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“Oh no, the Androids have awakened!” Krillins face turned pale, and then seeing the crushed head on the ground, he said in disbelief, “Hey, it shouldnt be them who killed Dr.

Gero, right”

“It is surely them who killed him.

They are 17 and 18.

They are vicious and merciless from head to toe.

Be careful, they have infinite physical strength, so we definitely cant sustain a long fight against them.”

When Trunks saw Android 17 and 18, it was as if he had seen his mortal enemy.

His eyes turned red, and he fixedly stared at them as if he would devour them whole, his body flashing with a violent aura.

“Ya! So many people have arrived, what do we do! Hey, Goku is also here, this saves us from searching for him everywhere! 17, lets go and kill them!” 18 cried out, covering her mouth in surprise.

“Hmph, then kill them all!”

Vegeta raised his brows, and looked at the two Androids who were talking and laughing cheerfully with disdain, and said to Goku, “Kakarrot, how about we compete all over again.

We will take one each and see who kills them sooner!”

“Okay!” Goku responded.

So the two roared and transformed into Super Saiyan simultaneously, and then flew towards 17 and 18.

Trunks was dumbfounded.

At such a time, they are still thinking about competing.

This was related to the peace of the whole world.

Thinking of the darkness of the Androids twenty years rule, Trunks could no longer stop himself and rushed forward.

“Everyone, be careful.

They are very powerful, so dont lower your guard!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky was shaking and ground trembling, and the mountain where the lab was located completely blew up.

The rocks and violent energy produced by the explosion flew away in all directions and thick smoke spread out.

“Bastard, this is my opponent.

Get out of my way.” Seeing the Trunks suddenly intervene, Vegetas face turned dark, it was as if his gloomy face was dripping ink.

“Vegeta, lets attack together.

You will be at a disadvantage alone.”

“Scram!” Vegeta became furious.

An energy beam struck Trunks, and sent him flying far away.

Rumble! He crashed into a cliff tens of kilometers away.

“He he he, we havent started fighting yet but there is already internal strife.” 18 chuckled.

“Android, I dont care whether you are a woman or not.

Today I will let you know how powerful a Super Saiyan is.”

“That would be interesting.”

Blue eyes glanced at the surroundings.

It was icy and snowy, not suitable as a battlefield.

“If you want to fight, follow!”

After saying that, 17, 18, and 16 flew up high in the sky, and then accelerated in one direction, like lightning appearing hundreds of kilometers away in the blink of an eye.

In a zigzagging and spiralling canyon, 17, 18 and 16 were waiting, like hunters waiting for their prey to come to them themselves.

Several beams of light flashed in the sky, and one after another, Vegeta and others flew over.

“Hahaha, you seem to be in a hurry to die.”

17 jumped down off the stone, his blue eyes narrowing as he said contemptuously.

“The one rushing over at the front is Vegeta, followed by Goku and his group and a teenager of unknown origin.

Oh, there are also a few children… …”

“17, Ill leave Goku to you.

Ill play around with Vegeta!” 18 stroked the beautiful blond hair hanging by her neck and said elegantly.

“Okay, since you want to have fun so much, Ill leave Vegeta to you sister! 16, we will stop Goku and the others.

Dont be in a rush to kill them, otherwise it will be less fun!” 17 said.

“I will not fight, it would be bad if the surrounding environment gets harmed!” 16 said with a blank look.

17 was taken aback, but then he immediately laughed.

Its fine if 16 didnt want to fight.

He could play with them first.

The battle started quickly.

17 took on Goku and 18 chose Vegeta.

Under Vegetas powerful momentum, 18 stood still imposingly.

“Why are you all staring blankly They are the evil Androids.

Everyone, we should attack together and kill them!” Trunks also followed.

Seeing that Goku and Vegeta were fighting against the Androids, but Piccolo and others were just watching from the side, he couldnt help but be anxious.


Krillin shook his head and stopped Trunks.

“Its useless.

Goku and Vegeta have such personalities.

They wont admit defeat whether they are strong or weak.

Wait a while.

If they are really in danger of dying, we will attack then.”

In fact, in a Super Saiyan-level battle, unless Kaio-ken with a higher multiple is used, they wont be able to get involved at all.

Bang Bang Bang…! The battle between Vegeta and 18 was extremely fierce.

The sky trembled as if it was about to split.

However, Vegeta was really not as strong as 18.

From the beginning of the fight, Vegeta had a feeling of powerlessness, as if he was hitting cotton.

Every attack was dodged, and then a powerful attack hit him like a whirlwind, which enveloped him after a brief moment.

Vegeta became more and more gloomy as he fought, and his punches and kicks became heavier.

Not far away, Tien Shinhan and others could no longer stand still on the ground and they flew into the sky one after another.

Looking at Vegeta who was fighting 18, they had worried looks in their eyes.

“Vegetas situation is very unfavorable!”

On the other hand, Gokus fight with 17 was better.

Although it was also fierce, Goku had a certain advantage.


Goku is so powerful.” Trunks looked in amazement.

The power displayed by the Androids in this world seems to be stronger than his own world, but Goku alone could suppress Android 17.

If he and others join too, the Androids may be wiped out soon.

“It was really not a mistake that my mother asked me to come look for Mr.

Goku!” Trunks inwardly muttered.

If he could have the same powerful strength as Goku, it would not be difficult to wipe out the Androids in his world.

But unlike Trunks optimism, Goku had a grave expression on his face.

He thought that after several years of hard work, he should be able to deal with the Androids easily since his strength has improved a lot, but from the current situation, it seems that he and others were still too optimistic.

He can deal with 17, but the situation on Vegetas side was not optimistic.

“The one who is the most dangerous is Android 16 who doesnt talk much!” As this realization appeared in his heart, Goku became a little hesitant.

Eventually, the battle took a turn for the worse.

A few minutes later, Vegetas physical strength dropped and he was defeated at the hands of 18.

“It seems that you are not my opponent, Vegeta!” 18 broke Vegetas arms.

She narrowed her eyes, and removed a part of her clothes which became torn due to the fight.

Her crisp voice brought an icy and biting chill.

“Ahhhh!” With a long cry, Vegeta roared in unwillingness and his body arched in pain.

“Not good! Everyone, attack together.”

Following a loud cry, Trunks, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, Chichi, Xiang and others took action together.

Even Meifei transformed into Super Saiyan, but at this moment, Android 16, who had been standing on the side silently, attacked.

His movements were swift and violent like a heavy tank rolling over.

Without any fancy unnecessary moves, he sent everyone flying.

“So powerful!” Trunks face turned white; he didnt expect Android 16 to be so powerful.

“This is a fair battle.

Dont interfere.” 16 said calmly.

“He he he, it looks like we won!”

Android 18 smiled, showing a charming smile, but everyone present did not have time to appreciate her smile.

Everyone was silent for a while.

Goku could only draw against 17, but Vegeta lost to 18.

Even after joining hands, he and others were no match for Android 16.

No matter from which angle he looks, he and others have lost.

“So, should we kill you now After all, we were made in order to kill Goku…” 18 licked her dark red lips as these cruel words came out of her mouth.

Then, she kicked Vegeta away and walked over to 17s side to face Super Saiyan Goku together with him.

At this time, Goku was already gasping for breath and didnt have much energy to maintain his Super Saiyan state.

“Is it the end” Everyone was anxious in their hearts and they couldnt help but shut their eyes.

“Is the tragedy still going to happen Canhistory not be changed” Trunks thought in pain, his arms trembling.

Just then–

“Haaaah.” With a sigh, a beautiful blonde-haired woman appeared in front of Goku out of thin air, her bright eyes staring at Android 17 and 18.

“Mom!” Meifei said in a soft voice.

The person who was blocking in front of Android 17 and 18 was surprisingly Xiayas wife Myers.

Her daughter went out to face powerful enemies.

As a mother, how could she really not be concerned.

In fact, she had been watching from the side from early on.

“Who are you” 17 frowned, his eyes glistening with a cold light.

He didnt know why, but his body felt numb.

It seemed that if he moved even a little, he might get beheaded.

Trunks was also puzzled.

He didnt know who this petite woman was who had suddenly appeared.

It seemed that even the Androids were very afraid of her.

“Who is that” Trunks asked.

“She is Xiayas wife.”


Xiayas wife”

“My mother is definitely more powerful than the Androids!” Meifei raised her head proudly, and even Xiang and Xili nodded confidently.

At this time, 16 spoke.

“17, 18, be careful, that womans energy signature is very strong.

We are not her match.”



She didnt know why, but the moment she saw Myers, 18 felt a bit absent-minded and as she looked at Myers… she had a feeling of deja vu.

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