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Perfect Form Cell had cast off his ugly insect-like appearance; he was not as brutish-looking as Semi-Perfect Form.

Instead, he had become very handsome.

The black fan-shaped wings were sticking close to his back, and the tail had been retracted.

His handsome face inherited Frieza’s evilness and a sturdy body like Goku and Vegeta.

Both of his eyes were full of evilness.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Cell showed confidence like a winner and took a small step forward.

His figure turned blurry and then appeared in front of Vegeta, who couldn’t react at all, bent down, and punched Vegeta’s stomach.

Then he moved quickly to the side, bent his elbows, and ruthlessly struck the hard and sharp part on Vegeta’s back.


“Ah!” With a blood-curdling scream, Vegeta spat out blood and his entire body got deeply buried into the sand and rocks.

He also automatically exited from the Super Saiyan state, his eyes becoming blurred.


“There is no chance, Vegeta is dead.”

Piccolo and 16 wanted to go over and save him, but they couldn’t get close to Cell even a little.

A powerful Ki field was obstructing them, preventing them from approaching.

“Tsk tsk, this is the Saiyan’s prince Such an embarrassment.” Cell tsked with a shake of his head, then grabbed Vegeta’s head disdainfully and threw him out forcefully.


Vegeta spurted out another mouthful of blood before fainting with unwillingness.

“Hehe, this should be enough as a lesson!” Chuckling, a beautiful and alluring figure appeared beside Vegeta before walking step by step towards the Perfect Form Cell.

“Blond hair, are you a Saiyan too”

Cell was startled, since there was no description related to her in his data, but then he chuckled with an indifferent look.

Although there was no information about the girl in the data, he who had defeated a Super Saiyan would not be afraid of anyone, confident in his Perfect Form.

“Yes, I’m a Saiyan too!” Giving a faint smile, Xiling raised her head and looked at Perfect Form Cell.

He looked pretty good after achieving Perfect Form.

“Xiling, be careful of Cell.” Piccolo couldn’t help but shout, having never seen Xiling’s skills.

Xiling waved her hand, “Don’t worry, it’s just a little fry with 4 billion Battle Power.” She wasn’t worried at all as the energy of Cell was just a fraction of her Battle Power.

“Uhhh…” Piccolo didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“So, she is Xiling… She… is very strong and unfathomable.

Just like that woman named Myers,” 16 said numbly, because the detector in his body was unresponsive again.

“Really Your opponent is Perfect Form Cell!”

“Don’t worry.” 16 looked serious.

“Arrogant woman, perhaps you don’t know my strength.

When I dealt with Vegeta just now, I didn’t even use half of my power and he was defeated.

I will not be merciful because you are a woman!” Cell burst into loud laughter.

His light golden eyes showed a bloodthirsty coldness.

As he said, he will not hold back because of the gender of his opponent.

Since prey has delivered itself in front of him, then he will surely bite the prey!

“Your personality is still affected by the Saiyan bloodline.

If it was Frieza, he may have a chance to fight me while speaking, but for you, you don’t have any chance.”

Saying that, Xiling released a little bit of her aura.

Suddenly a Ki stronger than Cell’s rose like a tornado.

The earth trembled and the mountains, rivers and the Lookout were all affected.

Piccolo, who was standing nearest, opened his mouth wide dumbfoundedly with an astonished expression on his face, and after a long time, exclaimed, “Who would have thought she would be so powerful, almost surpassing Cell! There really is no one weak in their entire family!”

Piccolo, who had inherited the memories of old Kami, remembered the young girl who came to Earth with Xiaya decades ago.

Who would have thought that she would grow into a super expert in just a few decades.

On the Lookout, Xiling’s Ki spread out and suddenly overwhelmed Cell’s Ki.

“This is Xiling’s Ki.”

“So powerful, she is not weaker than Perfect Form Cell.” Trunks stiffened.

“Hmph, this is not all of mother’s strength.” Xiang, who was sitting on the ground, muttered, but his voice was so soft that not many people heard him.

Standing opposite of Xiling, Cell was the first to bear the brunt of her strength.

“Powerful! A female Super Saiyan is very rare; her Ki is nearly equal to me.

But in terms of physical strength, a female’s body naturally does not have an advantage!” Cell had a grave expression on his face.

Although his words were full of confidence, he was extremely fearful inwardly.

This woman about whom he doesn’t have any information is much more difficult to deal with than imagined.

“Hehe, it’s enough to deal with you!” Saying so indifferently, Xiling stomped her leg and disappeared, then before anyone could react, she appeared within 3 meters of Cell.

“So fast!” Cell’s heart thumped and suddenly he had an ominous feeling and quickly turned around to dodge.

Swish, it was an afterimage as another Xiling suddenly appeared behind him.

“How come there are two of them, an afterimage” The sudden change made Cell nervous.

He glanced at both Xiling’s to determine which one was real.

Hualala, one Xiling jumped up and attacked.

Cell reacted swiftly and nimbly dodged.

At this time, the other Xiling lowered her body, rushed forward a few steps, clenched her fists, and slammed them into Cell’s stomach.

Like a train rolling over him, the steel-like fists brimming with power sank into Cell’s stomach.

Bang! Cell’s stomach sank inwards and his back protruded out.

Both of his bloodshot eyes bulged and a disgusting feeling spread out from the abdominal cavity.

Cell’s face became ugly and he got a crazy look on his face.

“Why, I clearly dodged your attack”

Yeah, why

Even Piccolo and 16 couldn’t understand.

He had clearly dodged the real body’s attack, so then why did the attack still reach him They didn’t know that Xiling had learned Planet Yardrat’s “Cloning Secret Skill” as well as Planet Metamor’s “Real and Unreal transformation”.

The two skills used with Battle Power were simply impossible to guard against.

“Haha!” Xiling chuckled and didn’t reply, then she changed the angle and again punched Cell’s stomach.

She descended and extended her arms.

Bringing along a sparkling flowing light, Xiling’s fist struck Cell’s stomach with several continuous punches.

The latter’s eyes widened, his eyeballs showing distinct traces of blood.

Ahhhhh! The cold feeling appeared again, accompanied by a blood curdling scream.

Cell spat out 18 from his mouth, and reverted back to his second form.

“Impossible, how did I revert back!” Cell stared at his hands blankly and then with his mind on the brink of collapse, he shouted with a crazy look on his face.

“Bastard, I am going to kill you!”

“Great, Cell has reverted back, he is no longer in Perfect Form.” Seeing Cell revert back, Piccolo felt relieved.

The Cell who had reverted back to Semi-Perfect Form was only slightly more powerful than 16.

So, how could he be Xiling’s match anymore Afterwards, Xiling again used the same technique and immediately Cell was struck down to Imperfect Form.

17 was spat out too.


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