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Few days later, the end of the three years time arrived.

At around 10 oclock in the morning on the 12th of May, it was an unimportant and normal day on the island nine kilometers away from the South City.

The sun rose as usual and the warm sunlight penetrated through the fog above the sea, reflecting a bright and colourful scene.

The current South City was not far from the South City which had been destroyed many years ago and was part of the island cities scattered across the ocean.

South City had not been left unscathed when Frieza Corp had invaded it.

However, many years of reconstruction work and human technologys power played an extraordinary role and a bustling modern city was rebuilt on the broken ruins.

At this time, the Z Warriors had finished their three year long training and had gathered on the island nine kilometers away from the South City.

“Hey, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu have arrived!” At this time, there were several white clouds scattered around the island.

Krillin flew over from the distance like a beam of light.

When he approached the island, he floated among the clouds and saw several people standing on the islands mountaintop from far away.

Not long after, Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan also arrived.

Then it was Chichi and Yajirobe.

Yamcha also arrived afterwards.

Vegeta arrived the last and after a while a beige-coloured aircraft landed on the island and the long blonde-haired Tights walked down while carrying a child.

“Huh Why did Miss Tights come This child… has Miss Tights married” Krillin asked in surprise while curiously looking at the child in Tights arms.

Tights was Bulmas older sister and a well-known novelist.

They had met her long ago.

“No, this kid belongs to that guy Vegeta.” Next to her, Bulma followed Tights off the aircraft and said with dissatisfaction.

She had long expected that the relationship between her sister and Vegeta was not normal but she didnt expect to find her sister pregnant when she went home last time and the childs father was that ice-cold Vegeta.

What an abnormal union, why was her sister so foolish that she chose to have a baby with Vegeta.

Every time she thought about this, Bulma felt resentful towards Vegeta.

Her sister was a bit older but she looked like a girl in her twenties.

This Vegeta has been living together with her sister and made her belly large, but the most excessive thing is that he has not even held a wedding.

This was making her upset!

“Hey! Whats the kids name” Krillin played with the child.

The child opened his eyes and giggled.

“His name is Trunks!”

“Trunks” Chichi exclaimed when she heard the childs name.

“Whats wrong, is there anything wrong with this name”

Chichi waved her hand quickly: “No, this name is good.”

“Oh.” Everyone paid no attention to it, and continued to chat.

But Chichi muttered in her heart.

The name of this child was exactly the same as the name of the young boy from the future who arrived on Lookout three years ago and he said that he was twenty years from the future.

At that time, he looked like he was only 16 or 17 years old.

In other words, he should have been born around this time.

Its just that the young man had light purple hair but the child in front of her had blond hair.

Same name, but different hair color, could it be…

A light flashed in Chichis brain and she realized something, her pair of beautiful eyes wandering between Bulma and Vegeta in disbelief, thinking in astonishment, “No way.

Bulma from the other world actually gave birth to a child with Vegeta… ”

Its too contradictory.

Of course she didnt know that in the other world not only were Bulma and Vegeta together, but even she was married to Goku.


“Bulma, you should go back with Tights.

It is too dangerous here,” Goku frowned and said to Bulma.

“Indeed, you should go back,” Krillin also tried to persuade her.

“Its okay, Ill go back after a quick look.” Bulma smiled and waved her arm.

“Dont you think its strange Its past ten oclock but I havent felt the enemys aura yet.” Tien Shinhan stood near the edge of the mountain, overlooking the prosperous town below.

“Didnt Xiaya say it That kid came from another parallel universe.

A lot of things are different here.

Could it be that the Androids dont exist here” Yamcha spread out his hands and said optimistically.

“Dont be blindly optimistic!” Tien Shinhan said with cautiousness.

In the past few years, he had trained hard, and compared to the original work, he was several times stronger.

But because of this, Tien Shinhan understood the dreadfulness of powerful enemies better.

Since that young man said that the Androids could defeat Super Saiyan Vegeta and Gohan, they must be prepared.

“Hey, someone else is coming.

Is it the Androids you were talking about” Bulma put her hand on her forehead and looked into the distance and saw three black dots flying over very quickly.

“No, those are Xiayas children.”

“Oh, so its Xiayas children.

Wow, little Xili has grown so big.” Looking at the three children who were dressed neatly in Battle Armor land, Bulma immediately went over and hugged them.

She had lived on Planet Hongshan for a few months.

Because of Elise, their family and Xiayas family are considered relatives.

She had always wanted to have a daughter, but she only has one son, Gohan, so she cant help but want to hug Xiayas daughters.

“Hehe, when will Goku and I also have a daughter.” Bulma was daydreaming.

“Why are you here” Goku asked.

Xiang lifted his head and replied, “Dad told us to come and fight together with you.”

“So its like that…” Goku knew that these childrens Battle Power was not weak at all, so he nodded and said, “Well, then you should be careful.”

“Oh, by the way, Dad said that the Androids have undergone transformations, so they have no aura,” Xili said in a bright and clear voice like that of an oriole.

“If Androids dont have aura then it will be difficult.”

“If their aura cant be sensed, then who they are can only be discerned with our eyes.

Sigh, its really troublesome.”

“Lets look for them separately and notify everyone as soon as you find them!” Goku calmly said, and then they scattered all over the town with several whooshes.

Seeing Goku and others scatter out, Bulma and Tights sat down on rocks on the island, bored.

After everyone didnt return as a few minutes passed, they could only drive the aircraft back with a disappointed look on their faces.

There are several towns sporadically scattered over several islands near South City.

The number of people was not a lot, but there were still several tens of thousands of people.

It is really difficult to look for the Androids among them.

Not long afterwards, Yamcha was ambushed by the Androids.

Fortunately, Piccolo arrived in time and saved him with Senzu Bean.

Two Androids entered his sight.

One was a wizened old man with white beard and long hair and the other was a fatty with a pointed horn on his head.

The hats they were wearing were labeled with “RR”, which was Red Ribbon Armys logo.

“They are Androids They finally showed up!” Piccolo was overjoyed, his eyes showing a threatening cold light, and his qi rose rapidly.

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