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Faced with Trunks gratitude, Xiaya smiled faintly, thinking nothing of it, as if he had only agreed to a trivial matter.

“Well, dont mention it.

As you have come to this world, it means that another lifeform has come here a year before you and is now hiding somewhere,” Xiaya said, without caring about hiding any secrets.

“What, another person has also come to this world” Trunks was surprised hearing about it, as he never realized that someone else had also travelled through time.

“It cant be said to be a person, more a kind of lifeform.

You will know in the future; he came from your world six years in the future,” Xiaya said.

According to the storyline, after Trunks went back, he would charge the time machine with energy for three years and then come back again to defeat the Androids with Goku and the others, and would again return to his own world to destroy Android 17 and 18.

Just as he was waiting for the time machine to recharge its energy again and preparing to return and tell everyone the good news, he was sneak attacked by Cell, who had already awakened at that time.

Now that Trunks had come to this world and no additional multiverse had been born, it meant that if Cell existed, he had most likely already arrived in this world.

Of course, with Xiayas current power, he could laugh at Cell doing the so-called Cell games and not put him in his eyes.

Although Cell had gathered the bloodlines of the Saiyan, Namekian, and Friezas families, it took time to become stronger.

Whats more, Cell only got the bloodline, and not necessarily the heaven-deafying talent like Frieza.

Besides, so what if his talent was excellent It took more than ten years of training for Frieza to become Silver Frieza, but he still lost against Xiayi.

Towards a character like Cell, Xiaya didnt have to take him seriously at all.

“There is another lifeform who came from my world six years in the future,” Trunks clenched his fists and muttered to himself, memorizing this information firmly in his heart.

He knew that Mr.

Xiaya would never tell him this for no apparent reason.

“Wait, what did you just say There is still someone else from another space-time” Chichi rubbed her temple, her white and exquisite forehead was slightly furrowed; the complexity of this matter seemed to have exceeded her imagination.

But they had Xiaya here, so there should be no mishap, right

“Aunt Chichi, no, Kami, thats why I came to this world,” Trunks looked at Chichi, who was supposed to be Mr.

Gokus wife but who was now Earths Kami, with a complicated expression.

Since he learned that it was a parallel universe, and not that the history has changed, Trunks felt better.

In this world, “he” was not likely to appear.

Even if Vegetas child was also called Trunks, that was only a similar name but they would be two different people.

He was trying to make himself look at everyone in this world while acting as an outsider.


Xiaya, please tell everyone about this matter and have them take precaution against the Androids in advance.

Of course, maybe there are no Androids in this world,” Trunks said.

“No, the Androids should appear.” Xiaya stared at the hazy smoke in the distance, lost in thought.

“I have delivered the news.

I will go back first.”

“Arent you staying Your time machine still has the energy to return to where it came from.

If you stay, you can have three more years of training time.”

Trunks shook his head.

“No, my world still needs my protection.

I came here specifically to deliver medicine.

Since Goku in this world does not need medicine, I will go back first.

My mother is still in the other world.

I must stay with her to protect her.

I will be back in three years.”

“Then take care, dont die.”

“Un.” Trunks nodded vigorously and flew down the Lookout.

Xiaya was silent as he watched Trunks leave.

Maybe he had received a lot of shocks in this world and needed to go back and properly calm down.

Its just that the world attacked by the Androids had very few peaceful places.

“Xiaya, that kid…” Chichi said quietly, looking in the direction Trunks had left.

“He is Bulmas child!”

As for who the father is, Xiaya didnt say, because it was completely unnecessary.

Wouldnt it just add to her worries Trunks himself didnt say it, so why should he be nosy

After hearing this, Chichi nodded.

It turns out he was Bulmas child.

He really looked a lot like Gohan – really strong.

Turning around, she said to Mr.

Popo, “Mr.

Popo, go and call Senior Brother Goku and everyone else.

Maybe another disaster is about to happen.”

“Um.” Mr.

Popo nodded, and without saying anything else, he flew towards the mortal world using the Magic Carpet.

After Mr.

Popo left, Xiaya and Chichi waited quietly on the Lookout.

After a while, Chichi also went to look for old Kami.

He should also be informed about such an important matter.

After about half an hour, a group of silhouettes flew over from the other side of the distant sky.

The first one who arrived was Krillin.

He had been training at Kame House as he planned to participate in the next martial arts tournament.

Not long after Krillin arrived, Tien Shinhan And Chiaotzu also arrived.

“Chichi, did something happen Why did Mr.

Popo call us over” As soon as Krillin arrived and saw that Xiaya was also present, he questioned her in confusion.

Currently, he was living in Kame House.

When Mr.

Popo came to see him, he was really startled.

He thought something big had happened again.

Chichi said, “I am not particularly clear about the specific situation.

Let Xiaya tell it when everyone is here.”

“Oh!” Nodding, Krillin chatted with Tien Shinhan and the others.

After a while, Yamcha and Yajirobe arrived one after another.

They were all talking and laughing, but in their hearts, they were all puzzled.

After that, Vegeta also arrived, and he immediately leaned against a stone pillar on Lookout, looking as if he was warning everyone to stay away.

Vegetas haughty and aloof nature was still very uncomfortable.

“Hey, you guys came really fast.” Goku arrived with Instant Transmission and also brought Gohan, Piccolo, and Bulma with him.

Because Mount Paozu was the last stop notified by Mr.

Popo, they arrived the most late.

“Humph.” Seeing Gokus smiling face, Vegeta snorted in dissatisfaction.

Not minding it, Goku smiled back.

Bulma was feeling a little cold, so she asked with a trembling voice, “What happened Why did you also need me to come over”

“Yeah, what happened”

Everyone looked confused.

If nothing major had happened, there was no need to call them all to come over.

But, they had checked and were sure that nothing major had happened on Earth.

“Its this.

Just now a young man with purple hair came to Lookout…” Chichi told everyone about Trunks, including his identity, but skipped the specifics related to his name and whose child he was.

Chichi didnt elaborate because even she was not clear about this matter.

She felt that mentioning this topic would only increase awkwardness.

“Young man from the future.”

“Ohh, there are other worlds too.”

“Time machine… did something happen in the future, that he had to travel through time to inform us”

All kinds of guesses lingered in everyones minds.

What tragedy happened in the future that they did not hesitate to make a time machine to send people over Speaking of the time machine, everyone couldnt help but turn their attention to Bulma.

No matter how they thought about it, this time machine should be related to Bulma.

Didnt Chichi say that the young man had light purple hair Was it Gohan


Everyone quickly shook their heads.

If it had been Gohan, he could have directly gone to Mount Paozu and notified Goku or Piccolo.

There was no need to go to Lookout and look for Chichi.

At this time Xiaya coughed twice, attracting everyones attention.

“Everyone can talk about the identity of that young man later.

After all, it is a parallel universe and many things are different.

But according to that young man, three years later, at around 10am on 12th May, on an island nine kilometers away from South City, two vicious Androids will appear…” Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/The-Strongest-Legend-of-Dragon-Ball/ to read the latest chapters for free


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