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“Whats the matter, little girl Do you have any questions” Noticing that the blond-haired Android girl had been staring at her after she appeared, Myers green eyes glanced over.

Well, this pretty little girl looked about eighteen or nineteen years old.

Android 18 looked very beautiful, with beautiful golden hair falling over her ears and her snow-white skin looked as if it would break from a light touch.

Because of the previous battle, her tattered clothes were roughed up, which added a bit of cuteness to her.

Even Myers could not help but feel surprised when she saw her.

Opening her mouth, 18 shook her head silently, burying the doubts in her heart.

Myers smiled and looked at everyone.

Suddenly a vigorous aura rose, enveloping everyone present.

As if an entire mountain was pressing down on them, everyone felt tremendous pressure .

Myers swept her eyes around and turned to Android 17 and 18 and said, “I saw the battle just now.

Kakarrot and Vegeta lost, so I wont attack you, but I also cant allow you to kill them.”

“Why would we listen to you!” 17 smirked, unwilling to listen to Myers.

Who is he He is Android 17! Can a woman make him cower with just a few words He took a few steps forward and his fierce power broke through the air and directly attacked Myers.

“Wait!” 18 was startled.

She didnt expect 17 to immediately rush over and it was too late to stop him.

“This womans energy signal is very strong.

17 is not her match.” 16 sounded anxious.

He also followed after 17 with big strides.

“It seems like you are overestimating your abilities!”

Seeing 17 unappreciative of her kind intentions and attacking her, Myers curled her lips and looked at him with a sneer.

As 17s attack was about to reach her, she agily reached out with her palm and firmly grasped 17s fist, stopping him in midair.

Bang! 17s attack halted abruptly.

Such powerful strength! 17 was astonished and as he tried to back off, he was shocked to discover that the opponents hand was like steel pliers as it firmly grasped his fist, making him unable to move.

It was clearly a thin and soft hand but its power could not be underestimated.

“This woman is so powerful”

17 has a frightened look on his face.

A chill suddenly rose on his back and he broke out in cold sweat.

His arrogance of despising the whole world was suddenly extinguished by cold water.

“It was caught… Hey, that is 17.

Even Goku might not be able to defeat him, but Myers was able to stop him so easily… So Myers was this strong!!”

Krillin didnt know what to say.

His lips quivered and even his voice was trembling.

It was the first time he realized that the woman who has been with Xiaya was so powerful, so powerful that she could completely suppress the Androids.

“Amazing! She is Mr.

Xiayas wife.

If Mr.

Xiaya is willing to make a move, the Androids are nothing to worry about!” Trunks was the most shocked as the emergence of a strong expert in this world had completely overturned his values.

These are Androids ah, but they were so easily restrained.

Trunks was more confident than ever, looking at Myers expectantly.

Others were looking with a dumbfounded expression while Vegeta was even more stunned.

His lip curled and he said, “Damn it, I am also a Super Saiyan! Why is the gap between me and her so big”

“If I am not taking action against you, it doesnt mean you can be arrogant in front of me! Android 17, how should I punish you”

Green eyes flickering with a frightening cold light, Myers looked at 17 with a faint smile on her face.

Myers is a prideful person.

If she said that she will not interfere in the battle between Goku and Androids, then she will definitely not do it.

However, if someone provokes her and regards her kindness as worthless goods, then they will have to pay a heavy price.

“Miss, please let go of 17!” 16 had already rushed over.

Myers glanced to the side from the corners of her eyes, and completely ignored him, and then with a powerful fling, threw 17 towards 16.

Bang! The ground trembled, 16 caught 17 as the immense force caused the ground below his feet to suddenly sink and spider web like cracks spread out to a range of 100 meters.

The frightening power almost covered the entire mountain ridge with Energy of Destruction.

“Take this Android and go, while I still dont want to kill you.”


16 looked at the majestic Myers with a grave expression and remained silent.

Just a moment ago, his arm was directly numbed and the computer in his brain immediately calculated how much strength the opponent used, which was unrivaled! 16 quickly came to this conclusion.

Fortunately, she seemed to have no evil intentions towards him and others, and also had no thoughts of ​​completely obliterating them.

“Bastard, you…”

“17!” Shouting in a cold voice, 18 walked over with a frosty look on her face.

Seeing that his sister was angry, 17 gradually calmed down, and then took a deep look at Myers, “We will leave for now, but we will definitely take Gokus life.”

After saying that, 17, 18 and 16 immediately withdrew from the range of Myers aura.

“Miss Myers, you must not let the Androids leave, they will endanger the whole world.” Trunks hurriedly shouted when he saw that the Androids were about to disappear.

“Endanger the whole world No, they cant do it with just their strength!” Shaking her head, Myers indifferently looked at the blue sky, her eyes filled with confidence.

The strength of these Androids was not even comparable to Zangya, so how can she put them in her eyes

“But…” Trunks wanted to say something but hesitated, very unwilling.

Such a good opportunity to annihilate the Androids slipped away just like that.

Trunks was extremely regretful.

But this Saiyan named Myers in front of him clearly didnt want to listen to his words.


Xiaya said it before.

We will not interfere in the battle between you and the Androids.

Winning or losing is your own business.

If your strength is not enough, go and train.

Dont always think about relying on others.

I may be able to save you once, but not the second time.

I have already gone against Xiayas orders because I appeared just now.” Myers yelled bluntly.

If one always thinks about relying on others, how can they become strong Besides, this was just a small ordeal.

As a Super Saiyan, they cant even deal with the Androids

This time, she came out.

Dont look at her majestic appearance, she will definitely be admonished by Xiaya when she goes back.

Trunks stared blankly, and finally sighed as if all of his strength was drained away.

He looked a little dejected.

Indeed, he had been relying on others ever since he was a child.

Before he used to rely on big brother Gohan, and now he was again thinking about relying on Myers and Xiaya.

How can he become powerful like this

At this time, Goku walked over and patted Trunks on the shoulder.

“Myers is right.

If you want to defeat the Androids, you have to become stronger.

There is nothing one cant defeat.”

After saying that, he walked to Vegetas side, took out a Senzu Bean from a pouch and handed it over.

Vegeta took the Senzu Bean and ate it.

The injuries all over his body immediately disappeared, and then he stood there with a gloomy face.

Suddenly Vegeta roared.

A violent and indignant aura like thunder suddenly raised a fierce whirlwind, then he soared into the sky and disappeared on the other side of the horizon.

“Vegeta has received quite a big shock.” Myers eyes sparkled.

Think about how difficult it was to be promoted to Super Saiyan but before the battle was even over, he was suppressed by a woman just like that.

With Vegetas ego and arrogance, how can he swallow it down and how can he have the face to stay here

“This guy……”

Goku shook his head.

In his view, winning or losing was a common thing.

When he participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament, didnt he often placed second If you lose, just train hard and become even stronger.

Does he need to look at winning or losing so rigidly

This was the difference between Goku and Vegeta.

Goku had lived on Earth since he was a child, and from being weak, he had gone through challenging experiences and become strong little by little.

He had lost a lot of times while Vegeta had been endowed with extraordinary talents as a child and grew up listening to others praise him, so the boundary between winning and losing was like a curse to him, firmly shackling him.

“Ill bring him back.” Saying that, Goku searched for Vegetas aura and followed.


Trunks looked at his back worriedly and wanted to follow, but he didnt know with what authority he should follow him, so he could only stand there with a blank look.

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