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Chapter 50 Zarbon

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“Wait! Sir … what did you say” Jeeta suspected that his ears heard incorrectly.

Xiaya repeated it again: “I said, I should send you on your way to the Other World so that you can live a comfortable life in hell!”

After speaking, Xiaya’s body suddenly burst out with a formidable imposing aura, transforming into unrestrained ripples of fluctuating Ki waves.

In the boundless sea of energy, the pitiful lizard Alien was like a lonely boat in a storm, drowning without any hints of resistance.


In the huge deafening explosion, Jeeta turned into fine powder scattering in the air.

After the smoke dissipated, Xiaya didn’t even look at those Feidaya people.

At this time, the Feidaya people were already completely stunned.

They were awed by Xiaya’s absolute strength, and couldn’t believe that the Alien which was still swaggering around in front of them had turned into dust in an instant.

This strength was already something that they cannot fight against, so they can only obey Xiaya’s demands.

“I hope that Sir will not make any excessive demands!” The leader of Feidaya people sighed with grief.

What disaster has struck the Planet Feidaya Why are powerful Aliens appearing on the planet one after another

“Are you the natives of Planet Feidaya” Xiaya’s voice was not cold, but the aura ‘of a strong person’ radiating of him made the weak-Feidaya people to not dare to look at him.

The leader of the Feidaya people took a step forward and answered carefully: “Yes, Planet Feidaya is our mother planet.”

“Are you the leader”

The leader of the Feidaya people hesitated for a second and nodded: “You can say so.”

In fact, he is not the real leader of the Feidaya people as their real leader had died long ago in the disaster.

So now, he could barely be called the leader of the Feidaya race and can make decisions.

“I heard that your technology is very advanced, so can you construct a gravity-changing Training Room” Xiaya’s voice softened, his tone becoming less stern than before.

The leader froze for a moment, and then quickly replied: “Yes, Yes, we Feidaya people are born scientists and are most skilled in manufacturing things related to technology!”

At this moment, the leader of the Feidaya people could roughly guess Xiaya’s purpose.

Therefore, he wanted to try his best to show the worth of his race so as to preserve their lives.

Of course, he didn’t dare to hide or exaggerate anything in front of Xiaya because it concerns the life and death of the entire Feidaya race.

Xiaya was very satisfied with the Feidaya person’s reply and said: “You see, Planet Feidaya is being fancied by the Cosmic Emperor Frieza, and continuing to stay here will only lead to destruction one day.

Now I am giving you a choice, obey my orders and I can let your people survive in the universe.”

It was a difficult decision, after the demise of the mother planet either get immediately annihilated from the hands of Aliens, or to listen to the words of the youngster before them, and serve him

The leader of the Feidaya people showed signs of hesitation as it was huge decision related to the life and death of the whole race, he temporarily couldn’t make a decision.

Instead of disturbing him, Xiaya found a place to sit down and silently waited, believing that the leader would make a correct choice.

Refuse, then they may face destruction, and agree, then the whole race will be reduced to being subordinates!

His forehead sweating, the leader of the Feidaya people looked at the faces of the young and old people of his race, and finally clenched his teeth and said: “Sir, we are willing to serve you, We beg you to save our Feidaya people’s bloodline!

“Clever choice!” Xiaya praised with a bright smile: “Rest assured, I will take you out of the Planet Feidaya.”

“Oh, in addition to this, you still have other members, right” The Feidaya people in front of him were only around ten thousand, far from the number of members a civilized race ought to have!

“Yes, Sir, this is only one percent of our population.

Due to the sudden geological disaster, most of our members had lost their lives.

The surviving members then all hid under the bunker buildings in order to avoid the Aliens hunting.

If necessary, I could call them.”

“It’s useless for you people to hide, the aliens have energy detectors with them.

And you are all gathered together which makes it convenient for them to detect you!” Xiaya shook his head.

“Ah, it turned out that they had an energy detector, no wonder they could find us.

Then what can we do!” The leader of the Feidaya people suddenly panicked.

Xiaya said: “You should have spaceships, right While I protect you, you should immediately leave Planet Feidaya in the spaceships.”

Xiaya knew that if given enough time, these Feidaya people were completely capable of leaving Planet Feidaya on spaceships.

However, the geological changes were so sudden that it did not give them enough time to react.

Here, Xiaya would like to praise those Aliens, they really turned out to be professionals.

Before they invaded the planet, they carefully attacked the Feidaya people from space, causing them to lose most of their ability to resist.

“Well, OK! Then we will all trouble Sir!”

The Feidaya leader was pleasantly surprised.

Right now, he suddenly felt that the Sir in front of him was really good.

It may not be a bad thing for Feidaya race to submit to him.


Another place on Planet Feidaya.

Thick smoke was slowly rising all over the land, the sky was covered with dark clouds, which were are all concentrated into the smoky haze.

In a desolate place outside the destroyed city, the land’s tectonic plate was split open.

Huge bottomless cracks were spread out here and there passing through the rivers and glaciers making them look as if they were cut in the middle by a sharp knife.

On a slightly flattened land, a disc-shaped brown spaceship was docked there.

On the bottom of the spacecraft, dozens of dark and thick huge steel like claws similar to a wild beast had directly taken roots roughly inside the hard rocks.

Looking at the shape, it was a private disc-shaped spaceship used by the Top-level personnel of the Frieza Forces.

Not far from the spaceship’s door, a handsome looking man sat in front of a small table, gracefully drinking tea.

The man has dark-green long hairs which were tied into a braid and looked dignified.

His behavior was also very gentlemanly, but his pair of indifferent eyes revealed cruelty and ruthlessness.

He is precisely Zarbon!

Zarbon helps Frieza do a lot of bad things.

He and Dodoria were Frieza’s two henchmen.

Among the numerous subordinates of Frieza, their Battle Power was second only to Ginyu Force and were deeply trusted by Frieza.

For this time’s investigation of Planet Feidaya’s legend about ancient warriors, Frieza had sent him over.

At this moment, the Alien, who had been standing beside Zarbon, detected a change in the glass monocle of the energy detector.

He re-pressed the detector several times and turned to Zarbon:

“Sir Zarbon, just now I detected that the energy of one of our Corps member suddenly disappeared.

And before his energy disappeared, there were a series of rapid fluctuations of data on the glass monocle of the energy detector, but they were not very high and very quickly disappeared.”

“Oh” Zarbon lightly put down the teacup, looking very interested.

Zarbon put his finger on his chin and asked, “How about the Battle Power of our disappearing Corps member”

“Jeeta, a low-level Corps soldier.

He had Battle Power around 1200, and was equipped with an energy launcher which can launch energy attack at 2,000 Battle Power!” The officer investigated.

“Oh, that’s interesting, It seems the Battle Power of that Planet Feidaya’s native didn’t exceed 15!” Zarbon’s revealed a bloodthirsty smile on his mouth.


“Ha ha ha, it seems that some little mouse has sneaked over ah!”

“Sir Zarbon, could it be the legendary ancient warrior we have been searching for” An Alien mentioned.

“No, no, no!” Zarbon shook his finger and said: “King Frieza wouldn’t have been so interested about this matter if the ancient warrior that he was searching for only had such little Battle Power.”

“Hm … pass my order, all members immediately proceed towards the energy point where it appeared.

I have not played the cat-and-mouse’s game in a long time!”

A trace of evil light flashed through the dark golden pupils of Zarbon, ordering everyone to fly towards the place where Xiaya had appeared.


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