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“Not good, even the super dragon ball can’t resist corrosion from this energy.”

It is known that super dragon balls are protected by the power of Dragon God Zalama.

It is impossible for ordinary powers to corrode them.

Moreover, the surface of the super dragon ball is extremely sturdy, so it is difficult to destroy the super dragon ball except by physical destruction.

But at this moment, this dark energy was eating away at the super dragon ball.

“It won’t do, the super dragon ball can’t be destroyed! If there is no super dragon ball,  perhaps there really will be no way to deal with this space.” As this thought flashed in his mind, Xiaya immediately circled around from the side.

Stabilizing his body, he raised both of his hands and the sparkling space-time power was like a thread which wrapped around the surface of the super dragon ball, trying to pull the super dragon ball out of the energy vortex.

As the sparkling lines became denser, the super dragon ball began to tremble slightly.

“Come out, slowly!” Xiaya controlled it carefully, sweat dripping from his forehead.

The super dragon ball slowly began to move.

“Come out!” Xiaya loudly shouted, and suddenly increased the power output.

The super dragon ball was like an iron block leaving the strong gravitational force at the center of a magnet.

Swish, it was finally pulled out.

The whole process was unexpectedly easy, which greatly surprised Xiaya.

After getting the super dragon ball, in order to prevent further damage to the surface of the dragon ball, Xiaya quickly used Instant Transmission to break away from the center of the dark space.

At this time, the surface of the super dragon ball was uneven, just like the surface of a planet that has been hit by countless meteorites.

Even worse, the deep and winding cracks were hundreds of kilometers wide, and some even penetrated deeper into the core of the dragon ball.

Xiaya looked at the super dragon ball carefully, and panicked, “Is the super dragon ball ruined”

If that were the case, it would not be good, since he still wanted to save the universe with the dragon balls.

Just then, Xiaya patted his head, and suddenly thought of a way to repair the super dragon ball.

“Aren’t I also capable of creating dragon balls Although I can’t be compared with Dragon God Zalama, the super dragon ball wasn’t completely destroyed.

It shouldn’t be a problem to repair a little crack with my powers, right”

Once decided, as Xiaya had no way to take the super dragon ball away from the oval-shaped space, he could only find a relatively quiet place here and then start to repair the super dragon ball with the ability to make dragon balls.

He was cautious, because if he moved the super dragon ball carelessly, he cannot guarantee that the super dragon ball would not break during the move.

Dense beams of light burst out of his fingertips, which was a much more spectacular sight than when Dende made the dragon balls.

As the light rays kept getting brighter, the enormous super dragon balls began to flicker with golden light and then came a sound like a dragon roar reverberating in his ear.

Xiaya was repairing it with full concentration.

As he continuously infused it with energy, his forehead broke out into small droplets of sweat.

After a long time, the super dragon ball was miraculously restored.

The surface became extremely smooth and then it suddenly flickered before erupting out with a golden flash.

The golden flash turned into a beam of light, flying towards Xiaya and entering his body.

Xiaya felt listless at first and then a comfortable and refreshing feeling spread to every cell of his body, like suddenly entering an air-conditioned room under the scorching sunlight of July.

It was unspeakably refreshing.

“Hmmmm…” Xiaya moaned.

As if his entire body and soul was bathed in warm but not-scorching sunlight, it was warm and comfortable.

He could feel there were changes occurring in his body.

His strength did not increase, but his spirit was continuously improving.

“This feeling…is not bad.” Xiaya stretched his body with a satisfied look as a cracking sound like frying beans sounded from all over his body.

“Hehe, kid, is your spirit feeling better” A powerful voice rang in Xiaya’s ear.

It was using the oldest Divine language.

“Who is it” Xiaya was startled by the unknown voice, and looked around for a while, but except for the enormous and shiny super dragon ball, there was only dim and gloomy darkness.

“You don’t need to look around for me, kid, I am not in this dimension.

Right now, I am talking to you through telepathy,” The voice sounded again.

Hearing that, Xiaya’s pupils shrank, frightened by the strength of the opponent.

“Who are you” Xiaya asked cautiously.

“Hahaha, we had a conversation before, you forgot so soon”

“Are you… the Dragon God”

“That’s right.

Because you repaired the dragon ball that I left in this multiverse, I specifically sent my consciousness down.

In passing, as a reward, I also improved your ability to make dragon balls.

Haha, are you satisfied, kid” Dragon God Zalama’s deep and resounding voice shook Xiaya’s eardrums, causing him pain.

“You mean, my ability to make dragon balls has been improved”

“Yes, your ability to make dragon balls was given by the super dragon ball, but now it is given by me personally.

Now, you can be considered to be a person of my Dragon Realm.

Do you want to leave the Time Realm and become my Dragon God’s subordinate”

Xiaya stared blankly, but quickly refused tactfully, “Thank you for your kindness Dragon God-sama, but I’ll pass!”

He heard a lot of information from Dragon God’s words.

Multiverse, Dragon Realm, and Time Realm.

It is clear that Dragon Realm is a place similar to the realm of time.

Drawing an analogy, it can be understood that Dragon Realm, like the Time Realm, is detached from the multiverse.

It may be beyond the timeline.

“Sigh, there have been no outstanding dragons in the Dragon Realm for many years,” the Dragon God sighed.

“Forget it! I see that your strength has reached a very high level.

As an elder dragon, I will allow you to come and train in the Dragon Realm!”

Xiaya was happy from his heart that the Dragon God regards him so highly.

But, right now, his primary concern is the safety of Universe 6 and Universe 7.

Until this oval-shaped space growing outside Universe 7 is not eliminated, he will always feel unease.

He told the Dragon God about the situation here.

Dragon God Zalama said disdainfully, “It’s just a cheap trick made by some vermin.

There is no need to worry about it.

I will destroy it now.”

As soon as his voice fell, the enormous super dragon ball suddenly flashed as Dragon God Zalama exerted his powers in the Dragon Realm across an immeasurable distance and then transmitted it through the super dragon ball.

A bright golden light spread out.

It looked ordinary and faint, making one feel calm, but when the dark energy came in contact with the golden glow, it immediately seemed to have seen its arch-enemy and could not help evading, but the golden glow spread out rapidly and suffused everywhere.

In just a few seconds, like Zeno erasing an entire universe, the dark space the size of a galaxy was completely destroyed.

In the azure blue multiverse space, the twelve universes were in pairs.

The oval-shaped space, located where Universe 6 and Universe 7, the two huge transparent water polo balls, were closely intertwined and exuding a colorful glow, had disappeared.

Xiaya was taken aback by this sudden and unexpected change.

He rubbed his eyes, but there was nothing left except the orange-red super dragon ball.

“Amazing!” Xiaya’s throat felt parched.

He didn’t know what to say.

Dragon God Zalama is really worthy of being a god with his own calendar system.

He is not much weaker than Zeno.

Zeno’s “King Calendar” and the Dragon God’s “Divine Calendar” are all calendars that were only qualified to possess a calendar system after reaching the peak.

Moreover, compared to the Zeno system bound by timeline, the Dragon Realm seems to be much more detached from worldliness compared to the Time Realm.


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