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Xiaya squinted his eyes and looked at the deep and terrifying disc-shaped vortex.

It looked like it would swallow everything in the universe.

He clicked his tongue and covered his body with the space-time ability, then gradually approached the disc-shaped vortex.

“Be careful, no one knows what the situation inside is,” Whis lightly tapped the scepter down and removed the glowing cyan light.

As if the gate of a reservoir was opened, the vortex immediately gulped in the energy.

Surging energy kept flowing, all pouring into the vortex.

Xiaya nodded, used his space-time ability, and cautiously walked towards the entrance of the vortex.

At the periphery of the vortex’s entrance, the huge pulling force suddenly got stronger.

Xiaya’s body trembled, nearly losing its balance.

Hurriedly mobilizing his strength to stabilize his body, Xiaya erupted out with his full strength, blocking the external energy more than 3m away from his body.

After adapting to the surroundings, he began to move along the direction of the energy flow.

After some time, he became vigilant and plunged directly into it.

Passing through a layer of spatial membrane that was tens of thousands of kilometers thick, Xiaya appeared outside Universe 7.

He continued to move closer, slowly approaching the dark space.

Light began to appear in front of him, and as if passing through a water membrane, Xiaya entered another world.


Demon Realm, a certain laboratory in the Time Courtyard.

Towa was carrying out an experiment cautiously, fusing several tubes of blood.

With a clear crackling sound, the experiment ended abruptly.

“It failed again.

It seems Broly and Frieza’s bloodline can’t be fused,” Towa looked at the broken test tube and waved her hand to erase all the traces.

“Do I have to pick only a single bloodline”

At this time, the space distorted and Mira’s figure appeared next to Towa.

Seeing Towa muttering to herself with her head lowered, Mira leaned against a wall on the side.

“I’ve just returned from Earth.

The strength of that Time Enforcer is beyond our imagination,” Mira said with a solemn look.

“Even you are not his match”

Mira shook his head.

“I don’t know.

I had Janemba and Cell test him out.

He is really quite strong.

But as you know, for the sake of resurrecting the great Demigra-sama, I can’t attack directly, otherwise…”

Towa interrupted him, “Fine, I understand, everything is for the sake of reviving Demigra-sama.

I am currently experimenting, but unfortunately I can’t make a qualified body.”

“The method of fusing bloodlines is feasible.

Cell is an example.

Maybe the bloodline you are using is too powerful.”

“It doesn’t make sense to lower the quality of the bloodlines,” Towa shook her head and continued to experiment.

Seeing this, Mira narrowed his eyes, and threw two pieces of flesh from his hands.

“This is the tissue collected from Janemba and Cell.

I have already removed the consciousness from it.

It should be enough for you to experiment.”

With two excellent materials, Towa immediately became happy, her purple pupils bent into a line.

Her alluring body was even more attractive in the skin tight clothes.

Only, it would be better if there wasn’t contempt in her cold eyes.

“By the way, an unforeseen event seems to have happened in the outer universe.

A weird thing has emerged between Universe 6 and Universe 7” Mira said with an odd look.

Towa asked in surprise, “What is it”

Mira shook his head, “A dark space, I dare not enter rashly.

It seems that there is something mysterious in it.

It seems the administrators of Universe 6 and Universe 7 are going to have a headache.”

“Then leave it alone for now.” Towa’s eyes flickered.

The dark space outside the universe.

It was not so dark inside as it looked from outside.

Xiaya could still clearly see the colors inside after looking carefully.

To his surprise, the inside of the oval-shaped space was very large, probably the size of a galaxy, so he couldn’t see the end of it.

Dark and unstable energy was everywhere here and all the planetary matter that has been sucked in has been transformed into the most basic energy state.

Energy in liquid state was revolving in the center and a big lump was condensed together.

“There are two entrances in here, respectively leading to Universe 7 and Universe 6.” From a distance, you can see two light pillars that were continuously ejecting energy, which are the entrances to the oval-shaped space.

Xiaya continued amidst the flowing ocean of ​​energy.

The space-time ability was emitting bright white light rays, counteracting the swallowing force from the entire space.

With a hissing sound, Xiaya waved his hand to open a blood-red spatial crack, but the blood-colored spatial crack covered with mysterious patterns only existed for a few seconds before immediately disappearing.

“Such strong resilience…” Slightly surprised, he glanced at the center of the space, where all the matter was gathering.

“Who on earth created this space and why has such space appeared” Xiaya was cautious, and didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless.

The entire space was permeated with dark aura, which was a different type of aura compared to Universe 7’s Demon Realm.

It was purer and more mysterious than the darkness of Demon Realm.

The unstable energy was churning, only mutually swallowing and condensing, as if there was no meaning to its existence at all.

No, the meaning of the existence of this space is to destroy Universe 7 and Universe 6.

Wandering around the center of the space, Xiaya still didn’t find any clues.

He tried many ways, but whether it was direct destruction or using the space-time ability, there was no way to destroy the space from the inside.

Xiaya couldn’t help but be discouraged, “Could it be that only Zeno can take care of it”

No, at that time, maybe Universe 6 and Universe 7 will also be destroyed.

The simplicity of Zeno, for ordinary people, represents the most fundamental fate and destruction.

Living beings in the universe are only divided into “interesting” and “not interesting” in Zeno’s eyes.

The interesting things are naturally kept and the uninteresting ones are directly erased.

Everything is on Zeno’s whims.

So naturally Xiaya could not pin his hopes on Zeno, who is “not mature enough”.

After continuing to observe for a while, he arrived at the center where the liquid ocean was present.

The energy which originally had no color had turned into a black colour here as a sinister aura spread out.

Just staring at it for a while, Xiaya felt dizzy and a nauseous feeling rushed out from his heart.

“What is this evil!” Xiaya’s whole body shuddered, not because of fear, but a kind of soul suppression.

At this moment, he felt that the space-time power in his body was a bit stagnant and could not be used smoothly.

Xiaya panicked and retreated hundreds of thousands of meters away.

The nauseous feeling gradually reduced.

His heart trembled, his face showing a terrified look.

“Frightening! What the hell is this”

Rousing his spirit, he looked towards the center and a sparkling light caught his attention.

On the other side of the center, a crystal ball the size of a planet had lightning flickering around it.

It was the super dragon ball swallowed from Universe 7.

Xiaya’s heart stirred and he circled around it to another location.

With just a look, Xiaya was startled.

He saw that the surface of the glittering and translucent super dragon ball was covered with winding and rugged crystalline cracks.

These cracks were scattered around and criss crossing each other and some had already penetrated deep into the place at the core of the dragon ball where stars were located.

A black energy like a miasma was continuously corroding the surface of the dragon ball.

Some parts of it were broken, and a large piece was missing.

It may not take long before the super dragon ball would be completely destroyed.


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