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“Are you really not planning to intervene” Old Kami stared at Xiaya, his eyes radiating wisdom and farsightedness.

“Its a test for them.

Earth will not be destroyed.” Xiaya laughed ​​and didnt directly answer.

In fact, even if Earth is destroyed, with Planet Hongshan and Planet Nameks dragon balls, everything can be restored.

Moreover, besides Cell, he doesnt think anyone can threaten Goku and Vegeta.

17, 18

As long as they are not as crazy as in Trunks world, Xiaya does not intend to deal with them.

But when it comes to Cell, Xiaya felt that there are some things that need to be done.

According to the storyline, Larval Cell will also be born on the Earth of this world because this world involved Xiaya and others.

Maybe he and others had already entered Dr.

Geros sight.

Who knew if this Larval Cell would incorporate their bloodline too This Larval Cell must be destroyed.

As for the Cell from Trunks world, he would leave it to Goku and others to deal with.

So, Xiaya decided and explained about Dr.

Gero and his computer manufactured Cell.

After listening to it, old Kami frowned, and his old face seemed to age even more.

“Ive been feeling uneasy throughout this year, as if something was going to happen.

Just now, I thought it was the Androids, but it seems that it is not only the young man who came to this world, but also someone else.”

A monster that is the fusion of the bloodline of the Saiyan, Namekian and Frost demons.

Once it grew up, it would be absolutely terrifying.

Regarding the worries in Kamis heart, Xiaya only smiled disdainfully.

Perhaps because of the differences in levels, Xiaya didnt take the Cell of another space-time to heart.

Another world.

The sky was dark, shrouded by black clouds.

Across the dimly yellow and barren land, cold winds blew through the broken ruins and screeched with wooshing sounds, as if recounting the sadness of the doomsday.

In the ruins of West City, criss-crossing cracks were closely spread out like spider webs.

One connected to another, they were spread out in all directions.

The bumpy ground had experienced numerous bombardments of artillery shells and had become uneven.

Under the ruins of Capsule Corporation, a bright light flickered as Trunks travelled back to his own era with the time machine.

“Trunks, youre back! How was it Did you deliver the vaccine”

Seeing her son come back, her hair hanging down loosely, Bulma, who looked exhausted, put down the work in her hand and quickly asked Trunks.

Trunks shook his head and took out the vaccine.

Bulma blankly stared at the bottle of medicine blankly, looking sad as she said in disappointment, “Did you fail It seems that time travel is really only a fantasy.”

Trunks said, “No, thats not it, mom.

I did reach another world, but that world is not the past of our world.

Instead, it is another parallel universe.”

“Tell me in detail.” Bulma picked up a cup and sat down.

“OK.” Trunks nodded, and told her what he had seen and heard in the other world.

“I didnt meet Mr.

Goku, but I met Aunt Chichi on Lookout.

She is the Kami in that world…”

“Chichi is Kami How is this possible Isnt she married to Goku Why would she go to Lookout and become Kami” Bulma said in surprise.

From what she knew, Chichis talent in martial arts was indeed very good, otherwise she would not have been able to enter the top eight of the World Martial Arts Tournament at a young age, but after she married Goku, she was busy as a housewife and completely abandoned martial arts.

Trunks couldnt help but smile wryly when he heard this.

Actually, Aunt Chichi did not marry Mr.

Goku in that world! Its you, mother, who married Mr.


Trunks didnt know how to say it.

He looked at his tired mother and sai,: “It is not Aunt Chichi who married Mr.

Goku in that parallel universe.”

“Huh Then, who is it Could it be that Goku hasnt married” Bulma drank a mouthful of water.

There are very few women she knew who were around Goku.

Apart from Chichi, Launch and herself were the only ones.

With his idiotic personality, if he didnt marry Chichi, then he was most likely still single.

Trunks looked at his mother with an odd look, and sighed.

“Whats wrong” Bulma asked in confusion.

Trunks shook his head lightly.

“Mom, in that world, it is you who married Goku!”

“What” Bulma choked as she hadnt yet swallowed the water, coughing loudly.

“You mean the person who married Goku in that world…is me”

Ignoring his moms shocked look, Trunks said, “Yes, they said that.”

“What a surprise, I married Goku.

The other mes foresight… is not bad!” Bulma uttered, and couldnt help but get lost in her memories.

Compared with Vegeta, maybe the choice of her other self is more correct.

But who can tell

But she immediately sighed.

“It seems that it is really a completely different world.

But if this is the case, isnt there no hope for our world”

“No, there is still hope.” Trunks suddenly became serious.

“I have told them about the Androids matter.

There is a mister namedXiaya in that world.

He promised that he would train me.

Mom, do you know, Mr.

Xiaya has the ability to travel through space-time…”

Then he told her about the third parallel universe.

“…In short, that world suffered the same fate as our world.


Xiaya had trained big brother Gohan in that other world and restored peace in that world.”

Trunks did not have a clear understanding of Xiayas strength, but with Aunt Chichis trust in him and with the experience of once also training big brother Gohan, he should be an amazing expert.

“So there is such a person.

Xiaya Havent heard of him before.

Trunks, are you planning to go back to receive training from him”

“Yes, I want to kill those evil Androids with my own hands!” Trunks resolutely said.

Bulma smiled and nodded.

“Then I will prepare the time machines energy for you.

This process will take three years.

During these three years, you must pay attention to your safety.

Although your current strength is not inferior to that of Gohans in the past, you are still lacking if you want to deal with the Androids.”

Nodding with understanding, Trunks said with a serious look, “Dont worry mom, I will pay attention to my safety.”



Time passed, and before one knew it three years had passed.

The future space-time was suffering from Android 17 and 18s devastation and countless lives grievously died at their hands.

In the past three years, Trunks fought against the Androids several times, but each time he returned with serious injuries and failed to achieve even a little victory.

If the Androids werent playing around with him, his lives wouldnt have been enough.

After three years, the energy of the time machine was fully refilled again.

Trunks packed up his things and put them in the time machine.

“Trunks, pay attention to your safety, and follow Goku and the others to train properly.

By the way, help me see how the other mes life is going” Bulma was standing in front of the time machine and shouting at Trunks.

“Okay.” With a reassuring gesture, Trunks waved his hand outside and looked at his mother, then closed the hatch.

The time machine slowly rose, and the two blades on the fuselage turned in opposite directions.

Whoosh! With a flash, the time machine penetrated through the barrier of the universe, disappearing out of thin air.

“Trunks, come back alive!” Bulma shouted worriedly.

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