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Xiaya gave a brief overview of the history of Trunks world.

The cruel Androids, the doomsday on Earth, the warriors who resisted the Androids to the end, and all sorts of stories that had happened in the future of another world.

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

“In another space-time, whether it was Piccolo, Vegeta, or everyone else, they all died tragically at the hands of the Androids… the entire world fell into endless despair.”

“Huh, what about me” Goku asked, raising his hand.

“Kakarrot died of viral heart disease before the Androids appeared in the other space-time.”

“What, how could it be” Goku was stunned, as he had thought he would be able to fight the Androids.

“Trash! A Saiyan actually fell ill and died!” Vegeta watched with cold eyes, not forgetting to mock.

“Goku died of a heart disease…” The others couldnt accept it.

Bulma responded, “Impossible! I used Shenron to make a wish.

Goku, I, and my family will be healthy.

Goku cant die of a heart disease…”

Xiaya shrugged and said, “Since this is a parallel universe, many things are different.

In that space-time, you and Goku may not be married at all, so… anyway, this is something that happened in another space-time.”

Everyone was surprised as they digested Xiayas words.

Only Bulma seemed lost in thought.

“According to the theory of parallel universes, there may indeed be a different world, but if I havent married Goku, then that young man…whose child is he”

Based on the colour of Trunks hair and pupils, Bulma quickly deduced that Xiayas so called young man from the future was definitely her own child and the technological elements of the time machine amply indicated the intimate relationship between that person and herself.

To put it bluntly, on Earth, only she or her father had the ability to create a time machine.

However, aside from Goku, who would she marry

At this time, she noticed everyones peculiar looks and roared angrily in embarrassment, “What are you looking at Xiaya is talking about a parallel universe.

Arent you all dead in that universe Besides, it is just a hypothesis that I and Goku are not married!”

Krillin and others shrank their necks, and said in embarrassment, “Yes!”

“Its a shame that I died so early in the other world, otherwise I could have fought together with everyone.

By the way, are the Androids powerful Even Piccolo and everyone were not their match” Goku was feeling regretful for the him from another world for not being able to participate in the battle, but when a strong enemy was mentioned, he couldnt help but get excited.

The him of this world will not miss it!

Xiaya narrowed his eyes and said, “They are very strong.

During that time.

even Vegeta and Gohan, who succeeded in becoming Super Saiyans, died at the hands of the Androids.

The Androids created trouble for the next 20 years.

That young man was so desperate he travelled with the time machine in the hope of changing history, but unfortunately, he came to our parallel universe, not the past that belongs to his world.”

“No way, even Super Saiyans were defeated, then the Androids are really powerful!” Hearing that even the Super Saiyans were defeated by the Androids, such that the young man from the future was at the end of his rope and had no choice but to think of a way to go back to the past and change history, everyone was shocked and a chill spread on their backs.

This was not an average powerful enemy, but existences that could defeat Super Saiyans.

Although people like Goku were looking forward to a powerful enemy, they couldnt help but feel astonished.

Looking forward to unknown enemies was a common problem of strong experts, because they are confident that they can defeat them! However, if you know that the enemy is far better than yourself but you are still looking forward to them, then it is clearly a problem with your brain.

Goku of this world also understood this, so he frowned slightly.

He didnt feel scared, but felt that this problem was a bit troublesome.

Others felt it even more so.

They had all seen the power of the Super Saiyan on Planet Namek, but even the mighty and invincible power had been defeated.

One can imagine how powerful the Androids are.

If they go there with their little arms and legs, isnt it just rushing to deliver food to the enemys mouth

“Wait, Xiaya, arent you talking about a parallel universe Maybe the Androids will not appear here,” Yamcha said, feeling hopeful.

“No, the Androids will definitely appear.

This is the result of Kakarrots destruction of the Red Ribbon Army.

Moreover, havent you noticed that there are more disasters in our world than in the parallel universe And it is not certain if enemies from the parallel world will travel here,” Xiayas tone was indifferent as he gave everyone a warning in advance.

In this world, the Androids will inevitably appear, that is, 17 and 18.

At the same time, because of the cause and effect in Trunks world, Cell will also come.

To be more precise, Cell has already come.

After a pause, Xiaya continued, “So there are three years left.

Treasure this peaceful time and prepare to face the enemy!”

“Really, my heart is quivering,” Krillin calmed down.

“I really want to fight them!” This was Gokus thought.

“Interesting, even a Super Saiyan is not their match.

Are the so-called Androids really so powerful” Vegeta licked his lips, his expression looking glum.

“Hehe, when its dangerous, isnt there still Xiaya who can help us Everyone, you dont need to worry so much,” Yamcha chuckled and said.

“You are thinking too much.

I wont intervene this time!” Xiaya suddenly refused.

“What!” Yamcha and Krillin were shocked, their looks incredulous.

Xiaya said indifferently, “Dont think that you can push everything on me.

This is a disaster on your Earth, not Planet Hongshan.

I have no responsibility to protect you all the time.

Moreover, although the Androids are strong, they are not impossible to defeat.

It will also be a very good challenge for you all.

I will not intervene in this matter.

You will have to deal with it yourself.”

Without any pressure on them, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha seemed to have no motivation at all.

It must be known that there would be a long window of time before every powerful enemy in the Dragon Ball World appears, but their strength did not have a big breakthrough.

Is it because there is no pressure that they neglected their training

No, on the basis of Goku and others characters, they would definitely not neglect training.

But this was indeed the case.

Without the pressure of a strong enemy, the results obtained during training were really not good.

Everytime they would only exert themselves and break through when an enemy approached.

Although it raised the urgency in the story, it always gave people a feeling of doing things at the last minute .

Xiaya didnt like such a feeling of desperation.

If one can become stronger earlier on, why wait to do things at the last minute

So Xiaya straightforwardly told them and let them deal with it by themselves.

“Hey, Xiaya, are you really not planning to take action” Yamcha looked at him stiffly.

Xiaya gave a faint smile and said, “Dont think about relying on others everytime when a crisis comes.

Believe in yourself.

If you dont even have this firm belief, then you should give up martial arts.

The sooner the better as the Androids are merely random opponents who are not that strong.

There are many more in the universe who are more powerful than them.

Dont you want to become stronger”

Xiayas words silenced everyone for a long time.

After a long time, Goku raised his head and said with a resolute look in his eyes, “I will never admit defeat.”

Piccolo said, “Before I can rule over Earth, no one can destroy it in front of me.

I will train hard in these three years.”

Vegeta said, “No one can defeat the Super Saiyan!”

“See you all in three years then!”

Everyone seemed to have found the goal of their struggle; all of them looked serious.

First of all, they had to train well to deal with the strong enemy in three years.

“Kakarrot, you will definitely not be my match in three years.”

“Thats not for sure.”

After saying their goodbyes, everyone left Lookout one after another.

These people came and went quickly, and soon there were only a few people left on Lookout.

Old Kami walked over with complicated emotions.

“I didnt expect Earth to be plagued with misfortunes.

I thought it could be peaceful for a few years, but I didnt expect a new disaster to emerge so soon.

Fortunately, there are strong warriors like Goku who guard Earth.”

“The enemy this time is not ordinary.

If Kakarrot doesnt work hard, he will pay dearly,” Xiaya said with a faint smile.

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