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“Teacher, are you sure that the earlier Cell came from my world” Trunks roughly understood what Xiaya meant.

If he didnt allow Cell to travel over, a new world without the Cell Games will be born.

At that time, the Trunks in the new world will go back like he did today.

Due to different experiences, there will be a series of time and space problems.

To some extent, the parallel universe of Dragon Ball World has broken away from the law of causality and has split along its own development many times; chaos in space-time is very likely to occur.

This is why the gods forbid time traveling.

“Im pretty sure that if Cell travels with the time machine, he will definitely only come to this world.

Hasnthistory been already proven” Xiaya smiled.

Trunks nodded.

“I see, I will keep an eye on it when the time comes and let Cell think that he has successfully got the time machine.”

Have Cell obtain the time machine and time travel to this world, so that “history” is maintained and the law of causality is upheld, because once the law of causality changes, the birth of a new world is inevitable.

After explaining some future matters to Trunks, Xiaya stepped aside and Goku and Bulma walked over.

Goku said in a sincere tone, “Trunks, thank you for coming here to help us fight.

If you didnt inform us about the Androids, we might not have been able to stop them so quickly.

Thank you very much!”

Trunks shook his head in embarrassment.


Goku, dont say that.

Even if I hadnt come, there is still Teacher Xiaya, Miss Xiling and the others.

The Androids wouldnt have been a problem.

Moreover, as I see it, it was also good training for me!”

Bulma walked over to tidy up Trunks clothes, and said with emotion, “Trunks, take good care of your mother after you go back.

Your world is really not easy.

We will miss you!”

“Yes!” Trunks replied loudly, his eyes wandering from Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Tights and the others, before stopping on Android 18.

After she left the Lookout, she followed them and settled down near Xiayas villa.

Her purpose could be told even by him who has never talked about feelings.

By the way, Miss Launch seems to have a good relationship with her.

But to be honest, Launch has a good relationship with everyone.

At this time, 18 was wearing a casual jacket with buttons on the outside and jeans, her hands inserted into the jackets pockets.

After noticing Trunks gaze, she asked, “Your worlds Androids are evil”

“Yes!” Thinking of the Androids in his world who have committed all kinds of crimes, Trunks countenance turned bad.

“Then go and kill those Androids!” 18 said indifferently.

“After all, both worlds are different, and theme in that world is not me!”


Then, goodbye everyone!” Trunks replied loudly, then jumped on the time machine.

With the sound of the engine “buzzing”, the time machine slowly rose into the sky and Trunks waved goodbye to everyone through the transparent glass cover.

After that, a distortion rose up around the time machine before it disappeared into the air.

After Trunks left, life went on smoothly as always.

Not knowing where she got the money from, 18 had a western-style building built on the mountain top not far from Xiayas villa and would stop by Xiayas house from time to time.

Time passed, and a week later, DVD recordings of the Cell Games began to sell all over the world.

As long as they are martial artists, almost everyone bought a set to watch.

Recorded by ultra-clear cameras, the frightening scenes of the Cell Games were restored slightly.

Although the battlefield from that time could no longer be found, everyone still remembers the vast gray and yellow desolate wasteland that appeared on the TV, as well as the powerful visual impact of the huge craters and terrifying cracks

“Its so frightening!”

“Thinking about it, I still cant believe that we survived.”

“Looking at these shocking scenes, who would have thought that Cell only used one Energy wave to turn plains lush with trees into desert and from the distorted shock waves in the sky, you can see how intense the battle was at that time!”

After seeing the videos of the fight, everyone sucked in a cold breath and couldnt help but be shocked.

Among the huge craters, the small ones were hundreds of meters in diameter, while the big ones reached thousands of meters in diameter.

Divided on the screen, one side was the scene of burning lava occasionally flowing out at the center of the bottomless craters while on the other side was burning steam.

It made everyones scalp numb.

“The enemy that appeared later was even more powerful.

He exploded outside the atmosphere, and the shock wave almost destroyed half of Earth.

If it werent for Kami who used divine power to resurrect everyone, Earth would have turned into a hell.”

“Yes, yes, I still remember the whole world had fallen into chaos at that time.

It was too awful.”

“Fortunately, there are powerful fighters like Mr.

Goku and others on Earth!” A man who was obviously a Goku worshipper respectfully said; he was almost prostrating in worship.


Satan and Mr.

Upa are also very powerful.

I heard that they are now training on the Lookout.

It is Kami Chichi who is giving pointers to them.”

“So, the Lookout is in such a high place.”

“Ohhh, I cant take it anymore.

I also want to go to the Lookout to learn martial arts.” Someone couldnt bear the excitement in their heart.

“Fine, you climb Korin Tower first.”

Following the sale of the DVDs and commentary of the Cell Games, people really understood how formidable high-level experts are.

In the previous many crises, the scenes on TV were not as clear as this time.

This time, the really dangerous scenes were plainly dissected before everyones eyes.

Soon after that, a tremor came from the depths of their soul, and a craze of practicing martial arts was once again ignited in the whole world..


Trunks world, West City.

Trunks time machine landed in a city that was already in ruins.

Trunks jumped down from the time machine and then slowly rose into the sky.

Looking down from high in the sky, he could see black smoke curling up into the sky.

Looking at the scale of destruction, it was not the Androids work.

“Even at this time, the in-fighting among humans is still not settled.” Trunks heaved a sigh, feeling a little sad, but he immediately regained his spirit.

“Hey Trunks, you are back.

How was the battle over there” In the workshop, Bulma finally felt relieved when she saw her son come back and asked.

Trunks smiled.

“Its over, peace is restored in the other world.”

“Great, come, tell me in detail…” Bulma took off her white lab coat, her tired face filled with joy, and pushed the stool and sat across from Trunks.

Nodding slightly, Trunks told her about the battle in the other world in full detail.

After listening to Trunks description, Bulma was surprised.

“I didnt expect that so many things happened.

Its good that you came back safe and sound.

By the way, you have reached that…Super Saiyan 2 now”

“Yes, the Androids are no longer my match.”

Trunks clenched his fists, feeling confident like never before.

Finally, the world would welcome peace.

The mere 17 and 18 were no longer his match.

Now, he only needs to eliminate Android 17 and 18 and act out a play for Cell according to Xiayas instructions.


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