaya and asked.

Xiaya smiled and shook his head, not daring to take the credit, “The dark space was not destroyed by me.

My powers are not enough.

It was Dragon God Zalama who took action through the super dragon ball.” Only when he saw the Dragon God take action did he realize the disparity was so big.

Compared with those supreme gods, he is still very weak and not on the same level.

After hearing that, Whis exclaimed and nodded, “Oh, so it was Dragon God-sama who took action.

No wonder… ”

For a god like Dragon God Zalama, destroying a universe couldn’t be easier.

Just like the super dragon balls in Universe 6 and Universe 7, they were casually made by Dragon God Zalama.

Every time the multiverse splits, another set of super dragon balls will be produced.

With the Dragon God’s strength, it is just a drop in the ocean.

As a member of the angel race, Whis knows a little about the Dragon God.

Compared to Whis’ indifference, Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa’s reaction was stronger.

Chronoa let out a sharp scream, pointed at Xiaya and shouted in surprise, “You were just saying… Dragon God-sama was the one who took action I have never seen that mighty god.

Even in the Time Realm, only the Time King is comparable to him.”

“By the way, the Dragon God asked me to go to the Dragon Realm to train.

I only have three hours.

I have to go back now,” Xiaya told them about the time the Dragon God gave him.

“It’s a rare opportunity to be able to go to the Dragon Realm to train.

You have to properly grasp it.” Whis nodded slightly.

The Dragon Realm is a mysterious place and anyone who could enter it for training is a world-shaking powerful expert.

After instructing Xiaya to train properly, Whis floated over to the side and stopped talking.

Xiaya faintly smiled, said goodbye to Whis and Chronoa, and then returned to Planet Hongshan with Instant Transmission.

Seeing Xiaya’s departing figure, Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa sighed with emotion, “Who would have thought that Xiaya would obtain the Dragon God’s trust His future is limitless.”

“Besides your Time Realm, even the Dragon Realm is associated with him.

This is amazing.” Whis smiled happily.

Both the Dragon Realm and Time Realm are systems which surpass the multiverse.

In a sense, they are transcendent existences.

The capability to attract the attention of the two worlds indicates how extraordinary Xiaya is.

From his guess, it might be related to Xiaya’s space-time ability and the ability to make dragon balls.

At this time, a pleasant voice came from the void.

Vados’ graceful figure appeared beside Whis, her silver hair fluttering in the air, and she said with a solemn look on her face, “A moment ago, I found out the source of the dark space.

That power came from the purest darkness.

I’m afraid that they are behind all the sinister plots.”

Whis’ trembled, his calm face turned gloomy, as he said with a frown, “Those guys, aren’t they still willing to give up”

“How could they give up In the first place, they were personally suppressed by Zeno-sama.

They will jump out whenever there is a chance.

I am afraid that they have come with the purpose of weakening Zeno-sama.”

“Really… stupid people!” Whis sighed.

But although he sounded relaxed, Whis felt extremely serious in his heart.

Fortunately, Dragon God-sama was invited to take action this time.

Otherwise, if the opponent succeeded, with how “simple” Zeno-sama is, Universe 6 and Universe 7 would have inevitably been annihilated.

These two universes will have to be protected by us brother and sister, ah!

“Hey, who are the people you are talking about” the Supreme Kai of Time asked.

There are not many things in this world that can be concealed from her, the Supreme Kai of Time, but these people that Whis was talking about, Chronoa has zero impression.

It should be said, is there any secret in the multiverse that she doesn’t know of

“Those people had been suppressed by Zeno-sama.

They are the original sin and the origin of all disasters,” Whis said with a serious expression.

Vados flung back her ponytail, her silver hair was fluttering in the air, as her violet eyes narrowed.

“If it weren’t for those people, the working in the universe would have been very stable, and there wouldn’t have been any chaos.

The negative energy would have reduced, and there would have been fewer people who would step into darkness…”

“So who are they” Chronoa asked.

“They are a race similar to the Angel race, but they have a completely different creed,” Vados’s voice was cold as she emitted a ghastly cold Ki.


“They are called Dark Angels!”


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