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After a while, Piccolo and 16 flew over to Lookout with 17 and Vegeta.

They threw Vegeta on the ground and no one went to take care of him.

Who allowed Vegeta to go too far this time If it weren’t for Xiling who came to the rescue in time, it would have almost led to a disaster.

Looking at Vegeta lying on the ground unconscious and with a bloody nose and swollen face, Trunks stared blankly before turning his head to the side.

16 observed the people on Lookout, his palm swaying in the air.

Looking at Xiaya, he compared him to the photo in the database, and quickly knew Xiaya’s identity.

He calmly said, “Thank you for rescuing 17 and 18.

They are not evil people.”

Xiaya replied with a smile, “Put aside their matter for the time being.

As long as they do not cause destruction on Earth, I don’t think anyone will go deal with them.

He looked at Krillin and the others and saw them nodding repeatedly.

16 smiled and said affirmatively, “They don’t have bad intentions.”

“What do you plan to do next Continue to chase Kakarrot He is now speeding up his training.

When he comes out, you all will no longer be his match.” Xiaya looked at 16.

This tall Android was unexpectedly careful.

Shaking his head, 16 said, “No, the mission ends here.”

Hearing that, everyone on the Lookout smiled and then attempted to chat with 16.

After the exchange, everyone found that Androids were not so difficult to get along with.

At least, 16 was quite amiable and approachable, and wasn’t arrogant.

Even Trunks slowly let down his guard.

“Aghh…” Vegeta woke up and struggled to get up from the cold floor.

As a result, he used too much force and jerked his wound, letting out a scream.

Seeing 16, Vegeta suddenly thought of Cell and yelled angrily, “Cell, that bastard! I will chop him to pieces!”

“Don’t shout, Cell is dead,” Xiling said nonchalantly.

“What, Cell is dead Who killed him” Vegeta was stunned for a moment before shouting angrily.

He was brutally oppressed by Cell.

In addition to his hatred for Cell, Vegeta was also unwilling to be weak and wanted to find Cell for revenge, but when he was told that Cell was already killed by someone, Vegeta’s eyes went dark and he almost fainted again.

“It’s me, why Do you have any objection” Xiling looked at Vegeta coldly, her eyes flickering with a beam of light.

If Vegeta wasn’t too conceited, why would he do such a thing Acting like a pretentious prick, but was taught a lesson by Cell, he is really asking for it.

Xiling dislikes Vegeta’s conceited personality.

In fact, saying that he is conceited or overconfident is speaking highly of him.

He is simply brainless.

Xiling really looks down on him.

Hearing this, Vegeta’s face turned red and white.

Xiaya stopped Xiling and walked over to Vegeta’s side.

“You can test your strength if you want, but don’t be conceited and act stupidly.

If we were not here this time, no one would be able to stop the harm caused by Cell.”

Vegeta has talent and quite a competitive personality, but why is he so arrogant There is a fine line between confidence and conceitedness.

Arrogance is very foolish and often leads a good situation to the point of collapse.

In the Android Saga, it contributed to the appearance of Cell Perfect Form, and in Majin Buu Saga, it brought about the release of Buu.

Although it was necessary for the plot, it is really terrible.

Vegeta’s IQ has been forcibly lowered in these matters.

Having a Saiyan’s personality is no longer enough to explain these unreasonable situations.

Although Xiaya had also intended to watch the Cell Games, he wouldn’t take the initiative to let Cell complete his evolution.

Vegeta had a gloomy look on his face and seemed to be pondering over his behaviour.

After a while, he looked at Xiaya.

“This time I was reckless.

How long will it take for Kakarrot to come out I want to again enter the Time Room for training.”

“The quota has been arranged.

Kakarrot will be followed by Krillin and Yamcha.

You have to wait for a few days.”

“Cell is dead anyway.

Rather than wasting time on these useless people, it’s better to allow me to enter.” Vegeta said with a stiff face.

“No, it’s already arranged.” Xiaya shook his head and rejected Vegeta’s request.

It is exactly as Vegeta said.

Since Cell has been killed, there is no need to rigidly stick to these details, but rules are rules.

If an agreement has been made, then it must be fulfilled honestly.

Aren’t there no more threats Then Vegeta doesn’t need to be in a hurry.

If right now, Earth was still facing a huge crisis, then it would be natural to let powerful people take the lead in training to ensure absolute power.

But now that Cell has been eliminated, it will be according to the order.

Vegeta disagrees with Xiaya’s choice, but looking at the people on the Lookout, it seems no one supports him.

He had no choice but to go stand on the side with a cold face, slowly recovering from his injuries.

Just then, a voice rang in everyone’s ears.

The voice of North Kai.

“Ah, ah.

Ah, something bad is going to happen.

North Area is about to face a huge crisis.” North Kai’s voice, which was like a ghost’s wailing, caused the ears of everyone present to ache.

“What happened again” Xiaya asked, frowning.

North Kai said, ” I’ve just been informed by Grand Kai that a strange evil creature was born in the Underworld and it has right now entered the North Area’s territory.


Xiaya, I’ll have to depend on you this time…”

The experts of the North Area are all gathered on Earth and the mysterious Xiaya is also there.

North Kai could only turn to them for help.

“What evil creature Can you elaborate more”

“Ah, it’s like this…”

North Kai told them about what happened in the Underworld in detail.

After listening to North Kai’s description, Xiaya’s expression changed but he immediately recovered his calm.

From what North Kai said, that evil creature seems to be Janemba! This is a guy even scarier than Majin Buu.

Of course, he didn’t feel fearful of Janemba.

On the contrary, he was somewhat expectant of such an opponent.

Majin Buu’s Battle Power when he first appeared was probably around Super Saiyan 3, 20 billion Battle Power.

Janemba is much stronger than Majin Buu, but Xiaya still doesn’t put him in his eyes.

It’s not that he is arrogant, rather in the Ultimate state, he has gone beyond the worldly perspective.

Regarding Janemba, Xiaya was somewhat looking forward to him.

“Janemba, huh! I wonder how powerful he is I’m really looking forward to it!” Xiaya muttered.

“Ah, Mr.

Kai, where is that evil creature right now” Piccolo asked worriedly.

North Kai stammered, “I don’t know, I haven’t found his trace yet.”

“Then Mr.

Kai, please search carefully.

If you have any news, please tell us immediately.” Piccolo said with concern.

The safety of the North Area is also related to the survival of Earth.

Of course Piccolo is willing to help if he can.

This was something that Piccolo before merging with old Kami would never have thought about.

“Umm, then everyone please help at that time.” North Kai cut off the connection and began to use Kai’s authority to look around all places within the North Area, but the evil creature had hidden himself so deep that for a while, North Kai could not find him.

“Hey, Xiaya, do you think that evil creature is powerful” Myers asked in a low voice.

Xiaya nodded seriously.

“If I haven’t guessed wrong, he should be very strong, and maybe none of you are his match.”

“Huh” Myers was startled, her beautiful face revealing a surprised expression.

Stronger than them, how could this be possible Their strength is even stronger than an average Super Saiyan 3!


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