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After listening to Xiayas suggestion, Piccolo and the others were a little moved.

Just as Xiaya said, dragon balls scattered around on Earth did not have any helpful effect for the whole world.

Instead it causes hindrance when they have to be used at critical times.

Piccolo hesitated for a while before agreeing, “It is indeed troublesome for the dragon balls to be scattered outside.

Moreover, it is easy for them to be exploited by ambitious people.


Popo, go and put them inside the Lookout.”


Popo nodded and then went to the mortal world on the Magic Carpet.

Soon, Mr.

Popo returned with the seven dazzling dragon balls in his hand.

Looking at the dragon balls flashing with golden light, Xiaya used the power of the dragon balls to solve the hidden dangers in 17 and 18s body just like in the original work and then told Mr.

Popo to collect the dragon balls and lock them into a room in the Lookout.

Seeing that Mr.

Popo had left with the dragon balls, Piccolo turned his gaze to the blonde-haired host and others and frowned slightly.

Now that Earths crisis has passed, it is not suitable for ordinary people to stay on the Lookout any longer as it is the holy land of Earth.

However, to thank the martial artists who had bravely stepped forward to participate in the Cell Games, after a discussion, Chichi and Piccolo approved having Satan, Upa and the few martial artists stay and receive training from Mr.


Once the decision was made, Chichi smiled and sent the ordinary cameramen away.

“The few of you, lets depart from the Lookout.

The air here is thin and it is quite a heavy burden on an ordinary persons body to stay here for a long time.”

“Um, no wonder my body was feeling a little uncomfortable.” Someones body was aching in pain.

“Yeah, this place is really not suitable for us to stay.” The blonde-haired host nodded and then enthusiastically said to his team, “Everyone should work hard after we go back and edit the videos of the Cell Games as soon as possible.

I cant wait to have everyone see these videos.”

The Cell Games were a scary but not dangerous experience, and he was perfectly satisfied to be able to host the battle himself.

So under Chichis arrangement, except for Upa, Gabriel and a few qualified martial artists, everyone else returned to the surface.

Because Satan wanted to go back to take care of his daughter, he temporarily left with the host and others.

After Satan and the others left, Krillin and Yamcha also said their goodbyes one after another and flew down from the Lookout.

“Teacher, Chiaotzu and I will be going back too,” Tien Shinhan said respectfully to Xiaya.

“We should leave too,” nodding with a smile, Xiaya turned his head and said to Trunks and others.

Then, they soared high into the sky and flew out of the Lookout.

Seeing Xiaya and the others leave, 17 saw that 18 was frowning and slightly shook his head.

“16, if you dont have anywhere to go, how about going together with me How about we go and do farming for fun” 17 expressed his idea.

16 smiled.

“Okay, and its better if the farm is near a big forest, where it would be more quiet.” Android 16 is a gentle person and likes to be with nature.

“Then look for it.”

“18, are you coming with us” 16 looked at 18s exquisite face and asked.

Frowning slightly, 18 stared at them before shaking her head expressionlessly.

“You both go, I want to travel around the world alone.”

After saying that, her body turned into a beam of light and flew down from the Lookout.

17 looked helplessly at 18s receding back and slightly shook his head.

She left in such a hurry.

He was afraid its not just because she wants to travel around the world, but its none of his business.

After experiencing the Cell Games, 17 has clearly realized his shortcomings and was no longer excessively proud of an Androids little bit of strength.

Since his sister has her own plans, then he will also work hard by himself, otherwise when there is another crisis next time, no one may save him.

Soon the crowd dispersed, and only a few people were left on the Lookout.

Then, under the guidance of Mr.

Popo, Upa and the others began a higher level of training.

A few days later, the peninsula villa, Xiayas home.

Everyone was gathered together as Trunks was about to return to his own world.

Gokus family, Vegetas family, Krillin, Yamcha and other companions who had fought together were all here.

In the spacious courtyard, everyone said goodbyes to Trunks.

“Trunks, after going back it will be easy to defeat the Androids over there with your current strength.

But you still have to be careful and dont fall prey to a plot by someone.” Xiaya patted Trunks on the shoulder with a smile.

Trunks was humble and dare not take credit.

“Its all thanks to the guidance of Teacher Xiaya, otherwise I wouldnt have reached Super Saiyan 2.

I will definitely save the world when I go back this time.” His expression was full of confidence.

Looking at the energetic Trunks who wasnt restless at all like when he first arrived, Xiaya smiled, but there were some things that Xiaya had to remind him of.

Xiaya said seriously, “Trunks, you have to pay attention to the Cell in your world.

Three years later, he is likely going to steal your time machine.”

“I wont let him succeed.”

Xiaya shook his head and said something that surprised Trunks.

“No, you have to deliberately make a slip, so that Cell can successfully obtain the time machine and travel to this world.”

“Teacher Xiaya, why is that” Trunks frowned, not quite understanding.

With Cells miniscule strength, he could totally kill him, so why let him live

“This is because time and space are involved.” Xiaya sighed and explained the reason.

If possible, Xiaya certainly does not want Cell to have a chance to survive, but the problem is that the time and space requirements do not allow it!

He has observed that so far, there are only three multiverse spaces in all time and space.

Floating together like three blue bubbles, they are Xiayas world, Trunks world, and the world of the Golden Flame Warriors.

There is no fourth multiverse.

That is to say, Cell coming from the other space-time is only dimension travelling and will not cause more multiverses to be born.

Whats interesting is that the Cell of Xiayas world and the Cell of the Golden Flame Warriors world had long been destroyed by him in his larval stage.

In other words, as long as nothing unexpected happens, the Cell that came to the current world and hosted the “Cell Games” had come from Trunks world.

And it is Cell from three years later in Trunks world.

At present, Xiayas world has already hosted the Cell Games, meaning that the Cell in the Trunks world stole the time machine to travel to this world and then hosted the Cell Games.

This course of events is already an established “history”.

So what would happen if Trunks returns to his world and kills Cell

If Cell is dead and there is no time travel, then “history” will change and the chain of events will be severed, and naturally if there is no Cell Games, then the world will again split with this as a node and a world will born which will be based on Xiayas world as a source, which will have Trunks time travelling, but which will not have Cell Games.

However the problem is that Xiaya and Trunks will also similarly exist in that world.

This is troublesome.

As a person with the ability to travel through multiverses space-time, Xiaya certainly hopes that he is unique and that he will not meet “another him” when he travels to another multiverse.

Its like a building where everyone is locked in the room and only you can come and go freely.

Then, the interesting thing is that when you walked out of the room, you met yourself who came out of another room.

Wouldnt it be very chaotic

Xiaya certainly doesnt want such a thing to happen.

Moreover, if there are a lot of multiverses, it may not be a good thing.

Currently, among the three multiverses, there is only one of him.

Then the best way is to prevent such a world from being born.

Just like the differences between the Golden Flame Warriors world and Trunks world, ultimately, it depends on whether Xiaya saved Bardock from the chaotic flows of space-time.

If Xiaya did not intervene in the first place and allowed Bardock to travel through time smoothly, then the legend of Super Saiyan would still be handed down, and the world of the Golden Flame Warriors would belong to Trunks world.

There would be no difference and the world would not split.

It was precisely because Bardock had not time travelled that the Golden Flame Warriors world appeared.

In the same way, if Cell does not cross over, the world will split, and the frightening thing is that after the split, there would not only be Xiaya in it, but also Trunks, which will cause a chain reaction.


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