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“Its Trunks Ki! He has become so strong.” Recognizing this aura, Gokus mouth dropped open in surprise.

Soon, a figure with long purple hair walked out from the inside of the Lookout.

The clothes on his body were tattered, and Ki flows were winding around his whole body as if it was wrapped with a thin layer of cicada wings.

A fierce and majestic whirlwind swept out.

“Trunks, why are you the only one to come out” Krillin and the others gathered around and asked curiously.

Trunks nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Because Xiang and others are at a crucial stage of breakthrough, teacher broke open a spatial passage in the Time House and let me come out first.”

Breaking open the space of the Time House

Hearing this, Goku couldnt help but suck in cold air.

Is this really something humans can do

Then he observed Trunks carefully, discovering that the energy in Trunks body was totally different from before.

Its likely that Trunks is stronger than him.

As this thought flashed through his mind, even he himself felt shocked.

Dont forget that Trunks talent is comparable to that of Gohan.

If Gohan can set foot in Full Power Super Saiyan realm at the age of nine, then Trunks, whose physique was much more high-level than him, can do it too.

“Great, now we have one more top-level powerhouse here.” Hearing everything, a surprised expression appeared on Tien Shinhans face.

“Top-level powerhouse What happened” Trunks looked at everyone in surprise.

Piccolo solemnly said, “Cell has resurrected and he has also become much more powerful, with lightning winding all around his body.” Then, he told him about the Cell Games.

“Lightning ​​Could it be Super Saiyan 2” Hearing the description, Trunks thought calmly, his eyebrows slightly knitted and a puzzled look on his handsome face.

Immediately he thought of Teacher Xiayas strength, and put down the worries in his heart.

“No matter how powerful Cell becomes, he cannot reach teachers level.”

In the one year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he had gotten a good understanding of Xiayas strength, which was something ordinary people cannot imagine.

Super Perfect Cell is just a matter of one punch.

Then with a loud “rumble”, Xiayas family also walked out.

Unconcerned about what was happening on the Lookout, after Cell declared that he is going to hold the “Cell Games”, the whole world was paying attention to the place where the game will be held.

Whether they were martial artists or ordinary people, they were all concerned about this fight on which the fate of Earth was at stake.

In a town near West City, a little black-haired girl was staring angrily at a man.

Satan looked at his daughter with a helpless look on his face.

“Videl, this time Dad is going to participate in the Cell Games.

This is a noble cause to save the world.

You should support it!”

“Hmph, every time you are gone, you come back only after several years.

“Not at all! Before, I was training at Immortal Korins place.

Look, father is very strong now.” Saying that, Satan showed off his muscles and shot an Energy wave high up in the sky.

“Hah, what do you think, powerful, right” Satan gasped for breath as he wiped his sweat, his whole body feeling sore.

“Dad is so powerful.” Videl said with worshipful eyes.

“Hahahaha, of course…”

Satan laughed heartily with his head held high.

Satan has a lot of small shortcomings and loves to gain petty advantages, but he has a sense of justice.

As one of the few martial artists who have climbed the Korin Tower and completed their training, he is willing to step forward bravely at this time.

“I am leaving!” Satan waved and sped away in a car.

There are also many people like Satan who have the determination to save the world.

They rushed over from all around the world and gathered at the place where the “Cell Games” will be held.

Central City also attaches great importance to the “Cell Games”.

In addition to pacifying the people around the world, the kingdom had also selected powerful martial artists from all over the world and sent a large number of talented people to broadcast the Cell Games live.

The host is surprisingly the blonde-haired host of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

The 25th World Martial Arts Tournament was postponed for two years due to the invasion of Frieza Corps, and it was held two years ago.

As a famed host of the martial arts tournament, the blonde-haired host was always eager to comment on high-intensity martial arts competitions.

Few days later, the Cell Games were held.

In the northwest of Central City at 28 KS Point 5, a small place that was initially not well-known had attracted the attention of everyone around the world because of a significant match.

In the center, there was a square-shaped arena about 100 meters in length, and pointed pillars were erected at the four corners.

With his eyes closed, Cell was standing in the middle of the martial arts arena.

Behind a rock not far away, the fully prepared blonde-haired host, dressed in a black suit and holding a microphone, was eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the martial artists from all parts of the world with his camera team.

The high-resolution camera was pointed at Cell, transmitting the feed to the whole world.

“There are still 30 minutes left before the start of theCell Games.

Powerful martial artists from all over the world are rushing over one after another.

Look everyone, Mr.

Satan, Mr.

Gabriel, Mr.

Upa… these powerful experts who have successfully challenged Korin Tower are all here.”

The camera turned, facing Satan and others, who were doing warm-up exercises.

Looking at the camera, Satan ostentatiously showed a triumphant posture.

He put his hands on his hips, and laughed elatedly.

Satans laughing face was transmitted all over the world through the camera, and immediately the world seethed with excitement.

“Satan! We support you.”

“Upa, beat up that bastard Cell.”

“Show that guy the power of us Earthlings.”

Everywhere in the city, the crowd burst into warm applause.

They all looked excited, laughing and shouting, as if the moment these warriors appeared, Cell had already lost.

Taking advantage of this moment, the blonde-haired host continued, “Let me tell everyone some exciting news.

According to the news sent from the kings office, Mr.

Goku, Mr.

Tien Shinhan, Mr.

Krillin and others….

will also participate in this match.

Look everyone, they are already here!”

The camera aimed at the blue sky, where twenty orderly light rays flashed across the sky before landing.

Xiaya, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Chichi and the others arrived lined up in a row with imposing and elegant demeanors.

They stared at Cell in the center of the arena with bright eyes.

With their arrival, the brilliance of ordinary human powerhouses like Satan seemed to have been instantly stolen away and became a lot dimmer.

The specular entrance of so many warriors made people all over the world seethe with excitement.

They were overjoyed and extremely excited.

Behold, these are the most powerful warriors on Earth.

With them, what danger could Earth not deal with


Goku, Mr.

Tien Shinhan!”

“Piccolo and Krillin, come on!”

Of course, it was impossible for the cheers of the entire world to be heard by the people far away in the middle of a desert.

Cells eyes coldly glanced at Goku and the others, flashing with red light.

“You are all finally here, and even Trunks is here!”

“Goku, you all attack together! Dont waste time.” Cell said coldly.

Lightning flickered around his body, sparkling silver electric arcs intertwined, and he turned into Super Perfect Form.

As an Android, Cell has also inherited the Saiyans arrogance, but dont know whether this is ignorance or stupidity.

If he knew the real strength of these people in front of him, would he regret his ignorance

“Super Saiyan 2!” Trunks took a deep breath and muttered.

The current strength displayed by Cell is surprisingly a Saiyans Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

“What Super Saiyan 2” Vegeta asked in confusion.

“Teacher Xiaya has said that this is a transformation far surpassing Super Saiyan level, so it is called Super Saiyan 2!” Trunks looked at Vegeta and explained.

After hearing this, Vegeta seemed to be shocked by the existence of Super Saiyan 2.

Trunks looked at Vegeta with a complicated expression, and sighed inwardly.

He may have missed a lot of wonderful things by training alone.

“What did Cell just say” The host could not believe his ears.

The people in front of the TV also didnt dare to believe it.

“That guy is so arrogant, saying that he wants us all to attack him together.

Does he think he can defeat all of us by himself” Satan said in surprise.

He is too arrogant, Cell is not putting him in his eyes!

Just as he was about to say something, Satan saw Yajirobe.

He walked over to him and said with a loud laugh, “Boss Yajirobe, do you think that Cell is an idiot Who does he think he is”

Yajirobe thrusted his katana into the ground, and while holding the handle of the katana, he solemnly said, “Satan and you all cameramen, when the fight starts later, you all stay far away.

That guy Cell is very dangerous!”

“Is he more powerful than you and Immortal Korin” In his heart, Yajirobe and Immortal Korin are great experts.

“There is no comparison at all! If it is not handled carefully, maybe even Earth will be destroyed in the battle.”

“Ah!” Satan was dumbfounded.

The blonde-haired host was also dazed for a while, but still did everything in his power to not run away.

“What should we do Cell is saying to attack him together.” Piccolo said solemnly.

“Then just do as he wants.” Goku said.

Now was not the time to be stubborn.

“Everyone, spread out.”

After saying that, more than a dozen people, such as Goku, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin and others flashed and appeared in the arena.

Only Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, 17, and 18 watched from the distance, protecting the blonde-haired host and his team.

“Is the fight going to start” Looking from the distance, the host was infected by the tense atmosphere and couldnt help but swallow his saliva.

“Audience members in front of their TVs, the Cell Games which have attracted worldwide attention will soon begin.

At Cells request, this time all outstanding martial artists will attack him together…”

The camera gave the arena a big close-up, where various colours of auras were blazing.

Super Perfect Cell is surrounded by lightning.

“Goku, are you prepared to go to hell”

“I should ask the same to you!”

Goku bit his lower lip, and like a core pillar of the team, he looked at his companions and loudly shouted, “Begin the fight!”

Under his order, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan and others fully released their auras and immediately a surging aura swept out with the arena as the center.

The fierce energy raised a cyclone like a frightening blade and at the same time, in the distance, a heavy pressure fell on everyones hearts, causing them to sweat cold bullets.

“Is this… a universe-level expert” Satan swallowed, his face beginning to turn pale.

Compared with these monsters, the disparity was too big.

“3x Kaio-ken!” Piccolo loudly shouted, and the white lightning flashed.

Under 3x Kaio-ken, Piccolo, whose strength was originally equivalent to 17, was now close to Super Perfect Cell.

“10x Kaio-ken!” Tien Shinhans muscles bulged and blue veins appeared on his forehead.

Similarly, Chichi, Krillin, and Yamcha also used Kaio-ken.

Next Gohan, Xiang, and Xili transformed into Super Saiyan.

For a moment, golden lights flashed on the arena, and Ki waves swept out.

Before the arena could be used, cracks had already appeared on it.

“Super Saiyan!” Vegeta roared angrily and Full Power Super Saiyans strength erupted out.

After entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the second time, Vegeta, who had learned a lesson through painful experience, finally surpassed himself.

But the next scene, however, made him dazed.

He saw Goku and Trunks holding their breath and concentrating as a magnificent aura erupted out, lightning flashed, and they transformed into Super Saiyan 2.

“Hahaha, interesting, interesting!”

Meifei laughed like the tinkling of a silver bell, and a golden aura erupted out, and then the golden light turned green-coloured, and her green hair stood erect.

Although it was not Super Saiyan 2, her aura was not weaker than Goku and the others.

“Sure enough, Mr.

Goku has also reached this level.” Trunks smiled at Goku.

“You too.”

“This… how did Kakarrot and Trunks become so much stronger than me!” Vegeta clenched his fists, dumbfounded.

Cell was also feeling downcast.

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