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Dragon balls are divine artifacts created by Namekians, but originally, they were bestowed by Dragon God Zalama.

After Piccolo and old Kami merged, the dragon balls on Earth had disappeared.

Without the dragon balls, there is no need to talk about restoring Earth.

“But although the dragon balls on Earth are gone, the Namekians still have them.

As long as we can find Namekians, not only can Earth be restored, but the innocent people who died can also be resurrected,” Krillin continued.

“But we dont know where the Namekians migrated to.” Tien Shinhan raised a question.

After the Namekians were forced to leave Planet Namek because of a catastrophe a few years ago, they all concealed the location of the new Planet Namek.

In other words, they had no idea where Namekians were.

“We can ask Kai-sama about this; he must know it,” Goku said.

“You mean… as long as you can find those Namekians, Earth can be restored” The surviving Earthlings didnt know who the Namekians and Kai that Goku and others were referring to were, but they were excited when they heard that there was hope that Earth could be restored.

They know about the dragon balls.

So according to Goku and others, there are also dragon balls on Planet Namek If so, that would be great.

“Yes, as long as we can find the Namekians, Earth will be able to recover,” Goku looked at them and said affirmatively.

Hearing it, Satan and the blond-haired host couldnt help but get excited, as if they had eaten cold ice cream on a hot day.

“In that case… Ill send you back to Earth first and the matter of finding Namekians will be discussed later.” With a faint smile, Xiaya proposed to send everyone back to Earth.

Everyone agreed unanimously, so Xiaya looked at Meiling.

She returned a bright smile.

A dazzling light flashed, and they all returned to Earth.

At this time, Earth was in chaos.

The cataclysmic changes in the climate brought about by the disappearance of half of the cities from the surface of Earth had affected the whole world.

Mountains collapsed, huge waves rose to the skies, earthquakes and tsunamis were appearing non-stop all over the world.

Only a few areas with people were able to survive with high technology.

Negative emotions like despair and anxiousness spread to all over the world like a storm.

Negative rumors of the apocalypse affected peoples minds which caused a commotion.

Everywhere, there was uproar.

Everyone was at a loss, and the situation turned chaotic.

“Its a mess, everyone has lost their minds.”

Looking down from the Lookout, scenes of restless figures flashed in front of him and black smoke of destruction rose up everywhere.

Krillin sadly discovered that everyone had lost their minds.

“Its normal, no one can remain calm after they fell into despair,” Piccolo said calmly.

“In my world, after the Androids appeared, Earth was in chaos for several years.

It was not until the defense army was established later that order was slowly restored.” Trunks watched the mortal world and sighed.

Maybe this is the nature of human beings.

After the collapse of society, law, and order, destruction becomes the best tool to vent for some people.

“Hurry up and contact Kai-sama.

The sooner we know the whereabouts of the Namekians, the sooner we can restore peace to Earth,” Krillin urged.

Chichi nodded and used Kamis power to contact the Underworld.

Fortunately, North Kai had been paying attention to the situation on Earth and he soon answered.

“Namekians Wait, let me search.” North Kai immediately understood Goku and others intentions, and searched for the whereabouts of the new Planet Namek from Kais Planet.

Fortunately, the planet that the Namekians migrated to was also within the range of the North Area.

After a while, good news arrived.

“Goku, these are the coordinates of the new Planet Namek.

You can teleport over directly.

I have already told their new Great Elder about the situation on Earth.”

“Thank you, Kai.”

After getting the coordinates of the new Planet Namek, Goku earnestly expressed his thanks and then communicated with everyone for a while.

After that, he used Instant Transmission and sensed the Namekians Ki.

With a flash, Goku rushed there.

When others saw that Goku went to the new Planet Namek, they waited quietly on the Lookout for good news.

Satan and some martial artists had ascended to the Lookout for the first time and they all watched this holy land floating high in the sky with curiosity.

This is the so-called heaven of Immortal Korin where Kami lives.

Martial artists immediately adopted a reverent attitude and just like that, the desolate and slightly dull-looking Lookout became sacred.

The host and his camera team walked around all over the place and eventually arrived at the boundary of the Lookout.

Looking at the vast expanse of white below, they exclaimed in admiration, “This Lookout is really floating in mid-air!”

A gust of cold wind blew over and the aura of the terrifying abyss caused goosebumps to rise all over their bodies.

Retreating to the Lookouts square, they began to take pictures of the magnificent palace again.

“Its a miracle, ah!” The blonde-haired host was full of praise.

“This was originally where Kami lived,” Gohan whispered.

“Mom, you looked so impressive just now.” Xili rushed over to Meiling and hesitated for a while, not knowing what to call her.

“Impressive, arent I” Meilings eyes lit up and she hugged Xili, her cheeks pressed tightly against her little face, rubbing constantly while she kept muttering, “So cute, let mom hug you.”

Xili giggled and then Meifei also rushed over, not willing to be left behind.

Meiling hadnt appeared for several years.

This is the first time she was able to hug the children.

Arent Xiling and Myers children also her children

Quietly watching his daughters cozying up with Meiling, Xiaya smiled.

At this time, Android 18 slowly walked over, her blue eyes staring at Xiaya.

“18, whats the matter” Xiaya looked at her and asked, slightly surprised.

“Call me Lazuli, this is my human name.”

“OK.” Xiaya was dazed for a moment.

He watched the clear sky in the distance, without saying anything.

18 also turned her head and looked at the sky.

After a while, he wasnt sure what she remembered, but she took out a white necklace from her neck and asked, “Do you…remember this necklace”

Looking at the white necklace which had an exquisite design, Xiaya shook his head.

He only felt it somewhat familiar.

A little disappointed, 18s countenance slowly turned indifferent.

“This necklace is very unique, is it important to you” Xiaya asked casually.

“Umm, it was given to me by a big brother I met when I was young.” 18 tucked the necklace back into her collar, said a few more words to Xiaya, and silently walked away.

“Whats the matter with 18 She rushed over for no reason and asked an odd question.

18 was rescued by someone when she was young” Xiaya looked at 18s receding back.

The graceful figure of the girl appeared much more alluring because of the tight-fitting clothes.

He shook his head and saw Krillin who was chatting with someone in the distance.

The two people seem to have no intersection in this world.


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