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“It turns out that Xiling and Myers were still hiding such a technique!” Hearing that the female Super Saiyan who had appeared might be the fusion of Xiling and Myers, Goku couldnt help but rub his eyes, looking at them with a shocked look on his face.

At the moment, Meiling was heartily fighting with Janemba, light and shadow erupting out, and just the act of defending themselves from the residual waves sweeping out made them feel tired.

The current Janemba is more powerful than the one in the movie.

He is the fusion of the evil Ki of Hell.

He had been fighting with Meiling for a long time.

Although he was slowly falling into disadvantage, there was still huge power contained in his every movement.

As they continued to fight each other, the rumbling vibrations tore and stirred, forming wave-like shockwaves that continued to spread to the surroundings.

Regardless of the wind and rain outside, Grand Kais Planet is always sunny and beautiful.

At first, after Grand Kai informed North Kai of the evil creature, he considered looking for some experts to assist him, but after searching around back and forth, Grand Kai embarrassingly found that he wasnt able to find such experts in Heaven.

Just when Grand Kai was feeling helpless, the news about the battle on Earth was transmitted to him.

Three people with terrifying strength appeared in the mortal realm, and the universe was in a precarious situation once again.

“So many experts are gathered on the planet called Earth.” Grand Kai was a little confused about this.

He didnt know what was so special about Earth that it has so many experts.

Taking a closer look, Grand Kai was immediately shocked by the battle that took place on Earth.

Not a single one among the three frightening guys is simple.

He reckons that even the legendary Majin Buu may only be comparable to them.

“Huh Arent those two Saiyans the experts who defeated Metal Bojack” Grand Kai shook his gray beard.

Seeing familiar people, his heart was temporarily relieved.

He knew that the two Saiyans have a big background, such that even he didnt dare to easily provoke them.

He remembered that when he used a crystal ball to observe them fighting with Bojack, he was interrupted by a mysterious power.

After all, he is Grand Kai, and only the much higher-level gods can interrupt his observation.

Maybe it is the legendary Supreme Kai-sama.

After observing them more carefully, Grand Kai saw a little peculiarity from Xiaya and Meiling, and immediately sucked in chilly air.

“Ah, their dimension is actually comparable to mine”

Grand Kai was sure that their identity is also of a god.

Moreover, their divinity is not inferior to his.

A Saiyan became a god, which has never happened before.

“North Kai, whats going on with those people on Earth I didnt expect that there were so many experts gathered there.

Maybe the evil creature will be defeated.” Grand Kai contacted North Kai.

North Kai, who was solemnly watching the battle on Earth, suddenly received a call from Grand Kai and was shocked.

“Xiaya and his wives are very powerful.

I hope they can defeat the evil creature, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.” North Kais tone was very solemn, and then he explained what had happened on Earth.

“Yeah,” Grand Kai nodded.

The existence of Janemba has severely threatened the safety of the universe.

As Grand Kai, he naturally understood this.

“That Xiaya and his wife have a very high dimension, and their divinity is almost equal to mine.

Do you know whats going on”

North Kai was dazed for a while.

“I heard them mention this before, and it seems to be related to God of Destruction-sama.”

“God of Destruction Is it Beerus-sama” Grand Kai was surprised.

Anything related to God of Destruction Beerus is not simple.

People in Universe 7 who have even a small bit of connections are afraid of God of Destruction.

Wait, does it mean that Beerus-sama has awakened

Shocked, Grand Kai suddenly trembled.

This is an important matter! God of Destruction Beerus, a god more powerful than the legendary Supreme Kai-sama.

Moreover, he is completely unreasonable and will frequently destroy planets… Grand Kai also learned of the existence of the God of Destruction when North Kai had personally encountered him!

North Kais divine planet was not as small as it is now.

It was flourishing back then.

But when God of Destruction came, it was all gone, leaving only the current tiny planet.

When he thought of this, Grand Kais expression relaxed.

“Since it is connected with God of Destruction-sama, then the evil creature will surely not pose a threat.

Pay careful attention to the situation of the earth.”

“Please rest assured, Grand Kai.”

Then, North Kai cut off the connection, and nervously watched the battle on Earth.

On the battlefield, the battle had come to an end.

Janemba in his Final Form is very strong, but unfortunately his opponents are even more powerful.

With the combined strength of Xiaya and Meiling, crushing Janemba was a certainty.

It didnt take long for Janembas energy to dissipate little by little, and then he was swallowed and destroyed by the space.

After the process of growing and elimination, Janemba was no longer their match.

“Great! Teacher Xiaya is going to win.” Trunks fixedly stared at the changes in the situation of the battle and couldnt help but be elated when he saw this situation.

“Boy, its too early to be happy.

The closer you get to the end, the more you have to be careful.” Glancing at Trunks from the corners of his eyes, Vegeta chided him sternly.

Although Trunks was stronger than him, Vegetas judgment of the entire situation was much better.

Goku agreed with Vegeta.

“Thats right, now is the most critical moment.”

Victory is in sight, and there is no room for any mistake.

On the side, the blond-haired host was half squatting on the ground, his face full of excitement.

He raised his head to look into the sky, but couldnt see anything at all.

The loud rumbling sound made his voice unclear.

“What a pity, such an exciting battle cannot be fully recorded by the video camera.”

“Currently the live broadcast has been interrupted, but the video camera still has some clips of the fight.” A team member was laying on the ground.

“Save the recordings properly.”

These are all scenes that the audience hasnt watched yet, so they are very important.

The blond-haired host remembered his job, and his eyes under the sunglasses were shining eagerly.

Just then, an energy mixed with a frightening impact struck the defensive cover.

Rumble, the defensive cover together with the ground sank down.

“Everyone, gather together, the energy outside is getting more and more dangerous.” Piccolo shouted, and the several dozens of people pulled back into the circle.

Z Warriors protected the ordinary martial artists in the middle, as the area protected by the defensive cover was suddenly reduced.

Bang, bang… bang!

Meiling struck Janembas body, which produced a muffled whoosh sound.

Hula, the powerful strength penetrated the surface of his skin, impacting his body.

Trembling like a water polo ball, Janemba screamed.

A big hole was punctured in his chest, scattering out a lot of dark energy particles which turned into black smoke.

Xiaya was quick as he immediately threw out a strong energy, which like a sharp arrow penetrated the black smoke before it detonated in the center.

Before Janemba had the time to recover the dark particles, they dissipated in the explosion.

Then, Xiaya instantly turned into a beam of light and disappeared, traversing forward.

He crossed the space and reappeared in front of Janemba.

Bang, bang, bang! Walking swiftly, retracting his legs and then kicking out, he swung a powerful attack.

Janemba was flustered for a while as he was sent flying.

Xiaya pursued him relentlessly and continued to launch combos.

Bang, bang, bang, flashes flickered in the sky.

Because his speed was too fast, apart from hearing the sounds of rapid and powerful blows, only the scenes of space collapsing to form distortions could be seen.

“Ahhhhh!” Janemba roared in pain.

The big hole in his body hadnt recovered yet, and Xiaya and Meilings combo caused him to lose a lot of dark energy.


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