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The youngster was Trunks from the future, or really, Trunks from another parallel universe.

In his world, all the warriors were dead and what was left was apocalyptic despair.

There, martial arts had declined completely, especially after Gohan, who had been training on his own, died at the hands of the Androids, so there was no expert on Earth who could restrain those two demons.

All this time, he could only fumble on his own while training, so his progress was very slow.

Although he also became a Super Saiyan, he had never been an equal opponent to the Androids.

Often, his mother would sigh with emotion: if Goku was still alive, the Androids would not be so rampant.

Trunks didnt know what kind of person Goku was, to the point that his mother always talked about him, and why she could not forget him, because he had never seen Goku.

By the time he was born, Goku had already died of a heart disease.

But there should be something special about the person that mother trusted so strongly.

This was the destination of his trip.

According to his mother, as long as Trunks could look for Goku here and give him the special medicine for viral heart disease, and then tell him what was going to happen in the future, the future may turn out for the better.

Trunks was flying swiftly with a big sword on his back.

Seeing the peaceful and happy atmosphere here, he couldnt help but compare it to the miserable and despairing world in his memory.

Seeing the comparison, his handsome face showed sadness.

“I have to find Mr.

Goku as soon as possible and tell him about the disaster in the future! The tragedy absolutely cannot be allowed to happen again…”

This thought kept urging him on, but he didnt know that this was not the Earth that he knew.

On a yellowing and dry hill, Trunks was sitting on the cracked rock ledge while hugging his legs.

A breeze caused his hair to sway, making his heart calm down, which was very rare.

He opened the pocket watch and looked at the time.

The time for the enemys appearance was getting closer and closer.

Trunks inwardly thought, “According to what mother said, in half an hour, Frieza and his father will come to Earth and arrive at this place…”

According to “history”, Frieza and his father, King Cold, will land on Earth a few minutes before Goku.

It will be a crisis on Earth at that time, but because of Friezas arrogance, he wanted to kill Gokus friends and family in front of him and he waited for Gokus arrival.

The later outcome was naturally self-evident.

Frieza and his father King Cold both lost.

“The few minutes before Mr.

Gokus return was the most dangerous time for Earth.

But this time I am here, and will not let the fierce battle happen on Earth.”

Trunks hugged his legs and thought quietly.

As he experienced the rare peaceful moments on Earth, he all the more wanted to cherish it.

He has been surrounded by war all the time since he was born until he grew up, and had never experienced such peace.

“I will definitely not let those evil guys destroy the peace on Earth,” Trunks swore resolutely.

However, after half an hour, Frieza and the others did not appear, and the youngsters eyes revealed surprise.

“Whats going on According to history, Frieza should have arrived on Earth, and Moms close friend has also not appeared! Has history changed because of my arrival”

For a moment, Trunks was confused, and he got a strange feeling.

The progression of history seemed to have been interrupted.

But logically speaking, this could not be the case.

He had arrived only recently, and the butterfly effect should not have an impact on the previous history.

Moreover, after he came to this space-time, he has not done anything at all, so there should not be a so-called butterfly effect.

After waiting for another few minutes and confirming that there was no sign of Friezas aura, Trunks stood up not knowing what to do, and looked at the blue sky.

He flew up and disappeared into the distance.

“No matter what, Ill look for mother first.”

Trunks doesnt know why history has changed and he doesnt have any means to find the reason.

He can only find his mother, Bulma, first, and then gather the powerful fighters she talked about and unite them to resist against the evil and terrifying Androids.

Flying towards West City, he passed through rivers, glaciers, and mountain ranges and arrived at the west side of Earth.

At this time, a dense and open forest appeared in front of him, and underneath was a medium-sized city.

Hemispherical buildings were scattered all over the city.

Unlike the large storied buildings and flyovers in other cities, this city was extremely simple, with only a few main roads, and the rest were all outdoor martial arts arenas.

“There is something wrong.

This is already in the direction of the Sacred Land of Korin.

How can such a modern city appear” Trunks was bewildered, agonized and panicked in his heart.

“Could it be that because of me, the world has changed so much”

Landing on the main road of the city, he saw the pedestrians who were carrying bags and posters and rushing in one direction.

“Maybe there is some event” Trunks muttered.

He felt a headache coming on.

What has happened in this world The first thing he needed now is to find his mother and then contact those warriors on earth.

Only when he understands the changes on this Earth can he tell them about the future.

Wait, now that history has changed, will the Androids still appear in this world Just like before when Frieza and his father should have appeared like in “history”, they did not land on Earth as they should have.

Trunks suddenly had a thought, and this thought continued to spread as soon as it appeared, evolving into the ideal world in his mind.

If such a world existed, how good would it be!

Shaking his head furiously, Trunks patted his face to shake off these delusions.

Right now is not the time to think about it, he should first figure out what is happening here.

“Hey, young man, are you also here to participate in the Korin Tower challenge selection” A relatively well-built young man pulled his hand.

“What” Trunks asked, puzzled.

Korin Tower challenge selection, what is that Could it be some event in this world Mother didnt tell him about it.

After the doomsday arrived, many things were buried in time, but he hadnt heard of any selection needed to challenge Korin Tower.

In his original world, Korin Tower was destroyed very early on.

But even in the peaceful period, the existence of Korin Tower had always been very obscure.

Apart from it being circulated in the martial arts world, outsiders had no idea about the existence of Korin Tower, but it seemed that everyone here knew about it, moreover there was some kind of selection.

Everything is very different from his memories.

“You dont know” The young man felt that it was somewhat unimaginable.

“Martial Art City has been established for several years.

Every year, countless experts pass the examination.

I heard that recently several martial artists have successfully challenged Korin Tower recently.

Now they are receiving guidance from Immortal Korin,” the young man said while showing an envious look.

“Unfortunately, to obtain qualifications for the challenge, one needs to reach 200J strength.

Im still lacking a little…..”

Trunks didnt know how he left, since his mind was a little bloated.

What is Martial Art City

Is the existence of Korin Tower common knowledge

And what is 200J strength What unit of measurement is J

Everything made Trunks feel unfamiliar and terrified.

He left Martial Art City while burning with anxiety and arrived in front of Korin Tower with a bewildered expression.

He watched as the black dots crawled on Korin Tower with difficulty, drenched in sweat, and occasionally saw people fall down from high in the sky.

Different, its really different.

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