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What’s going on Xiaya felt puzzled.

He hadn’t met Android 18 before and even in the Golden Flame world, he had killed her himself.

Of course, the 18 in that world was a bit different from the 18 in front of him.

Whether temperament or cruelness, it is not the same.

“What’s the matter” Xiaya frowned and asked.

18 opened her mouth before shaking her head at Xiaya.

“No, nothing…”

“Then I’m leaving, be careful of other Androids.”

After saying that, a whirlwind appeared out of thin air, and then light burst out before Xiaya leaped into the sky, and like an arrow shot out in a direction, suddenly disappearing.

“Hey, 18, what’s the matter with you Did you fall in love with that Saiyan I am telling you, although he is a little handsome, he already has a family.

You don’t want to be a mistress… do you” 17 looked at his sister oddly as he walked over and said indifferently.


“Ah, you aren’t really thinking that, are you” 17 shouted in exaggeration.

“Try saying it again!” With a fierce expression, 18 stared at 17 viciously as a violent killing intent suddenly shrouded him.

17 quickly shut his mouth and stared at the 18 who was acting oddly.

“What happened”

“It’s nothing.

I just remembered some things from the past,” 18 said thoughtfully with a blank look on her face.

She was also an ordinary human before!

“Is it when you were human But I think it’s also very good now.

There are not many people on Earth who are our match.

We can do whatever we want and be more free, of course, except for that abnormal family,” 17 said in an unconcerned manner.

18 nodded.

“But we should pay attention to what Xiaya said when he left.”

“Are there other Androids” 17 asked in doubt, then he laughed and said, “Who knows, maybe he is just deceiving us.”

“No, it’s better to be more careful.” 18 shook her head.

16 spoke, just as taciturn as ever, and didn’t say much.

“I also think we should pay attention.

Xiaya does not have malicious intentions towards us and there is no need for him to deceive us with these words.”

“Okay then, we will pay attention.

Let’s go to the town first.”


In the northern hemisphere, on the island not far from Kame House.

In the villa, Myers returned with Trunks and the children.

As soon as they entered the door, Xiang and others began horsing around.

“You are back” Xiling, who also had beautiful blond hair, walked out, while Launch was preparing lunch in the kitchen as an appetizing fragrance wafted out from the kitchen.

“Mom!” Xiang and Xili rushed over to her.

“She is Xiling and is also Xiaya’s wife,” Myers casually introduced.

Trunks looked at Xiling in surprise, inwardly shocked.

She is also a petite and beautiful female Saiyan, with a head full of golden hair which was exuding a sparkling luster.

“She is also a Super Saiyan! Moreover, just like Miss Myers, she also maintains Super Saiyan state during daily life!”

Trunks couldn’t understand Xiling and Myers’ situation.

In his understanding, isn’t Super Saiyan very physically exhausting They actually maintain the Super Saiyan state during daily life With Trunks’ meager martial arts foundation, he couldn’t understand Xiling and Myers’ situation, but his warrior’s intuition made him vaguely aware of their strength.

“Hello, my name is Trunks!” Trunks bowed and greeted politely.

Myers smiled and said, “Trunks has nowhere to go.

Didn’t Xiaya say he will train him So, I let him come.”

Xiling glanced at Myers from the corners of her eyes and looked at Trunks.

His hair color which was the same as Bulma clearly indicates his identity.

“Well, you wash your hands first.

Lunch is about to start.

When Xiaya comes back, you can follow him for training.”

“Understood!” Trunks replied loudly.

At this time, Launch, wearing an apron, came out while holding a pot of hot soup in her hand.

She scooped a ladle of soup in each bowl and shouted, “Lunch is ready, you can start the meal when Xiaya comes back.”

“Ah, is this young man Trunks”

Launch and Bulma are also best friends who have known each other since childhood, so she knows a lot about the matter of Trunks from another world.

With just a glance at Trunks’s outfit and hair color, she recognized his identity.

“Yes, he is Trunks.”

After the introduction, they became familiar with each other and Trunks told them about the situation in the other world.

They had heard Xiaya talk about it before, but now hearing about it from the person involved himself, the feeling is different.

“It’s too tragic, the Androids in that world are too hateful.” Launch said angrily.

“This world is different, isn’t it The Androids here seem to be different.

Although they act as they please, they don’t seem evil.” Myers said.

“Indeed, 17 and 18 are a little different from my world.” Trunks said in melancholy.

Maybe this is because of the differences in “history”, but if the Androids in this world do not carry out destruction, wouldn’t the world be saved

This is exactly the purpose of his coming to this world.

Soon, Xiaya returned and then he took out a large pile of documents from his dimensional space.

Looking at the thick pile of documents, Trunks asked in surprise, “Mr.

Xiaya, what is this”

“These are the blueprints I just got from Dr.

Gero’s Lab.

Look at them, it should be the research data of the Androids.”

When Trunks heard this, his whole body shook, and he quickly rushed to the documents to look at them seriously.

“Yes, these are the blueprints of 17 and 18, and there are also a few about 16.”

“This…” Trunks’ hands trembled, these materials are too precious.

Whether it is for this world or for his original world, they are extremely important.

“All right, put them away, everyone let’s eat first, then I will train you in the afternoon.” Xiaya smiled as he stroked his chin.

“Yes, Mr.

Xiaya… No, Teacher Xiaya!” Trunks’ entire body was trembling as he carefully stored the blueprints inside a blank Hoi-Poi Capsule before respectfully addressing Xiaya.

After an enjoyable lunch, in the courtyard of the villa, Xiaya began to train Trunks.

“Use your moves and let me see the mastery you have on your strength!”

Trunks has a very shallow martial arts foundation, and it can even be said that he has not undergone any formal training.

This caused many of Trunks’s moves to be superficial and when fighting, he finds it is difficult to control the opportunities, and practically relies entirely on powerful energy to rampage.

This is mainly caused by the situation in the Trunks’ world.

In the world where Trunks lives, martial artists and Z Warriors have long been buried in the tides of history.

The remaining warrior, Gohan himself, hadn’t received any formal training, and at most, he lived with Piccolo only for a year.

In the subsequent series of fights, he could only fumble about on his own while fighting, which caused Gohan himself to be nothing different from Trunks.

On Earth, the core of martial arts lies in the control of Ki, which requires meticulous and subtle manipulation, and is the essence of various martial arts schools.

The loss of martial arts on Earth also caused the loss of that essence.

No matter how Gohan and Trunks fumble about, it can’t compare to the culmination of the predecessors for hundreds of years.

Although they can easily become strong experts with a Saiyan’s physique, when faced with the powerful Androids, they didn’t have too many solutions, and were suppressed in all aspects…

“Umm!” Trunks shouted, drew out his sword and turned into Super Saiyan before fiercely slashing at the sky.

White blades cleaved through the air, making a muffled noise.

His moves were sharp and extremely destructive, every move accompanied by awe-inspiring Ki.

Xiaya looked at Trunks’ moves, and knew that he didn’t have any idea about what a real battle was.

“Stop!” Xiaya looked at it for a while before shouting.

Trunks stopped and exited Super Saiyan state.

“I now know about your basics.

It seems that you have to start training from the beginning, otherwise there is no chance to defeat the Androids in your world.” Looking at Trunks with a surprised expression on his face, he continued.

“Your attacks are unskillful.

If you attack so fiercely non-stop, it would be very energy-consuming and will have no effect at all.

If it’s about skills in wielding swords, Yajirobe is an expert in this area.”

“Come, attack me!” Xiaya held out a finger as an indifferent smile flashed across his face.

“Umm!” Trunks nodded in surprise and brandished his sword to attack Xiaya, but Xiaya, who was standing in front of him, didn’t move at all.

He only shook his finger in the air and all of Trunks’s attacks dissipated.

His attacks were completely ineffective.

“How could this be” Trunks was dazed, finding it hard to accept. Not only did my attack not have any effect, I couldn’t even make him move half a step.

Such disparity is too big, right


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