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“By the way, this is for you, maybe you can find the weakness of the Androids from it.” Trunks gave the documents from Xiaya to Bulma.

If someone in this world could research the weakness of the Androids, only Bulma and her father Dr.

Brief can.

“Hey, the Androids’ blueprints.

Don’t worry, leave it to me!” Bulma flipped through a few pages of the documents, patted her chest and said confidently.

“Okay then, I will go to Lookout next.

Teacher Xiaya promised to train me.

In order to defeat the Androids, I must undergo more rigorous training.” Trunks said.

“Xiaya is very strict, work hard.

By the way, Goku and Gohan also went to Lookout.

If you meet them, tell them to train without worrying.

This is another disaster that endangers the entire world, ah!”

“I’ll tell them.”

Compared to Vegeta, maybe Goku is more suitable for Bulma! Trunks thought to himself.

After bidding farewell to Bulma, Trunks flew towards Lookout, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive on Lookout.

There were already several people present on Lookout.

Goku and Gohan were sitting on the ground wearing Planet Hongshan’s Battle Armor.

On the side, Krillin and Yamcha were present too while Piccolo was talking to old Kami on the edge of Lookout about something.

Old Kami was looking at the mortal world with a shocked look on his face…


Goku, didn’t Vegeta come”

“Ah, Trunks, Vegeta is already training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber by himself.” Goku greeted Trunks.

“Hyperbolic Time Chamber”

“That is the secret training room in Lookout.

If you train inside for one year, only one day will pass outside, but a person can only go in for two days throughout their life, and only two people at a time can enter it.” Xiaya, who had appeared mysteriously, explained.

Following Xiaya were Xiling, Myers, Xiang, Xili and Meifei.

His whole family came over except for Launch, who was taking care of the house.

“To think that there is such a magical place on Lookout!” Trunks was startled.

This was something that he completely didn’t know of.

In his world, the only people who knew this information were Goku, Mr Popo, and the old Kami.

These people died early on for various reasons, so when the Androids brought disaster to the world, no one knew about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

“So, right now Vegeta is in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan can enter next, then Krillin and Yamcha, and then we…” Xiaya said with a smile.

Xiaya has entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber several times, and the rules and restrictions inside have no effect on him.

“Umm.” Trunks nodded vigorously.

It will only take three days for his turn.

During this time, he will just train his basic skills.

Time passed, and the sky soon turned dark.

Goku and others waited on the Lookout.


Mortal world.

A bustling city, but it seemed unusually quiet at this moment.

On the street, clothes were scattered on the ground randomly.

The strange thing was that these clothes are completely intact.

If looked carefully, one can see a layer of dried human skin inside the clothes…

The wind blew, swirling up the yellow sand, making the whole city strange.

In an alley, a green figure crawled on the ground, with the thick tail behind it pierced into a human’s back, and then under that human’s painful wails, it sucked the human into a dried husk.

“Ohhhhh, the essence of life.

As long as I absorb the humans of a few more cities, I can return to my original state.

This world’s Android 17 and 18 still exist.

I will absorb them before they are annihilated.

Wait for me, 17, 18, you will be the nutrients for me to turn into Perfect Form.”

The green creature with speckles all over its body opened its vertical pupils as a hoarse voice like chirping of insects came from its throat.

He is Cell.

He has come from Trunks’ world three years in the future.

The genes of Saiyan, Namekians, and Frost Demons are gathered in his body.

As soon as he woke up in the Lab, the computer told him that if he wants to obtain the strongest Perfect Form, then he must absorb Android 17 and 18.

But at the time he awakened, Android 17 and 18 were already wiped out by Trunks, and nearly eliminated the possibility of his Perfect Form transformation.

But the existence of the time machine gave him new hope.

“Wait for me Trunks, after I have achieved the most powerful Perfect Form, I will surely return the humiliation you gave me back ten or hundred times over.


With a voice full of resentment, Cell’s hatred for Trunks can no longer be expressed in words.

If Trunks was standing in front of him, he might not have been able to stop himself from rushing over.

“What kind of monster is that!”

Old Kami watched the mortal world while sweating profusely.

Seeing the body that had been sucked dry, he looked at Piccolo and sighed, “What Earth lacks now is not Kami, but a powerful warrior.

I never thought we would still have to fuse one day…”

In a shopping mall, 18 stood in front of the mirror, changing clothes one after another and posing in various attractive poses.

Then, she changed to another in dissatisfaction.

“18, the clothes you are wearing will do.

There is no need to dress prettily.

No one is going to look at you.” 17 had his hands folded across his chest as he leaned against the door of the mall, looking at 18, who was changing clothes one after another, shaking his head helplessly.

“What do you know” 18 looked at him disdainfully, and put on a white top, a black-coloured small open jacket, and black trousers with a golden chain hanging from the belt.

“Pack these all!” 18 put a pile of clothes of the latest fashion on the counter.

“Hey, I think this pearl necklace is a good match for you.” A necklace was swaying on 17’s finger.

“No, I already have a necklace.” 18 tugged the necklace around her neck and pulled it out and hung it on her chest.

The white chain had a crescent moon-shape and its workmanship was quite exquisite.

“Hey, where did your necklace come from You have been wearing it since you were a child”

“You don’t need to know.”

Embarrassed, 17 swung his hand and threw away the pearl necklace in his hand like throwing away trash, and then headed outside the mall with 18 carrying the clothes.

“Ah, you haven’t paid yet!” the shopkeeper yelled furiously.

However, 17 and 18 had already driven away in the small pickup truck, leaving behind a cloud of dust which caused the shopkeeper to have a fit of coughing, his face turning black and white.

In the car, 17 laughed loudly.

“Ridiculous, he even wants us to pay.

He should thank us for not killing him.”

“It’s not good to kill!” 16 said nonchalantly.

“Yes, we are pacifists and don’t kill.”

Suddenly, a flock of birds was startled in the forest not far away.

These birds formed a dense mass, covering the sky in darkness, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” The energy detector in 16’s body beeped.

“Be careful, there is a powerful energy approaching.”

“Is it that guy again”

“This time it is not the energy signature of Xiaya and his family.

The other party… is very evil! You both are not their match…” The expression in 16’s eyes turned grave.

“Ha ha, you are saying we are not their match, but I have 1.2 billion energy!” 17 looked at Android 16 in disbelief.

16 nodded.

“The other party’s energy is above you.

It should be around…1.4 billion.”

Pa! 17 angrily struck the steering wheel, and said furiously, “What the hell is going on with Earth As soon as we woke up, so many powerful enemies appeared one after another.

Forget about Xiaya’s family.

After all, they already exist, but what’s going on this time”

Is it fun Making them suffer like this

At this time, 18’s chin was placed on the car window as she brushed back her hair, her blue eyes looking around at the scenery outside.

“Could it be…the other Android mentioned by Xiaya”

“Hey, you don’t really believe what he said, right Apart from us, how can there be other Androids.


Gero has already been killed by us.” 17 was not very convinced, but he was still wary in his heart.

Suddenly, a green figure sprang out from the forest and stopped in front of the small pickup truck.

Bang! With a loud collision sound, the metal bar in front of the car completely deformed.

“Heh heh, finally found you, Android 17 and 18.” Cell laughed wickedly, full of excitement like a wolf that had seen its prey, a cold light flickering in his eyes.


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